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Account Setup & Recovery

Below is a walkthrough of setting up your Qortal account in the UI. Please keep in mind, Qortal is about true decentralization which means a little effort on your part will be needed, but it is painless with a little patience!

Making A New Account

First, you'll need to setup a node: 1) use an existing computer, 2) build a Raspberry Pi 4, or 3) buy a QORTector pre-configured from https://crowetic.com

Once you have a node setup, you will run the core, then open the UI. Below is a screenshot of the UI page you should see:

1. Click 'Create Account' and you'll see the next screen:

2. Click 'I'm an advanced user, show my seedphrase':

Here you will see the seedphrase for your account which is OPTIONAL for you to know and save. At this time, this is the only point where you will be able to see your seedphrase. This is a very important step. Qortal is truly decentralized so there is no account recovery other than this seedphrase and the backup file we will show you shortly. You can click the refresh symbol to the right of the seedphrase if you would like to find a better combination of words to set as your seedphrase. A lot of us Qortians have our seedphrase memorized but you could write this down and store somewhere safe. Keep in mind that this seedphrase is master key, DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE, as with this key anyone can access your account then lock you out of it. You can decide not to see your seed phrase and only store a backup file.

3. Click 'Next' and you will be able to save this account to your browser. This is not a name registered on the Qortal chain, this is simply for you to easily select. Set a name and password to use each time you want to login to the UI. Check the box for 'Save in this browser' (It is perfectly safe to do so.) Then click 'CREATE ACCOUNT'.

4. Click 'SAVE' to store your backup file.

5. Select where you would like to store your backup file. It is recommended that you do NOT save the backup file on your computer, but rather a USB thumb drive so you can keep it stored safely somewhere other than connected to your computer. These are really affordable so it would be wise to store the backup on more than one USB thumb drive. Maybe have a family member keep one at their place as well? It is password protected so it is perfectly safe to do so. The password will be set as the one you chose for saving your account to the browser - if you would like to make a different password, then skip saving the backup file now, we will show you how to do this shortly. Assuming you are ok with using the password you used for saving your account to the browser, below we are prompted to select where to store the backup file. In this example we are selecting a USB thumb drive connected to the computer:

Click 'Save'.

6. You can repeat step 5 above if you would like to save the backup file to another USB thumb drive. When you're ready, check 'Done saving your wallet backup?' then click 'CONTINUE':

7. Welcome to your new account in the Qortal UI!

Saving Backup File

If you would like to download the backup file for your account, you can do so within the Qortal UI.

1. Login to the Qortal UI. Click the gear icon in the top right corner to access settings.

2. Here you will see your Public Key and Address. These are perfectly safe to share, such as sharing the public key with a sponsor or your Qortal wallet address to receive QORT to register a name (we will cover that shortly). REMEMBER: NEVER SHARE YOUR SEEDPHRASE WHICH IS DIFFERENT THAN YOUR PUBLIC KEY AND ADDRESS. YOUR SEEDPHRASE IS THE MASTER KEY TO YOUR ACCOUNT.

3. Select 'Security' on the left of the screen:

4. Enter a password that you'll remember. You will use this password to access the backup file during account recovery (we will cover that shortly). Click 'DOWNLOAD WALLET BACKUP'. Then click 'Save'.

Account Recovery

Qortal is truly decentralized. So if you lose your account backup file or seedphrase, there is no way to recover your account.

1. Click 'Login' then you'll choose 'Seedphrase' or 'Qortal wallet backup':

2. If you are using your seephrase, simply enter the seedphrase, make sure you have correct space between words as that counts as part of the seedphrase. Make sure there is no space before the first letter in the start of the seedphrase, and no space after the last letter at the end of the seedphrase. Then save to browser with a name and password:

If you are using your backup file, simply connect your USB thumb drive to your computer and click 'SELECT FILE':

3. Select your USB thumb drive, then open your backup wallet file:

4. Qortal UI will prompt you to enter the backup file password:

5. You will then be prompted to enter a Name. Be sure to leave the password as the backup file password. You can also select 'Save in this browser'. Click Login:

6. Welcome back to your account!

Underlined Text

Name Registration

Qortal has no KYC/AML. We respect anonymity so it is not required to register a name for your account, but you are certainly able to. The applicabilty of a registered name includes: 1) QORT can be sent to your name rather than your address (just a cool perk), 2) private messages can be sent to your name rather than your address with Q-Chat (another cool perk), and 3) can be used as a domain name within the Qortal Network with web hosting. Read more about this on the Name Registration wiki page. Please note: you will need 0.001 QORT in your wallet in order to register a name. You can ask within Q-Chat or wherever else and someone will happily send you QORT. Double check that you have at least 0.001 QORT in your wallet:

1. Open and login to the Qortal UI. Then select 'NAME REGISTRATION' on the left, then click on 'REGISTER NAME' in top right corner:

2. Enter the name you would like to register, click 'Register':

3. Confirm the name:

4. Wait a moment for a confirmation message 'Name Registration Successful!' before closing. This can take a little longer than you may expect, but this is due to the nature of the transaction being submitted to the chain:

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