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Becoming a Minter

In order to become a minter on the QORT network, a user will have to accomplish 'minter delegation'. This process is the process of assigning their account to a 'minting-delegation-enabled' account on the network, and 'proving themselves' for a set amount of blocks (time). (The number of blocks needed to become a minter will initially be set at X, but will have the ability to be modified via a vote as time goes on and the platform grows. It may be upped or lowered, depending on the feelings of the community, and the way in which they vote.)

Initially, there will only be a certain amount of 'minting-delegation-enabled' accounts on the network to choose from. However, as time goes on, and more accounts reach level 5 or higher, and enable delegation, the more accounts to choose to delegate to become available.

The start of the network, 'founders' and forgers of QORA who did enough work to obtain a level 5 account, will be the only ones who can potentially accept delegates for minting account creation.

Founders will have this option automatically and indefinitely enabled, so there will always be a guaranteed option for new accounts who would like to become minters to begin the process of becoming a minter.

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