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Coin/Token Listings

Just as the platform's original concepts were designed, the Trade Portal's listing of new coins and tokens, is meant to be controlled via vote within the Qortal Voting System.

However, during the Phase 2 launch phase, implementation of the Trade Portal, the Qortal Voting System does NOT currently exist. As such, the system cannot be used to handle a community voted listing system.

The listing of LTC on top of the existing BTC, was a plan far before the voting system will control the future listings, and as such, LTC is planned to be listed prior to the creation of the Voting System.

After LTC is listed, voting system creation begins...

Once LTC (Litecoin) support has been custom written (as there are no java LTC libraries anywhere near as good as what we need, the creation of not only the wallet, but also the underlying library for communication to the Litecoin Network, both must be BUILT FROM SCRATCH by our team, prior to being able to be implemented.

Since each coin/token listed on the Trade Portal must have NATIVE SUPPORT and NATIVE WALLET inside the Qortal UI, in order to be traded… every native wallet for every listed asset has to be built from scratch, for each planned coin/token prior to being implemented and able to be traded.

True Decentralized trades, require native local wallets for every asset being traded.

The Vote-Controlled Listing System

In the future, after the listing of LTC, the creation of the Voting System, will allow community vote-controlled listings on the Trade Portal. Voting will be weighted based on the level of the minting account that is voting. Only minters will be able to vote initially.

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