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Getting Started with the device

This page describes the process of setting up your Qort device.

* Use an Ethernet cable to attach a modem or active data jack to the Ethernet port on your Qort device.
* Plug in the power adapter to power on the device.
* Connect to the wireless network “qortal” with default password dmax911e.
* In your web browser, navigate to

* To access Qortal minting stage, SSH to portal IP address as described on page Service Access

If you do not wish to access Qort device via its Wifi network, you can obtain its WAN IP address from your modem or using a simple network scan utility. Please be advised not to assign it a public IP address without setting up firewall rules. Head over to Netfilter Tutorial - How To Secure Your QORT Router and Network Devices Connected To It to secure your device.

Note: If you have an existing WiFi router then there is no issue of having two at the same time provided their channels don't conflict.

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