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Wiki page is and will remain a work in progress

Default passwords & folders

Portal IP =
SSH default enabled usernames = root & dmax with password dmax911e
Emby Server is now disabled at startup. You can start it by “service emby-server start”
Login to device's SSH on its portal IP to change passwords.

Tor gateway runs on default portal IP with port 9050. Simply direct your applications and browsers to use it with DNS over HTTPS for full anonymity and censorship bypass. In addition to a Socks proxy, Qort has a HTTP/S over Tor Socks listening on its WAN interface and on portal IP address with port 3128. This allows device users to avail anonymity for apps which do not support Socks proxies. In addition to that, you can run Qort services on dark web. Edit the file located in /etc/tor/torrc and add / replace at will.

HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/
HiddenServicePort 80 ( for web site )
HiddenServicePort 64738 ( for mumble )
HiddenServicePort 9091 ( for torrent server )

Do not forget to generate a new public key for your unique hostname address using an OpenCL based hash generator https://github.com/lachesis/scallion/releases. If you don't know how to, reach out to dmax on official Discord server.

Wifi SSID = qortal with password dmax911e
To change the default SSID and Wifi password, edit /etc/hostapd.conf with SSID and password of your choice and reboot the device.

Emby Media Server = emby with password dmax911e
Password for username “emby” can be changed from the Settings menu.

OwnCloud = admin with password dmax911e
Admin password can be changed from the Admin menu.

Transmission Torrent Client = transmission with password transmission
Login to SSH on portal IP address, stop transmission daemon with /etc/init.d/transmission stop and edit /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json with a new password of your choice.

Mumble Server = superuser with password dmax911e
Edit the file /etc/mumble-server.ini and look for serverpassword and update if you would like a password for users looking to join the server. Visit https://www.omgserv.com/en/faq-mumble/setting_up_a_mumble_user_as_a_server_administrator-29/ on how to create an admin user for yourself at first run. If you want your Mumble server to be publicly accessible, create a forward rule on your primary modem or router with Qort Gen 1 IP assigned to its Ethernet port (WAN) with port 64738 and protocol as both TCP & UDP. You can even run Mumble on DarkWeb but for that, you have to get in touch with Dmax on Discord

Bitcoin Wallet = /root/bitcoin

[email protected]:~/bitcoin/bin# ls
bitcoin-cli bitcoin-qt bitcoin-tx bitcoin-wallet bitcoind test_bitcoin
Run the bitcoin core as bitcoind -daemon to fully sync the BTC chain locally on qort device. If you do not wish to run bitcoind as root ( strongly advised ) then create a new user for yourself and run bitcoind with it.

Warning: Before you sync all BTC chain, run the qort-migrate utility to migrate everything on a larger storage device such as a 512GB USB flash drive or a USD HDD/SSD else the huge chain data will occupy the entire embedded storage space on the qort device.

Once the migration finishes, the device will reboot and you can then safely run bitcoind.
Running the bitcoin core daemon with -blocksonly=1 -dbcache=50 -maxorphantx=10 -maxmempool=100 -daemon is recommend since the device will be minting and running several other services at the same time.

BitchX IRC Client

BitchX is a free IRC client and has been considered to be the most popular ircII-based IRC client. It is strongly recommended that BitchX is used as a non root user. Create a new shell user for yourself on SSH terminal and visit https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/bitchx-and-bitchxrc-431392/ to setup its rc file. You can use a screen session for BitchX client and have an always on presence on IRC server of your choice.

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