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QORT Hardware Development - The QORT Router - "qroTecTor"

Pre-Sale ANN here - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5190627.msg52676498#msg52676498

QORT project is not only an innovative blockchain platform, it is also a system that lends itself very nicely to that which supports custom hardware integration. As such, the team currently leading the project has decided to launch a router as the initial custom hardware device for the platform.

The QORT Router is a physical device with open source hardware to go along with the fully open source nature of the QORT blockchain platform. Users can also build a device themselves if they choose to do so. For the users who do not want to or know how to build the device, the QORT team will be selling pre-built devices to the users in the community (and anyone else who is interested).

The idea is to do a pre-sale for the device which is already prototyped and running the QORT testnet. The pre-sale, will be issued slightly before the launch of QORT, so that the device may be fully installed with a QORT full node upon release.

The QORT Router Features

The router will not only run the QORT full node, but also have a plethora of other blockchain and non-blockchain features and services right out of the box. The System on Chip for QORT devices are hand picked due to their native support for Java Acceleration on hardware. This prevents overhead and I/O bottlenecks as well as keep the node under 10% load with full minting active.

The device will be a full-featured network security device - protecting all of your devices on your network with advanced cutting edge network security.

* On Demand CoinD - I.E. Bitcoin and Litecoin with web wallet for BTC local on the router. For BitcoinD, a USB expandable storage required as on-board 128GB limit is allocated for personal storage.

* QORT Direct Access - access to the QORT network and all services.

* Automatic QORT Node Setup - your node comes pre-installed and ready to work.

* Nextcloud - local secure file storage, automated sync/backup and more.

* MiniDLNA - MiniDLNA is server software with the aim of being fully compliant with DLNA/UPnP clients. The MiniDNLA daemon serves media files (music, pictures and video) to clients on a network. Example clients include applications such as totem and xbmc and devices such as portable media players, smartphones and televisions.

* VPN Server or Client Gateway with One Command Connect

* Hostapd for Wifi Access Point

* Dynamic DNS Client

* Torrent Server - download & save on external media via USB interface

* Web Server - host your websites utilizing the router with Apache + PhP + mySQL.

* FTP / SCP Local Server

* Office Suite Server for OpenOffice Docs

* Game - Minecraft Server

* Mumble VoIP Server

* Pihole Adblocker https://pi-hole.net/ (or Bind9).

* Bind9 - your own DNS over https / recursive or forwarder.

* Personal Tor Router with Socks5 Proxy - tunnel your blockchain and browsing traffic through it for your home/ office LAN or CoinD directly from the router itself (this is the best real anonymous practice today).

* OpenHAB - smart home suite https://www.openhab.org/

* UrBackup (similar to Apple’s Time Capsule) https://www.urbackup.org/

* Extreme Security for All of Your Network Devices - protection against all of the newest CPU and BIOS level threats that allow attackers to remotely control all systems with processors built pre-2019.

* Limitations - There is no limit of what feature can be added. If it is Unix friendly, it can be added provided its source code exists. For example, G-Wan web server ( http://gwan.ch) only provides binaries so can’t be ported on the router but a legendary IRC Client BitchX ( http://www.bitchx.com/) can be ported. However, certain services can't co-exist at the same time due to the nature of traffic, universal port allocation and usage. Pi-Hole can run standalone as it has a DNS server (FTL) itself but it will conflict with Router's dnsmasq service and DNS over HTTPs server. The solution is to obtain a secondary standalone minimal device with DNS leak prevention and Pi-Hole ad-blocking features.

(This Wiki page is a work in progress)

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