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This wiki is a repository of information regarding the Qortal Project. Qortal is not only infrastructure for a decentralized, censorship-free Internet… it is an entire decentralized operating system where virtually any ethical project/application can be built securely! This includes peer-to-peer (P2P) solutions like our Trade Portal and Q-Chat, where there is no middleman to intercept a transaction. Be sure to check the Wiki Site Updates page for updates on the latest changes here.

Qortal's coin is called QORT. QORT is mined in our system known as ‘minting’ (not Proof of ___). We do not mine, we MINT! QORT is used to power on-chain services and can also be used as a digital form of payment for the new web built on Qortal’s infrastructure. QORT is meant only for Qortal so there are not any plans to list on other exchanges.

Qortal is much more than another blockchain with a coin. Qortal is INFRASTRUCTURE with a focus on true decentralization (P2P)!

Qortal's 'mainnet' Genesis block was launched June 29th 2020. The Trade Portal was first launched August 6th 2020.

The Qortal Data Network (QDN) was launched on January 14th 2022: 'the internet of the new world' with truly decentralized web hosting and data storage. Come help us build the sovereign future!

Please study the available information on the wiki and be sure to 1) setup and backup your account properly as explained on the Account Setup & Recovery page. Please note that 1) your public key and address are perfectly safe to share with others BUT NEVER SHARE YOUR SEED PHRASE or your backup file.

Please Note:

For latest updates with Qortal, including the current core and UI version, see the Qortal Status Updates page.

For the latest updates to the wiki, see the Wiki Site Updates page.

You can use anything in the Official Images/Press Kit which has the official images for marketing material.

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