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How To Bootstrap & Delete The DB

To synchronize your node faster, you can easily 'bootstrap'. The UI doesn't sync, it just shows what your Core is doing. The Core is what syncs. Bootstrapping is when you download a compressed archive of the block database. It will be much faster to get that all at once, than to sync one block at a time from peers.

Mac, Linux & Raspberry Pi (QORTector)

  1. Close the UI if it is open
  2. Copy and paste in terminal:
    cd qortal && ./stop.sh && rm -R db && ./start.sh
  3. Bootstrap will begin!


  1. Close the UI if it is open
  2. Stop the Core (select exit from the core icon in the system tray)
  3. Locate the 'qortal' app folder: C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME HERE\AppData\Local\Qortal
  4. Locate the 'db' folder
  5. Delete the db folder
  6. Start the Core
  7. Bootstrap will begin!
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