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How To Update Core 3.0 & UI 1.7.0

The largest single update in Qortal history!

Updating the UI to 1.7.0

This update includes MASSIVE changes on both the UI and Core. There are some considerations to keep in mind.

The UI MUST be updated FIRST, before the core, or the older UI versions will STOP FUNCTIONING upon 3.0 release. This is for multiple reasons. The new core requires an API key to be used for 'sensitive' API calls, and the older UI did not use this method. Also, the 3.0 version after QDN transaction 'go live' timestamp, will change the default transaction version from 4 to 5, and the older UI versions do not have the ability to create that new transaction type. Therefore updating to 1.7.0 UI FIRST is required in order to keep functionality.

Windows and Mac users who are already on version 1.6.3 of the Qortal UI, will automatically update and will not have to do anything to update their UI.

update applying to MAC USERS - the previous statement about mac automatically updating may not be the case for everyone. If your mac does not auto-update to version 1.7.0 simply DOWNLOAD THE NEW VERSION from https://qortal.org/downloads - download the new .dmg, mount the image, then drag n drop to applications and overwrite the existing version. Then you will be good to go.

The core will DEFINITELY auto-update for EVERYONE, unless they have that specifically disabled.

Updating the UI for Linux and Pi users

Linux users who are using the .deb package, will have to update manually at this point. Linux users who are using the .appimage will update automatically from 1.6.3. We recommend at this point to use the .appimage until we can get the .deb auto-updates functional again. That should take place shortly, but for now it is much easier to use the .appimage as that will update automatically.

In order to SWITCH to using the .appimage file, you simply download the .appimage for your architecture (you can RENAME the file to something like 'Qortal-UI' if you like, so it looks nicer.) Right click the file and go to properties, under the properties window, there is a permissions tab, click that tab, then check executable for your user.

Pi users - We now have an .appimage compatible with both arm and arm64. This will allow pi users to not have to build from source anymore, and will auto-update like every other UI version. Same exact instructions for Linux users as far as changing to the new .appimage. Simply download the file (rename it if you like, something like 'Qortal-UI' makes the most sense). Right click the file and go to properties, on the properties window there is a permissions tab, on that tab check the 'execute' box for 'owner' (see image below) then you can simply double-click and RUN the appimage, no longer needing to build from source.

Download the appimage here: https://github.com/Qortal/qortal-ui/releases/latest/download/Qortal-Setup-arm.AppImage

Please note: building from source will also continue to work, and you may build from source if you prefer. We have modified the repo that the UI uses, but even the older 'UI' repo will continue to be updated. Also, if you build from source and run with ELECTRON, it WILL auto-update that way as well.

For the older QORTectors that are running the Plumbus image the setting will look like the image below. Still right click the file, properties, then go to permissions and check the allow executing this file as a program checkbox. (see image below)

When using the appimage you NO LONGER NEED the previous start script that you used to use to start the UI, you can REMOVE that start script.

You can add the Qortal icon to the appimage file - by right clicking on the appimage file, going to properties then clicking the icon, it will open up a browse, and you can find the Qortal UI icon in the ```UI/qortal-ui/img``` folder, select that icon, and click OK, then the appimage file will have the Qortal UI icon on it, and will look just like the previous start script looked.

(This is mostly for QORTector users, or anyone who setup their system in a similar fashion, with the Start-Qortal-UI-Electron.sh script that I wrote. That script, as well as the update script, are no longer needed if you use the new appimage. The appimage is literally an image of the Qortal UI application, it is the ONLY file you need. Simply make it executable and run it, you no longer need the from source build stuff, start script, etc.)

To re-iterate and avoid confusion - You do NOT need the previous 'Start-Qortal-UI.sh' script anymore, and you do not need the 'yarn run server' done in the terminal anymore, IF you are SWITCHING to using the .appimage version.

You run the appimage file directly, after making it executable.

Replacing the Start-Qortal-UI script on QORTectors

If you're running a QORTector built before the launch of 1.7.0, you no longer need the start script on the desktop or the update script. You can simply remove the start script from the desktop, as from this point on you will be launching the appimage file directly. Once you make the appimage file executable, you run the appimage file directly, by double-clicking it.

If you would like to attach the Qortal UI icon to the file, simply right click the appimage file and go to properties, then click the icon (see picture below) and it will ask you to browse for a file. The Qortal UI icon file is located in


folder, and is an .ico file, simply select that file and click OK. Then the appimage file will have the Qortal UI icon as well.

Qortal UI Version 1.7.0

Version 1.7.0 of the Qortal UI includes 2 new plugins aimed at QDN functionality. These new plugins are called 'WEBSITES' and 'DATA MANAGEMENT'. Both of these new plugins will NOT FUNCTION UNTIL AFTER THE 'GO LIVE' TIMESTAMP. The 'go live' timestamp will be set upon the release of 3.0, and announced thereafter.

Attempts to utilize these new plugins BEFORE the 'go live' timestamp, will FAIL. Do not worry, this is expected behavior and they will start functioning after the 'go live' timestamp takes place. At this point it seems like the 'go live' timestamp will be sometime on Friday, January 14th, 2022. We will announce when the actual timestamp is set, upon the launch of version 3.0.

Qortal Core Version 3.0

Once you have your UI updated, version 3.0 of the core update will work with your UI. The 3.0 core version will auto-update from 2.1.3 without any added effort. The only thing that you will need to modify, if you're a Linux or Mac user is the stop script (stop.sh). The current stop script does NOT use the API key for the calling of the admin/stop call, and therefore will NOT function. There will be a new stop script launched upon 3.0 launch. You will simply need to download the new stop script and replace the existing one.

Version 3.0 update will include the new back-end functionality for QDN (Qortal Data Network), however, the functionality will not START WORKING, until AFTER the 'go live' timestamp for the QDN transaction switch.

We will make an announcement when this timestamp has been set, to let everyone know EXACTLY WHEN the new QDN transactions (data publishing, website publishing, etc.) will be able to start taking place.

This is by far the biggest update in Qortal history, and includes some of the MOST AWAITED features of The Qortal Network. We sincerely hope you enjoy building the INTERNET OF THE NEW WORLD with Qortal!

Updating the Stop script for Mac and Linux

The only other thing for Mac and linux is the 'stop.sh' script, if you USE that script, you will need to update it both linux and mac will need to update the stop script if they use it.

Linux/Raspberry Pi

 cd qortal && rm stop.sh && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Qortal/qortal/master/stop.sh && chmod +x stop.sh 


 cd qortal && rm stop.sh && curl -L -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Qortal/qortal/master/stop.sh && chmod +x stop.sh 
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