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Qortal Project Background info

The Qortal project was born of the project called QORA, launched in 2014. docs.qora.org documentaion

Takeover of QORA development took place in 2016. Original goal was to rebuild QORA into QORA2, and to launch QORT as a clone, focused on being a totally decentralized trade portal.

However, since the takeover, many things have been modified in terms of overall goals. As of now, QORT Project will have the functionality of both QORA2, and QORT (from original concepts). Thus, making QORT an all-in-one platform, with capability well beyond that of any existing blockchain system.

Combining the ideas of the trade portal, and decentralized social media and hosting, and adding much more functionality, QORT aims to be the most decentralized platform in existence. Rewarding every contributor to the network, in whichever manner they contribute, equally based on said contributions.



To understand the above two sentences, and the concept of complete singularity, fully ownership by each user, and full decentralization, is to begin to grasp the full concept of QORT's end goal.

There are limitless possibilities within a platform such as QORT, enabling EVERYONE TO BE IN FULL CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN PERSONAL INTERESTS.

An economic system comprised of these values, with automated decentralized governance, contribution based rewards and voting weight, could dramatically change the world's economic systems, by not only merging them to a singular global system, but also providing full transparency, security, and honesty behind 'the system' that 'runs the world'.

Should there not be full transparency to the world's 'system', and sovereignty for every person in it?

The development team currently leading QORT Project's development, beleieves that the answer is yes, and has come to develop a system which is believed to adequately provide the fundamental base layer of such an autonomous, unstoppable, unhackable system, that could very well prove to run multiple aspects of the world of the future.

Anyone who decides to, can be part of the network, and with as much effort as they put in, be rewarded, and gain influence in said network, gaining both a fully transparent weighted vote on all proposals for the future of the system, as well as the same influence in rewards received for the contributions, shared equally with all participants.

Welcome to the 'system' of the future world. It begins now, and cannot end without loss of power and/or communications throughout the world, at once.

There has never been any other system such as QORT, completely custom codebase, started from QORA, enhanced well beyond that which was previously believed to be possible.

Excitement is building, as the launch in December draws ever more near. Be a part of this new system, and join QORT community, and get in on the launch!

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