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Master of Coin Discord Bot

The Master of Coin Discord bot is a third-party service provided by Drew aka Mango Salesman. It is NOT tied to Qortal’s chain directly, it is NOT your on-chain wallet that you’ll set up on Qortal. This means you will need to withdraw your coin in the bot wallet when you’d like and send to your on-chain Qortal wallet.

Drew’s bot is not open source as it does not need to be. There are no user private keys needed by the user, simply run the commands as seen below. It is, for the record, a centralized service, so Drew does have control over the bot, but he has a Qortal Founder account and is heavily vested in our venture. Jason Crowe vouches for Drew’s integrity and bot as do many others. It is simply a Discord bot that you can use if you’d like and withdraw from at any time.

How to Withdraw Coin

Simply type ‘qort.withdraw [your qortal address here] [number of coin you want to withdraw]’

For example: qort.withdraw Qwyzxyzxyzxyzxyz 2.5

Please note: the withdrawal will cost 1 QORT. So if you wanted to withdraw 2.5 QORT as seen above, you would actually withdraw 1.5 QORT and a fee of 1 QORT would be deducted.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 2.5 and there is no maximum (whatever your total balance is will be the ‘max’ you can withdraw).

Tipping Other Users

If you would like to tip another user, you can do so by simply typing ‘qort.tip [discord user name of person] [tip amount]’

For example: ‘qort.tip @crowetic 10’

This would tip @crowetic 10 QORT.

Soaking Coin on Users

Soaking allows you to tip a recent number of users in the channel you enter the command. Simply enter ‘qort.soak [number of coin to tip] [number of minutes]’

For example, if you want to tip 10 QORT to those who have been active in the channel the past 20 minutes, you would enter: ‘qort.soak 10 20’

A small detail to add: the maximum amount of minutes you can enter is 10,000 but also important to note is the bot will go back up to 500 messages. So the number of minutes entered will still be limited to the past 500 messages.

List of Commands

Simply enter ‘qort.help’ and the bot will display the list of commands as seen below:

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