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Q-Chat is a blockchain-based messaging system that is P2P and server-less. It utilizes a custom transaction type on the Qortal Network, along with a custom memory-based Proof Of Work algorithm (that runs relatively identical on any device) to send real-time messages to individual accounts (P2P) as well as groups. At the moment, Q-Chat only allows for text messaging, but will soon have voice and video. Qortal's protocol supports file sharing, but has not yet been integrated into the Q-Chat UI (this shouldn’t be too far out). The file sharing works like torrents, in that you become a mirror for the data you view or engage with. So unlike messages, not all nodes would hold all file attachments. Only those that have viewed (or "followed" the account that posted the data). As long as there are one or more copies of the data on the network, it can still generally be retrieved by whoever is requesting it, via relays and direct P2P connections.

The receiving node does not have to be online for the sender to successfully send the message - the receiving node can fetch any missed messages from other nodes. Each node stores a copy of all messages, up to a given expiry (currently 24 hours but soon due to increase to several months or even unlimited if the user chooses to). This way, even if you're not online when a message was sent to you, you can still get it later from another node that was online. Private messages are encrypted before being sent so other nodes can't read the messages even though they hold the data.

There is a 'Global Chat' that is a worldwide public chat room for Qortal users (known as Qortians) to communicate. On top of that, the creation of GROUPS ON CHAIN, in unison with Q-Chat, will provide each new group a default group chat where they can communicate with their group's users.

As of now, Q-Chat group messages are only base58 encoded, and are NOT end-to-end encrypted. ONLY PRIVATE MESSAGES HAVE END TO END ENCRYPTION RIGHT NOW. GROUPS WILL IN THE FUTURE.

Q-Chat is the 'first application' of Qortal, that is a default plugin. It is meant to be text communication only, other plugins will come to both enhance Q-Chat with voice, video, screen-sharing, etc. (a Telegram type replacement).

The goal of Q-Chat is to provide a TRULY SECURE peer-to-peer encrypted method of text-based communication for its users. Q-Chat avoids reliance upon ANY centralized service provider to both run, access, and utilize Qortal, get updates from development, etc.

Qortal's end goal is to provide a viable decentralized alternative to the Internet and Q-Chat is one of the first applications on Qortal’s chain leading us in that direction!

More info can be found on the Communications page.

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