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   * QORT Service Token (main platform ‘coin’)   * QORT Service Token (main platform ‘coin’)
   * Shared Minter Rewards (reward-share transactions)   * Shared Minter Rewards (reward-share transactions)
-  * Gen 1 Hardware Device ‘QroTecTor’ Router ​(https://​qortal.org/​index.php/​device-info/​)+  * QORTecTor Device ​Gen 1 (https://​qortal.org/​index.php/​device-info/​)
   * Minting & Rewards for Securing Blockchain   * Minting & Rewards for Securing Blockchain
   * *Simple BTC/QORT Trade System prior to full Trade Portal*   * *Simple BTC/QORT Trade System prior to full Trade Portal*
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