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Qortal Project (QORT) Introduction


Qortal aims to provide truly decentralized blockchain features with a codebase written from scratch which will support a scalable infrastructure for a variety of revolutionary new concepts including:

  • Website, blog, social media, and encrypted communication hosting
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) trade portal/truly decentralized exchange
  • Private, self-hosted wallets that eliminate the need for a centralized service
  • State-of-the-art security and greater efficiency with data storage/usage
  • Infrastructure for virtually any public or private application to be built on
  • A ‘minting’ distribution system to provide fair block rewards to everyone involved
  • A voting system to make true decentralization possible and manageable
  • A leveling system to credit user influence based on individual contribution
  • A feature to create coins/tokens for other projects which can be built on the chain
  • Supporting hardware to provide router, node, wallet, and other blockchain solutions
  • Mesh-networking and satellite technology to provide decentralized service connections


Blockchain technology has become widely accepted as a viable solution to providing anonymity, creating new currencies, introducing solutions to fair trade, improving security measures to combat the latest threats, and increasing operating system efficiencies to say the least. Although there are a lot of great ideas as to how blockchain technology can help mankind evolve into a future with high demands, we have yet to see a truly decentralized blockchain emerge which can provide solutions to:

  • A stable and scalable infrastructure for both public and private applications (not a clone)
  • A real ‘DEX’ or decentralized exchange for asset trading (without a central authority)
  • A real ‘DEX’ that natively supports BTC and other decentralized coins/tokens
  • A way for users to have complete control over their assets with better security measures
  • A more efficient way to store data on the chain and be able to access data faster
  • A block rewards system that distributes coins/tokens fairly (without miner hardware)
  • A system built by the people, for the people (without money hungry founders)
  • A place where good content can be published and rewarded appropriately
  • A voting system where the community’s voice is heard and determines the outcome
  • Affordable hardware to support the chain and allow everyone to get involved


After more than four years of development, the time has come for crypto enthusiasts around the world to take part in the next best thing for blockchain technology which will provide solutions to all of the problems identified above. In short, Qortal will provide the foundation and gateway for the solutions to our biggest concerns when it comes to the Internet's infrastructure, how we make use of the Internet and the decentralization of blockchain technology. Qortal will be able to provide a more secure way for websites, blogs, social media, communication, peer-to-peer (P2P) asset exchanges, wallet/asset storage, operating systems, cloud storage, internet service, and virtually any other aspect of the Internet to operate without a central authority if desired. Both public and private applications can be built on the Qortal Network and the Crowetic team is currently leading the project’s development in addition to the development of hardware applications to support it.

The Qortal project is preparing to launch the base network and genesis block! The team currently leading the development includes those who have been in the blockchain space for a considerable amount of time who have seen many things happen that were not ideal in multiple other coin and platform launches. Therefore, the team has come together to develop what we believe to be the ‘world’s first’ truly decentralized blockchain with a plethora of features unlike anything seen before. Part of the Qortal development team includes the CIYAM Developers, who created a concept in 2014 of what we see today with the term ‘SmartContracts’ with their http://ciyam.org/at platform which is now embedded into the Qortal Platform. They were also the first, as far as we know with time frames, to issue a cross-chain coin trade utilizing the same SmartContract system that was done between BURST and QORA years ago!


The codebase for Qortal initially started as the QORA coin codebase. QORA had launched in 2014 and was completely custom written. Since the current team takeover of QORA in 2016, nearly everything has been either rewritten and enhanced, or completely re-created along with the addition of many new features or previous features done in a different fashion. So why is Qortal not QORA? Unfortunately, there were a number of factors with QORA which made it less rewarding to pursue development opposed to the new Qortal. Factors such as a codebase that made development very difficult in comparison to what we have now and a convoluted amount of coins which devalued the project’s true worth (not to mention an unethical event where centralized exchanges lost QORA holder’s coins and a massive amount of coins remain ‘unavailable’). After considering the flawed aspects of QORA as well as Bitcoin today in comparison to the original white paper, Qortal has and will continue to be carefully designed to provide the world with a 100% decentralized blockchain concept that improves the way we make use of the Internet and blockchain technology!

In 2016, the Qortal team took over QORA development with plans to re-release QORA as QORA2. Qortal was originally conceived to be solely a 100% decentralized trade portal (DEX). However, as time went on, the decision was made to merge the two projects into a single, completely re-written codebase to be called Qortal also abbreviated as 'QORT“. Qortal’s coin is called and listed on the trade portal as “QORT”.

Qortal is a custom-written and decentralized (fully P2P in all aspects) platform with a core that is capable of a great multitude of functionality. On top of that, a completely custom web-based user interface (UI) platform that is focused on ease-of-use and simplistic presentation will allow users to easily understand and make use of the complex core with little effort. It will be one of the only completely written-from-scratch projects in the blockchain space. This means it is not a clone of any other platform! There were certain aspects of QORA that were kept, however, nearly everything in the system is completely new. For the portions of QORA that were kept, they were improved upon however deemed necessary to enhance the functionality desired.

The First Of Many Great Ideas

Those who are in support of the concept of decentralization will certainly be interested in Qortal. The platform is meant to never contain any aspect of centralization! This includes never needing a centralized platform to provide essential services like trading and to be capable of more than any other P2P system that has come before it.

The platform will have a completely decentralized trade portal which includes a user interface similar in look and function to a centralized exchange, but without ANY of the risks associated with centralized exchanges. With Qortal, assets will never be out of the owner’s hands until the actual execution of the trade has been placed and immediately obtains ownership over the other coin/token involved in the trade. Qortal is designed to eliminate the need for any sort of governance over other user’s assets. Never again will users have to rely upon ‘depositing coins’ to a centralized agency just to trade them. This is done so by utilizing automatically created SmartContracts with on-chain order books and Cross-Chain trades thanks to the CIYAM Developers. Features outside of the trade portal will include but not limited to an encrypted and/or public data storage (cloud) system which can also be used for decentralized websites, blogs, social media, communications and other apps. There will also be a rewards system to reward good content as well as a completely new governance system, consensus system, leveling system based on influence which gives weight to the decentralized voting system, and endless possibilities for other decentralized applications to be built atop the platform.

This platform may well begin the process of rebuilding the internet without any centralized control!

The implementation of a fair voting system that is based on contribution by users to the network and its usability by others seems to be the fairest way to ensure anyone can get involved without sacrificing the security and stability a truly decentralized project like this will demand. Especially when it comes to addressing illicit attempts on the network which need to be sanctioned or removed all together. There will be a ‘level’ system on certain account types which will allow the weight of votes to be based on the amount of input the user gives toward the overall system’s functionality and usability. No longer will votes be weighted and based on the amount of coin/token a user has. We don’t want any person or entity to have the opportunity to manipulate their way into this new design and potentially sabotage the good intent/stability of its conception!

In other words, with the creation of the custom leveling/influence system, comes the ability to build a truly decentralized community-run economic system within the network. The ability to create ‘committees’ of users focused on any aspect of the system that may require some sort of oversight, such as the concept of ‘illicit activity’ is also well within the scope of the platform’s functionality.

The decentralized trade portal will be the first ‘big feature update’ which will take place after the initial network launch. The portal will be the ‘Phase 2’ of the launch and should take place shortly after the initial launch. Having a place for users to trade the coin ‘QORT’ that powers Qortal’s on-chain services will be essential in allowing the adoption and use of the various system services. However, it’s important to note that the network needs to be strong and large enough prior to attempting to run any large system on top of it. Therefore, it will be essential to launch the base network first. Please note: the project is called Qortal also abbreviated as 'QORT'. Qortal's coin is called and listed on the trade portal as 'QORT'.

At the current moment, we are working out a method for BTC/QORT trades to be implemented at Phase 1 launch, however, we are not going to guarantee this to be part of Phase 1. We will, however, promise that the trade portal addition will take place ASAP! We hope to launch the trade portal (at least the BTC/QORT market) within a month of the launch of Phase 1.

All of the main features of the system are already functional on the back end. This includes the necessary portions for the decentralized trading. The UI for everything is still under development along with the various system ‘rules’ that govern how everything will function. Therefore, the launch taking place in multiple phases is done for multiple reasons: both to not overwhelm users with too much at once, to allow for more time to finish up the small details and rules, and to finish UI updates that will be necessary prior to allowing the platform to be utilized by the public.

Supporting Hardware

Another aspect of the Qortal project and future applications to be built on top of the chain, is the supporting hardware to be developed by the team at Crowetic Computers LLC (https://crowetic.com) and anyone else looking to get involved. Crowetic is fortunate to have extremely educated, experienced and talented developers who can build virtually any type of hardware device and supporting code to meet demands. This can easily be applied to government and commercial clients as well.

The QORTector device is 100% open-source both in terms of hardware and software. The device comes with a Orange Pi Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53 with NEON, FPU, Java Acceleration and will be automatically configured to run as a blockchain node with network configuration and state-of-the-art security measures. Also included in the device is a personal Tor Router with Socks5 Proxy which will allow users to tunnel blockchain and browser traffic through it to your home/office LAN or CoinD. All while running on only five watts of power! This device is a great way for anyone to get involved (once the network launches on New Years) and start earning rewards as well as increase the security and provide anonymity of any device connected to it with the advanced security features it offers to combat the latest threats. User can also host their own websites or other applications including data cloud storage without ever needing a second computer or server. Lastly, rewards are projected to provide even the basic user with enough return to cover their internet service cost! For more information on the QORTector device, please refer to the QORTector Gen 1 Device Overview for more information about the Gen 1 device!

Launch Phases

Please go to the Qortal Launch Phases page for more information on what each launch phase is expected to contain!

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