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Current Qortal Status

This page will contain the updated information regarding the current status of the Qortal project, any known upcoming additions, and important information to be aware of.

At this point, most of the important information can be found HERE - Launch Information Page

Most Important Currently

As of UI 1.2.4 and core 1.3.5 - EVERYTHING is fully functional. Including Cross-Chain trades with Bitcoin, in the Trade Portal.

If you have STARTED with any version under 1.3.5 - YOU MAY NOTICE THE SIZE OF THE DB IS VERY LARGE. In order to FIX this… you will need to:

-Delete your db -Start with version 1.3.5+ -re-sync the db from scratch.

(This should reduce the overall db size DRAMATICALLY, from ~24GB to ~8GB.)

NOTE - if you are TRADING on the TRADE PORTAL, and you have TRADES LISTED… you will have to RESTART these trades. (You can do this before OR after the re-sync, with the newest UI, and the 'remove stuck offers' button 1) - But either way you will need to delete them and restart them after the re-sync. You will also need to re-assign *NOT RE-CREATE* your Minting Key if you are a MINTER. 9.4.2020 - updated above.**

Misc. Information

Updates to this page will always include a date, so that the relevant information will be dated for reference by anyone coming to view it.

above 'my orders'
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