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Qortal Status Updates

This page will contain information about the current status of the Qortal Project, any known upcoming additions, and whatever else to be aware of. The person’s messages being relayed referring to “I” is @crowetic FYI. Times are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST).




May 14th 2022

@here our own Mike Winner did another interview with the legend Ernie Hancock, you can find it here - https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Media/325386-2022-05-12-2022-05-13-ernest-hancock-interviews-mike-winner-qortal.htm

May 13th 2022

@here newest QORTector image and source code has been published - https://github.com/Qortal/Brooklyn/releases/tag/1.3.0 - this one is called titanPLUS, and should provide fairly significant performance increases.

-Will work on any pi4, including the pi400. Have not tested on pi3, but in theory it should work on that as well.

Please read the release notes before downloading image, to be sure you have enough space on your imaging computer.


May 11th 2022

@here version 1.9.2 of the Qortal UI has been released - this version includes two new markets/wallets Digibyte (DGB) and RavenCoin (RVN) - Enjoy!


-Fixed blank UI after a while -Added RVN and DGB trade market -Remove block button and add it to new name menu -Added more languages -Make ripple loading colors match to theme -Minor Fixes

May 10th 2022

@here GitHub release has been done as well - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/tag/v3.3.0

May 9th 2022

@here - Qortal Core version 3.3.0 auto-update has been approved.

Network will begin updating shortly.

This version is namely focused on implementation of the CPU usage fixes in the last pre-release, and preparation for the next release with multiple new features.

May 2nd 2022

@here - we have a pre-release of the Qortal Core that we would like people to test prior to the next official release. (I am calling it 3.2.6, but it may end up being another version number… but for the purposes of the pre-release this is fine.) - if you would like to help us test the next version of the Qortal Core before it gets officially released, here is the download - https://cloud.qortal.org/s/7s3nNnebWYkQDm3

1. download this file 2. stop Qortal 3. rename this file to qortal.jar 4. replace your existing qortal.jar 5. start Qortal

for mac/linux users I will make it very simple for you and give you a command that will do it all for you…

```cd && cd qortal && ./stop.sh && rm qortal.jar && curl -L -O https://cloud.qortal.org/s/7s3nNnebWYkQDm3/download/qortal-3.2.6-pre-release.jar && mv qortal-3.2.6-pre-release.jar qortal.jar && ./start.sh```

May 1st 2022

@here hardfork has been activated, new name fee is in place.

The current name registration fee is 1.25 QORT.

April 26th 2022

@here version 3.2.5 of the Qortal Core has been released, and auto-update has been signed. (this version was to revert the sync changes made in 3.2.4 due to unforeseen issues.)

April 25th 2022

@here UI bugfix release 1.9.1 has been released.

@here - Qortal UI version 1.9.0 has been released. Changes include: ``` -Added block button on chat -Added Multilanguage -Login Screen now in dark / light mode -Added choose language in Settings ( Login Screen ) -Added theme switcher to login screen -Reduced Difficulty for 0 balance accounts -Fixed memory usage -Updated to latest electron for newer browser -Updated dependencies -Minor fixes```


@here Qortal Core version 3.2.4 auto-update has been signed - network will begin updating shortly

GitHub release has also taken place - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/tag/v3.2.4

Changes in this release:

Translation updates (thanks to @QuickMythril, @JaymenChou, @aldum and any other contributors) Electrum server updates (thanks to @QuickMythril) Add memberCount to various …

Name Registration fee will change on Sunday, May 1st

April 24th 2022

@here Qortal Core version 3.2.4 auto-update has been signed - network will begin updating shortly 🙂

GitHub release has also taken place - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/tag/v3.2.4

April 22nd 2022

@here I just made a very exciting blog post about the current developments going on - https://qortal.org/qortal-3-0-and-beyond-what-is-happening-now-april-2022/

April 21st 2022

@here - did another interview yesterday, you can find it here - https://youtu.be/czbOH843RTk - this one is a bit less 'techie', I haven't watched it yet, hopefully it's alright!

April 14th 2022

@here replay of the livestream this morning can be found here - https://besovereign.com/greenmedinfo/greenmedinfo/14-apr-12-00-the-crypto-project-they-dont-want-you-to-know-about?video_id=331

@here - Qortal needs the assistance of multi-lingual members! If you speak another language, we need your help with translations for the new multi-lingual UI.

I am going to be offering a bounty for full translations of the UI into other languages… I will be willing to give up to 100 QORT for translations done by individuals who are multi-lingual. (we do NOT want to use google translate, we want ACTUAL translations.)

You can see the start of what we're looking for here - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal-ui/tree/master/qortal-ui-core/language

please reach out to either myself or <@417435771038072843> if you are multi-lingual and willing to translate the Qortal UI for payment in QORT. Thank you!

April 13th 2022

@here - I will be doing another livestream with Sayer Ji tomorrow. Here's the link! https://besovereign.com/greenmedinfo/greenmedinfo/14-apr-12-00-the-crypto-project-they-dont-want-you-to-know-about

March 25th 2022

wanted to remind everyone that the QORT block reward decreased today ``` { "height": 1, "reward": 5.00 },

      { "height": 259201, "reward": 4.75 },
      { "height": 518401, "reward": 4.50 },
      { "height": 777601, "reward": 4.25 },
      { "height": 1036801, "reward": 4.00 },
      { "height": 1296001, "reward": 3.75 },
      { "height": 1555201, "reward": 3.50 },
      { "height": 1814401, "reward": 3.25 },
      { "height": 2073601, "reward": 3.00 },
      { "height": 2332801, "reward": 2.75 },
      { "height": 2592001, "reward": 2.50 },
      { "height": 2851201, "reward": 2.25 },
      { "height": 3110401, "reward": 2.00 }```

we are now at 4.25 QORT per block until block 1036801

March 23rd 2022

@here version 1.8.2 of the Qortal UI will be released soon.

UI additions:

  -Fixed metadata to publish website
  -Added transactions details for all wallets
  -All dialogs now have both themes
  -Moved logout button to top bar with own dialog
  -Speed up load websites grid
  -Updated to latest electron for newer browser
  -Updated dependencies
  -Minor fixes```

LANGUAGE SELECTION is the biggest change in the update after this on, the UI will support MULTIPLE LANGUAGES in 1.8.3 🙂

March 19th 2022

4:18pm official release is done, so you can now download the jar for the fix from - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/download/v3.2.3/qortal.jar

kill Qortal, download that jar, replace the jar in your qortal folder (program files\qortal on windows), then start Qortal.

(if you're not moving forward from block 770168-770169)

3:14pm @here Version 3.2.3 of the Qortal Core auto-update has been signed

note - if you are STUCK, you will still need to do the above to get unstuck, or you will NOT automatically update. If you're stuck, you can't get to the update block, so there is no way around the manual fix.

Soon the bootstrap will also fix it, but that's a longer fix than just replacing the jar. So the above solution is the easiest.

3:02pm for windows users, do this

- stop Qortal - Download the above jar file - Rename it to 'qortal.jar' - Replace your existing qortal.jar in 'program files\Qortal' - Start Qortal.

side note for EVERYONE - you NEVER 'open' a .jar file. They are a java virtual machine compiled into a java binary, they have to be started with java. (start script, or Qortal.exe for windows.) they are never opened manually.

2:14pm @here - if your node is stuck, please try this pre-release jar it should fix it. - https://cloud.qortal.org/s/ADcx6nfApEfgZHZ/download/qortal-3.2.3.jar

The following command on linux/mac will work to do this for you…

```cd && cd qortal && ./stop.sh && curl -L -O https://cloud.qortal.org/s/ADcx6nfApEfgZHZ/download/qortal-3.2.3.jar && rm qortal.jar && mv qortal-3.2.3.jar qortal.jar && ./start.sh```

9:35am @here - we have another name update transaction which seems to have caused some nodes to get stuck… We have made the bootstrap server (which was not stuck) create a new bootstrap (which will take a few hours) - I will announce again when the bootstrap is completed, which should be the easiest fix for most stuck nodes.

We are also working on the fix at the base level, to which we should have another auto-update shortly.

Due to the way minting works at the moment, even if your node is stuck, it should still continue to submit online signatures, so you won't miss any minting time (but you won't be able to use your node). This minting concept will be most likely modified when the mempow gets added to minting, which will be after we have fully resolved the update-name transaction issues.

apologies for the inconvenience, I will post again when the bootstrap is updated so that stuck nodes can delete the db and fix themeselves.

This is one of our last remaining issues on the network now, which we are hoping to resolve very soon so this doesn't happen again.

March 16th 2022

March 15th 2022

(the 'send coin' plugin is now part of the wallets plugin, so you just click the coin you want then send coin from inside the wallet plugin.)

@here - version 3.2.2 of the Qortal Core auto-update has been signed

This update is specifically to target a bug in the synchronizer code that was causing the larger re-orgs.

this should make the network VERY stable.

March 14th 2022

@here we found a bug that has existed since last year (timing problem with the synchronizer) - this bug is what is causing the chain to have larger 're-orgs' (when in reality they aren't actually re-orgs, but the chain going to an incorrect peer that is out of date.

We have a fix being made and will be pushing another release within the next couple days. Until then just know that the issue is resolved and fix will take place shortly.

(anyone having 'synchronization issues' - this is most likely the cause, so it will be resolved shortly.)

March 13th 2022

@here - Qortal core version 3.2.1 has been released 🙂 - https://github.com/qortal/qortal/releases

auto-update will have final signature in a few minutes and network will begin updating.

Changes in 3.2.1 below

```- Reworked processIncomingTransactionsQueue() to improve sync speed (thanks to @catbref) - PRESENCE transactions changed to always fail signature validation (thanks to @catbref) - Reworked QDN requests to prefer routes with the lowest number of node hops - Reworked QDN request threads - Removed ArbitraryPeers table along with all associated code & broadcasts - Default chunk size for new resources reduced from 1MB to 0.5MB - Automatically fetch metadata for all resources that have it - Major CPU optimizations in BlockMinter and ArbitraryDataManager - Major CPU optimization to peer arrays in Network.java, based on ideas by @catbref - Increased default maxNetworkThreadPoolSize from 20 to 32 - Significant code refactoring to move online accounts and transaction importing to dedicated controller classes - Online accounts and transaction processing moved to dedicated threads - Added support for dark theme in loading screen - Fix for "Synchronizing null%" systray bug introduced in 3.2.0 - Improved statuses in systray so that they are less misleading - Report as 100% synced if the latest block is within the last 30 mins - Removed bootstrap host that is no longer functional - Modifications to GetArbitraryDataFileListMessage for future QDN feature support - Direct connections to peers now prefer those with the highest number of chunks for a resource - Keep trying direct connections for QDN data until one succeeds - Fix for ConcurrentModificationException in BlockArchiveReader```


Auto-update has been signed. Network will begin updating shortly 🙂

March 10th 2022

@here version 1.8.0 of the Qortal UI is about to be released. This version includes DARK MODE switch! which has been requested for a very long time. We sincerely hope you guys enjoy this release 🙂

March 3rd 2022

@here version 3.2.0 of the Qortal Core is about to be auto-updated. If you are on a UI version lower than 1.7.4 after 3.2.0 release, you will have some issues, so be sure you have the latest UI version installed.

I will post again once all the signatures have been made, to announce the auto-update start.

@here version 3.2.0 auto-update has been signed, network will begin updating shortly!

February 28th 2022

@here - The new UI version 1.7.4 will be released shortly.

This version will include an option to update now or later. Message will come up asking if you want to install the update now, or next time it starts. Giving people more flexibility.

This version will also include auto-updates for .deb installed versions of the UI. On all platforms, even pi. Now we have automatic updates for essentially every method of installing the UI on every platform. (The only one we're still working on is the snap package in linux snap, so that one will not be recommended at this point. Every other version will automatically update now, regardless of which platform or installation method you choose.)

This version is in preparation for the next version of the core, which will remove PRESENCE transactions and replace them with a protocol instead, dramatically increasing scalability and removing the need for constant unconfirmed transactions for every sell listed on the Trade Portal.


February 20th 2022

@here - soft fork for name registration fee just took place, name registration now costs the voted on 5 QORT.

also - everyone on version 3.0.4 needs to update to 3.1 or higher, as soon as the first name registration takes place the soft fork becomes a hard fork and versions below 3.1 will no longer function.

February 15th 2022

@here version 3.1.1 of the Qortal Core auto-update has been signed. Network will begin updating shortly.

February 14th 2022

@here - just so everyone is aware, we are going to be removing the 'advanced user' box upon account creation, but this does NOT remove the ability to use a seed phrase to create an account.

In Qortal, we are always trying to make everything as secure as possible, and displaying the seed phrase when creating an account simply isn't as secure as using the backup file method.

If you wish to create a 'brain wallet' (which is the only REAL reason to use a seed phrase) you can still do so, simply use LOGIN, and seed phrase login, and input whatever seed phrase you like, if you do that, it will CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT with that seed phrase. Just because we are no longer using the generated seed phrase option, doesn't mean you can't create an account with any seed phrase you like.

Remember, that in Qortal 'login' does not mean what it does on centralized things. You are NOT actually 'logging in' to anything, there is no database to login to, you are simply proving that you have the rights to act on behalf of a certain account. (access to the private key.)

So using the seed phrase login method, and putting in ANY PHRASE YOU LIKE, will create a NEW account. You can of course then save the backup file once you are into that account, so that you have that as well.

Just wanted everyone to be aware of the fact that we are going to be removing the 'advanced user' box, as it is merely a security risk and there is no real use case for it other than confusing people and causing unneeded security risks.

Again, you can still create and use accounts with a 'seed phrase' if you like, simply login with seed phrase and input whatever phrase you like. Be sure not to save the seed phrase anywhere that it can be seen by anyone, it's a DIRECT ACCESS method to your account, so again, the only real use case for seed phrase login method, is a 'brain wallet' (one that you remember and do not write down anywhere.

Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!

February 13th 2022

For anyone having issues with UI running on Raspberry Pi: This is a known issue and a fix is in progress. More information will be posted once this is available. Please be patient during this downtime, thanks!

A fixed version of the UI AppImage for Raspberry Pi has been uploaded and is available at: <https://github.com/Qortal/qortal-ui/releases/download/v1.7.2/Qortal-Setup-arm.AppImage>

Before running the UI, you will need to perform the following: - Right-click on the AppImage file and select Properties. - On the Properties window, switch to the Permissions tab. - Tick the checkbox next to Allow executing file as a program.

This is not needed for anyone who did not autoupdate to 1.7.2 previously.

February 11th 2022

@here anyone interested in testing out the 3.1 pre-release, here's the link - https://cloud.qortal.org/s/drA84nWWj5ySm2Q

Download, stop qortal, rename to qortal.jar and replace your existing one, start. It will show up with a build version 3.0.4-58a690e but it's what will become 3.1

February 4th 2022

3.1 is going to be great (which is why it's a 3.1 instead of 3.0.5). This should help a lot with re-orgs, transactions getting accepted, data transmission, and network overall. We’re also putting in a 'limit' to minting accounts per node. It will be a way to at least slow the self-sponsors down, and track more accurately who are trying to game, before we throw in the algo that will actually fight it, and mempow to TRULY limit it.

So from 3.1 and beyond, there will be 2 minting accounts per node. Essentially you will only be able to assign 2 minting keys per node from 3.1 and beyond. It will only be a limit in the software, which can be circumvented on a technical level, but it was always planned, and we're going to implement the memPoW in the near future that will ACTUALLY limit it. Then it can't be bypassed by making a custom version. We can also more accurately track the versions that are modified, to see how many people are trying to bypass it. This is all a step towards the self-sponsor tracking algorithm. The time for self-sponsorships is coming to an end!

How does this affect nodes that have several (2+) accounts offering redundancy for others? Those with more than two accounts per node, will need multiple nodes for said redundancy. Redundancy shouldn't be as needed anymore either, as we've addressed the online signature submission issues too. So one node should be more than sufficient (unless it literally goes down). This is why people need take responsibility and pay attention to their nodes. That’s the whole point of minting anyway. You are getting paid to be sure your node is online and supporting the network. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY COMES WITH INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY.

The system was always meant to be this way. We're just working hard to make it how it was built to be. Until now, it has been a 'beta'. We’re now starting to move out of that 'beta' phase.

February 3rd 2022

@here We are aware of an issue that displays the balance incorrectly on the LTC wallet in Qortal after so many transactions. it seems that certain change addresses are not getting the balance pulled as they should be.

We will be testing a fix for it very soon. I will post again once that is done and let everyone know.

If any of you are experiencing this issue, let me know and I can let you try the test fix before we push into an update as well if you like.

Also just be aware the balance is NOT actually missing, just certain change addresses are not being displayed correctly, the balance is still fine overall so no need to worry.


January 27th 2022

@here Qortal core version 3.0.4 auto update has been signed. network should begin updating shortly. :)

January 25th 2022

@here version 1.7.1 of the Qortal UI has been released, everyone running electron (except .deb versions) should automatically update.


January 23rd 2022

@here - it seems there are plenty of people who did NOT update correctly, even with the most recent auto-update, if you're a windows user and you did not click the error from the previous update, it's possible the same issue happened again.

please CHECK YOUR NODES to see if your node is on 3.0.2 - if NOT, then check your qortal folder for a new-qortal.jar, stop your node, delete qortal.jar and rename 'new-qortal.jar' to 'qortal.jar'

This seemed to mostly be an issue on windows machines - where the new update didn't take… please just make sure you have 3.0.2 or 3.0.3 core version running.

Just to reiterate - version 3.0.2 OR 3.0.3 ARE FINE. There is technically no real difference between 3.0.2, and 3.0.3. Only the auto-update changes in 3.0.3, so you can install 3.0.2 from github.

January 22nd 2022

@here - version 3.0.2 of the Qortal Core is now available on GitHub - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/tag/v3.0.2

The auto-update should be signed within the next few hours… if you don't want to wait, you can now install the update manually.

Will post again once the auto-update is signed and made active. 🙂 Thanks!

@here version 3.0.2 auto-update has been SIGNED!

Network will begin updating shortly!

BIG improvements for QDN today 🙂

@here well, we've had the first ever auto-update failure… it will be addressed tomorrow.

January 21st 2022

@here - for anyone interested in trying the 3.0.2 pre-release it is available here - https://cloud.qortal.org/s/s7YpBZyb7PpgiEy

1. stop core 2. rename this file to qortal.jar and replace your existing qortal.jar 3. restart core

KEEP IN MIND - We addressed multiple issues with 3.0.1 including data transmission, and the IV bug that some people were having. due to the IV bug fix we are not SURE that data published with the new version will be backwards compatible. - data published with the new version might not work on the old version, so just consider that.

From my testing nearly every site I tried to load, loaded immediately, and as more people use the new version it will improve further.

we will do the auto-update tomorrow so either way everyone will have the new version tomorrow. So you can either wait, or you can test it now.

another note - this version does what we had always planned to do, and blocks external data - therefore data that links to the internet, will no longer function after this version. If you need assistance in converting your sites to FULLY LOCAL - you can ask for assistance.

Essentially all you need to do is be sure that all of your site resources, are available in the folder that you zip, and all links link to the files in those local folders, when published in that fashion, everything will work.

Remember as well, it is possible (which I will be demoing soon) to host sites on QDN and make them available through a traditional domain with 'domain mapping'. So sites hosted on QDN CAN be accessible from the traditional internet, just not the other way around, sites on QDN cannot have external links to the internet. This is to be sure that when we remove our reliance upon the internet completely, that sites don't break. Also, domains that expire could cause issues if we allowed that, and the traditional internet is full of all kinds of nonsense that we don't want on QDN. We are building the future. Enjoy!

January 14th 2022


@here - IMPORTANT - anyone who is still running 2.1.3 will NOT STAY ON THE RIGHT CHAIN. you HAVE to update to 3.0.1 or you will have BIG issues!

January 13th 2022

@here 3.0.1 auto-update has been SIGNED!!! Network should begin updating shortly! WOOOOO!!!!! REMEMBER - if you haven't updated your UI to 1.7.0 before now, you need to do that or older versions will STOP WORKING after 3.0.1 hits! ALSO - QDN 'go live' is set for TOMORROW, Friday, Jan 14th! This means you can start publishing WEBSITES AND APPS on QDN TOMORROW!!!!

I have updated the stop script commands in the announcement above - this one is newer and uses a slightly different method that should be superior, then falls back to the method of the one from yesterday. (We would suggest using this one as opposed to the other, but both of them should work, so if you updated yesterday it's not 100% necessary, just recommended.) We are doing final tests before the 3.0 auto-update I will post again once the transaction has been signed. This update is very unique, and so we will NOT be putting the release up on github until after the QDN go live takes place, to avoid any potential issues. So auto-update is the method to ensure you get the update as soon as possible.

I noticed today when attempting to update my Mac UI… it seems the auto-update from 1.6.2 (and probably 1.6.3) might not work in some cases. If your Mac doesn't auto-update, simply manually download the update from github or qortal.org, mount the dmg, and drag n drop the Qortal UI application to your applications folder, overwriting the existing, and you'll be good to go. From 1.7.0 on the auto-update should work regardless, apologies for the confusion.

January 12th 2022

There was an unforeseen issue with the old transaction version on the 3.0 core, we are going to have to put off the update until tomorrow. It was an issue with the update transaction itself. It will be resolved in the morning and we'll go to 3.0.1

This is one of the best announcements I have made in a very long time! ALL VERSION 3.0 PRE-RELEASE TESTS HAVE PASSED DEVELOPMENT INSPECTION! Version 3.0 Auto-Update transaction is being prepared now! The go live timestamp for QDN Data Publishing is set for 4 PM GMT on Friday, Jan 14th! I will post again once the update transaction has been signed by the required development admins! WOOO!

Here is a link to the new stop script that you will need for linux and mac to stop after 3.0. - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/873564589109952552/930937250072653914/stop.sh

Here is an easy way to acquire it:


rm stop.sh && wget https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/873564589109952552/930937250072653914/stop.sh && chmod +x stop.sh


rm stop.sh && curl -L -O https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/873564589109952552/930937250072653914/stop.sh && chmod +x stop.sh

So the above commands from your terminal in the qortal folder. cd qortal first. (this is also on GitHub.)

January 11th 2022

@here - version 1.7.0 of the Qortal UI has been released!

EVERYONE will need to UPDATE TO THIS VERSION of the UI BEFORE 3.0 of the core is released, or the API key functionality and the new transaction version will NOT WORK. So this update is very important to get done before version 3.0 of the Qortal Core goes live (version 3.0 of the Qortal Core should be going live sometime within the next day or so.)

There are two plugins surrounding QDN - these two plugins will NOT FUNCTION UNTIL AFTER THE 'GO LIVE' TIMESTAMP WE SET WHEN 3.0 IS LAUNCHED - so do not worry when you see these non-functional plugins in the UI. I will make another announcement when 3.0 is live, and we have set the 'go live' timestamp, so that everyone knows the EXACT time that QDN transactions will be able to take place.



A few notes:

  • Windows and Mac - WILL auto-update as long as you're on version 1.6.3+
  • Linux - WILL auto-update if you're using the appimage version only for now, we will work on getting deb auto-updates back shortly.
  • Pi users - can now use the appimage version as well, and get auto-updates now too, and no longer need to build from source! - you CAN of course, continue building from source, and if you're running ELECTRON (not using the server/browser) it will auto-update as well. For our Pi images, you will use THIS version - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal-ui/releases/download/v1.7.0/Qortal-Setup-arm.AppImage - you can rename the file to ANYTHING you like, the next release will be called Qortal-UI-arm.appimage - that is what I suggest you call it. all you have to do, is download, right click the file, go properties, and security, and check the box to allow EXECUTABLE - I will write up a how-to guide on this for the wiki today.

January 10th 2022

Crowetic posted this in Discord today @ 3:07pm PST

@here - the updates that are coming in the next couple days are MASSIVE, we're talking about HUGE new functionality, BIG changes on both sides…

The new core will require API key for 'sensitive' API calls (this is a big and nice feature for added security, but requires some changes as well), this means even things like stop.sh will need to be updated. The core itself will auto-update, but the script will need to be manually updated before it will function. There will be MANY things that people will need to be aware of for this update.

This is BY FAR the biggest single update in Qortal history, so there will be a little bit of effort required from most people's environments to ensure it all goes well.

The new UI will manage the API keys automatically, but if you're using a headless system, there will be other considerations, I will give more details regarding everything once the new versions are out.

The UI will need to be updated before the core, so that the core 3.0 will work.

The UI version 1.6.3 should auto-update for Mac and Windows users, we're still working on linux. So linux users will need to download the new release.

Windows and Mac users should be the EASIEST overall for this, as both the core and the UI should auto-update and not have any major changes required on the user side, as long as they are on version 1.6.3 of the UI, and 2.1.3 of the core.

pi and QORTector users - will most likely want to SWITCH from using the UI update script, to using the newer .appimage file for the UI, this is a binary version of the UI, which will enable auto-updates on the UI side for the pi.

but the first time users will have to manually switch from using the update script, to using the new appimage. I will announce in detail how to do this AFTER 1.7.0 UI launch (which will most likely be tomorrow.)

you CAN use the update script like you have been before, to update the UI, if you prefer to keep building from source, but from source versions will NOT auto-update in the future, so it will be my recommendation to use the new ARM-compatible appimage binary for this version and beyond. (This is also what I will be modifying the QORTectors to use from here on out.)

Essentially, just STAY AWARE AND PREPARED, and watch for my announcements, we will be announcing how to do things, and making changes to the wiki to reflect all the new additions as everything is updated and guides are created. Until then certain environments may have a little more effort required than others.

NO MATTER WHAT - if your node is running, it will auto-update to 3.0 unless you have updates disabled. So be sure you have the NEW UI setup first, if you're not running a headless machine. The new stop script if you are.

More details coming soon. Thanks!

December 13th 2021

Core version 2.1.2 auto-update has been signed. This update was was to make sure that Qortal's version of log4j was not affected by the new exploit. We were pretty sure it was a very low likelihood anyway, but made a change to ensure that it was 100% not able to be taken advantage of.

December 9th 2021

UI version 1.6.1 is released - UI does not update automatically so you’ll need to run the UI installer (just install on top of the existing version now - you don’t need to delete anything)

December 8th 2021

Core version 2.1.1 is live which fixes the bug with the ACCTv2 code

November 24th 2021

Core version 2.1 is live which includes:

  • Added LitecoinACCTv2 and DogecoinACCTv2 with sleeping AT support
  • Switched new listings to use ACCTv2 by default
  • Fix for zero timestamps in trade history
  • Default min level for block submissions increased to 3 (to reduce block candidates)
  • Increased frequency of automatic repository maintenance attempts (now around twice as frequent)
  • Add API option to return inverse price (thanks to QuickMythril)
  • Updated BTC electrum servers (QuickMythril)
  • Added some German translations (thanks to Tocoolmh58)
  • Added another bootstrap host
  • Include the initial peers when creating bootstraps
  • "Lists" feature is now generic (in preparation for data hosting)
  • Improved trade bot backups so that the current order being bought is included
  • Prevent any kind of trading unless the blockchain is fully synced

October 13th 2021

Core version 2.0 is live which creates greater ease of use and scalability: automatic bootstrapping, older block data archived, top-only sync nodes, backup and restore for trade states and minting accounts, etc. Read more here: https://qortal.org/qortal-2-0-is-here/

August 1st 2021

Qortal now supports DOGE both in local wallets and on the Trade Portal! RVN then ARRR were to be next prior to going to community to vote on coins to implement after RVN and ARRR. We have since decided RVN will wait until sometime after version 3.0 and we can’t support ARRR until the Pirate Chain implements locking transactions. We also decided against DGB implementation due to lack of community and lack of Electrum servers. Sponsorship and Minting system modifications, voting system, and the App Store are on the priority list after version 3.0 is launched.

June 2021

DevTeam is focused on developing version 2.0 for greater scalability. DevTeam is considering changes to the minting and sponsorship system to combat the gaming and strengthen its integrity. See Future Modifications page for more info.

May 2021

Qortal consists of Cross-Chain trades with Litecoin, in the Trade Portal. BTC wallet exists but BTC trades are not live in the Trade Portal.

Q-Chat is live. It is extremely under-developed so please bear with us as we get this massive project going!

The mainnet Genesis block was launched on 6/29/20. The basic Trade Portal was launched on 8/6/20. BTC trades were too slow and expensive so LTC was implemented. BTC trades have been removed at this time. BTC and LTC wallets remain an on-chain feature and secure way to store these coin! Voting System is the next big development to be implemented. Then the community can vote on things like what changes to make on the Sponsorship System and what coins the Dev Team should implement next on the Trade Portal.

The next big development will be the Voting System. Thereafter, Qortal will be able to be truly community-driven as it has always been intended to be!

What else do we have now?

Authentication System: Qortal's authentication system (which is currently utilized for obtaining the authorization by which transactions may be carried out on behalf of a specific Qortal account). The authorization system does not require a centralized database and does not send any private information that could be utilized to gain authorization over an account if the information is ever sent anywhere outside of the local machine running Qortal. This means that the authorization system has no centralized oversight needed and as such, is much more secure than a typical centralized authorization system that we see being utilized with nearly every service on the Internet.

When utilizing the Qortal authentication system, a centralized service provider may allow any Qortal user to utilize their centralized service, WITHOUT the need to create an 'account' within the service itself. Any Qortal user (unless decided by the service provider to only allow certain users which is also an option by way of the existing 'groups' system) may make use of the service, without any need for any other account creation and subsequent need for remembering user/password for each individual provider (like we have with the Internet currently.)

Soon To Come

Future Options (applications and UI plugins): The options below could be built now to be utilized on the Qortal Network. These options could be built by any member of the community in coordination with the current lead developers or on behalf of a partner built for them by the current lead development team. With a small amount of effort the following ideas may be created within a short time. Qortal-Authorized UI Plugins: Using the method described above and the EXISTING UI, a plugin that would be self-installed after the initial UI installation could be created. This plugin would show up just like all of the 'default plugins' in the UI, but would do so after being installed by the user looking to make use of the plugin.

Qortal 'App Store' (future option): 'Non-default plugins' made by any user or service provider (meant to be inside the existing UI) could be published in a Qortal 'app store’. The apps allowed to be displayed as 'approved' will be voted on by the Qortal Network users. A 'private' app could also be created for government or internal company use cases.

Qortal-Authorized Web Apps: Should any developer decide to, they may create a web application making use of Qortal as authentication. Any application that requires authentication for users to accomplish actions within the app could utilize Qortal for said authentication. Just as the applications that make use of other blockchains do, they may make use of Qortal in a similar fashion. The application could be built without the need for registration, storage, and verification by centralized means.

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