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QORTector Gen 1 Device Overview

A router, blockchain node, wallet, security device, and so much more!

About The Device

The QORTector Device (Gen 1) is an open-source 5W power efficient mini computer with a fully custom kernel and firmware built by the current Qortal development team. The device is a palm-sized router/network security appliance with a list of local on-device services to make user’s lives easier:

  • Orange Pi Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53 with NEON and FPU (64-bit)
  • Native support of Java Acceleration (prevents overhead and I/O bottlenecks as well as keeps the node under 10% load with full minting active)
  • Both the software and hardware are built fully open source
  • Acts as a blockchain node and gateway Qortal Network (all services)
  • Can act as a ‘minting’ node which allows users to earn QORT token rewards for a plethora of usages (minting being the method that is most relatable to ‘mining’ on a ‘traditional’ blockchain; helps secure the blockchain and is rewarded for doing so). All devices come with pre-enabled minting accounts!
  • State-of-the-art protection against all of the newest CPU and BIOS level threats that allow attackers to remotely control all systems with processors built pre-2019
  • Any device connected to the ‘QORTector’ will have the same level of security protection
  • Desktop OS version with full desktop OS
  • Offers a personal cloud server with a large list of app add-on capabilities
  • Hostapd WiFi access point
  • One Command Connect (VPN server or client gateway)
  • Bind9 (personal open-source DNS client)
  • Pi-hole DNS server and ad blocker (https://pi-hole.net/)
  • Tor Router with Socks5 Proxy (allows you to tunnel blockchain and browsing traffic for your LAN or CoinD; the best practice today for complete anonymity)
  • Web server and UI for personally hosting websites with Apache + PhP + mySQL
  • FTP/SCP local server
  • Mumble VoIP Server encrypted communications with Push-To-Talk and app support
  • MiniDLNA server software to be fully compliant with DLNA/UPnP clients (example clients include totem and xbmx or devices such as media players, smartphones and TV’s)
  • Nextcloud for local secure file storage with automated sync, backup and more
  • OnDemand CoinD (personal wallet for assets and secure trading)
  • Could act as a BTC full node (with additional storage add-on or any external USB storage)
  • OpenHAB for smart home suite (https://openhab.org/)
  • UrBackup similar to Apple’s Time Capsule (https://urbackup.org/)
  • Office Suite server for OpenOffice
  • Gaming/Minecraft Server
  • Can support nearly any type of software add-on*

*Limitations - There is virtually no limit to what features can be added. If it is Unix friendly, it can be added provided the source code exists. For example, G-Wan web server (http://gwan.ch/) only provides binaries so it can’t be ported on the router but a legendary IRC Client BitchX (http://www.bitchx.com/) can be ported. However, certain services can't coexist at the same time due to the nature of traffic, universal port allocation and usage. Pi-hole can run standalone as it has a DNS server (FTL) itself but it will conflict with the QORTector device’s dnsmasq service and DNS over HTTPS server. The solution is to obtain a secondary standalone minimal device with DNS leak prevention and Pi-hole ad blocking features.

Future Device Features

The ‘QORTector’ device is only the first of many hardware devices to come! Future features are expected to include (but not limited to):

  • Mobile version with a battery including solar charging
  • Enterprise router version with more LAN ports and faster CPU with more cores
  • Mesh network internet connection add-on
  • Expanded Wi-Fi add-on with multiple external antennas and 5G support

QORTector Device Pricing

Payment Methods:

Calculate BTC to USD value and send payment (https://preev.com for calculation on BTC). After sending payment, please send an email to [email protected] with your shipping information and transaction ID for verification. You will then receive a reply with verification!

BTC Payment Address: 16VNPuEs7YrNrSQfXV699iRKpb89awvZ3G

LTC Payment Address: Lc3ywiRAkB3gd7Q4BU6odbF22xYscfgvpX

If you would like to pay in USD, this is also possible. Please send an email to [email protected] stating your intent to pay in USD. You will then receive a reply with an invoice payable with all Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Bank Wires. A confirmation email will be sent after funds have been received!

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