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QORTector Device Overview

A router, blockchain node, wallet, security device, and so much more!

About The Device

The QORTector Device (Gen 1) is an open-source 5W power efficient mini computer with a fully custom kernel and firmware built by the current Qortal development team. The device is a palm-sized router/network security appliance with a list of local on-device services to make user’s lives easier:

  • Orange Pi Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53 with NEON and FPU (64-bit)
  • Native support of Java Acceleration (prevents overhead and I/O bottlenecks as well as keeps the node under 10% load with full minting active)
  • Both the software and hardware are built fully open source
  • Acts as a blockchain node and gateway Qortal Network (all services)
  • Can act as a ‘minting’ node which allows users to earn QORT token rewards for a plethora of usages (minting being the method that is most relatable to ‘mining’ on a ‘traditional’ blockchain; helps secure the blockchain and is rewarded for doing so). You must first have an enabled minting account in order for this portion of the device to be utilized. Enabled minting accounts can be obtained by becoming 'sponsored' and getting the 'right to be a minter' after a set amount of blocks in 'sponsorship period'. The start sponsorship period is 5 days. Once that period has passed, you are then a level 1 minter and can mint blocks.
  • State-of-the-art protection against all of the newest CPU and BIOS level threats that allow attackers to remotely control all systems with processors built pre-2019
  • Any device connected to the ‘QORTector’ will have the same level of security protection
  • Offers a personal cloud server with a large list of app add-on capabilities
  • Hostapd WiFi access point
  • One Command Connect (VPN server or client gateway)
  • Bind9 (personal open-source DNS client)
  • Pi-hole DNS server and ad blocker (https://pi-hole.net/)
  • Tor Router with Socks5 Proxy (allows you to tunnel blockchain and browsing traffic for your LAN or CoinD; the best practice today for complete anonymity)
  • Web server and UI for personally hosting websites with Apache + PhP + mySQL
  • FTP/SCP local server
  • Mumble VoIP Server encrypted communications with Push-To-Talk and app support
  • MiniDLNA server software to be fully compliant with DLNA/UPnP clients (example clients include totem and xbmx or devices such as media players, smartphones and TV’s)
  • Nextcloud for local secure file storage with automated sync, backup and more
  • OnDemand CoinD (personal wallet for assets and secure trading)
  • Could act as a BTC full node (with additional storage add-on or any external USB storage)
  • OpenHAB for smart home suite (https://openhab.org/)
  • UrBackup similar to Apple’s Time Capsule (https://urbackup.org/)
  • Office Suite server for OpenOffice
  • Gaming/Minecraft Server
  • Can support nearly any type of software add-on*

*Limitations - There is virtually no limit to what features can be added. If it is Unix friendly, it can be added provided the source code exists. For example, G-Wan web server (http://gwan.ch/) only provides binaries so it can’t be ported on the router but a legendary IRC Client BitchX (http://www.bitchx.com/) can be ported. However, certain services can't coexist at the same time due to the nature of traffic, universal port allocation and usage. Pi-hole can run standalone as it has a DNS server (FTL) itself but it will conflict with the QORTector device’s dnsmasq service and DNS over HTTPS server. The solution is to obtain a secondary standalone minimal device with DNS leak prevention and Pi-hole ad blocking features.

Future Device Features

The ‘QORTector’ device is only the first of many hardware devices to come! Future features are expected to include (but not limited to):

  • Mobile version with a battery including solar charging
  • Enterprise router version with more LAN ports and faster CPU with more cores
  • Desktop OS version with full desktop OS
  • Mesh network internet connection add-on
  • Expanded Wi-Fi add-on with multiple external antennas and 5G support

QORTector Device Pricing

The pre-sale has begun for those interested in purchasing a ‘QORTector” device. Pre-sale ends at network launch which is scheduled for 02/02/2020!

First 100 Orders: $180 USD

Next 25 Orders: $225 USD

After Pre-Sale Final Price: $250 USD

Payment Methods:

Calculate BTC to USD value and send payment (https://preev.com for calculation on BTC). After sending payment, please send an email to [email protected] with your shipping information and transaction ID for verification. You will then receive a reply with verification!

BTC Payment Address: 16VNPuEs7YrNrSQfXV699iRKpb89awvZ3G

LTC Payment Address: Lc3ywiRAkB3gd7Q4BU6odbF22xYscfgvpX

If you would like to pay in USD, this is also possible. Please send an email to [email protected] stating your intent to pay in USD. You will then receive a reply with an invoice payable with all Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Bank Wires. A confirmation email will be sent after funds have been received!

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