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Welcome to The Qortal Wiki

This page is the location for information regarding the Qortal (QORT) Blockchain Platform.

We are focused on community development, and contribution. If you would like to help contribute to this wiki, simply reach out to the admins (crowetic, gfactor, or dmax) and we will give you an account!

Initially, though, it is likely that not many people have a deep enough understanding to be able to make contributions.

Hopefully in the near future, this will change.

We look forward to bringing this project to life after many years and much struggle, so that you can see what our ideas are for the most advanced and useful blockchain in the world.

Thank you!

Please Note:

You can use the sitemap links to the left of the Qortal Wiki to navigate through the different pages.

This Wiki will see continuous updates as the project launches and progresses.

We are currently running the testnet and preparing for the initial launch.

Pre-launch chain is running now!

We recently launched a pre-sale of the QORTector Device (Gen 1). Order yours today!

Please go to the Qortal Project (QORT) Introduction page to begin learning more about the project!

Please go to the QORTector Device Overview page to learn about the Gen 1 hardware device!

Please go to the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about commonly asked questions!

The QORT Discord is the current location of the QORA/QORT community: https://discord.gg/QWSq9Q4

The Official Twitter page of Qortal: https://twitter.com/qortal_official

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