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The Trade Portal

The Trade Portal, was initially the main service for the QORT blockchain.

The Trade Portal is a COMPLETELY DECENTRALIZED trade platform, built inside the QORT User Interface.

Initially, the platform will launch without the Trade Portal. The initial launch will be to ensure the network is large and strong, prior to adding any of the other services into the system.

After the initial launch (alpha), the beta launch will include the Trade Portal UI.

The Portal is a system that makes use of the ACCT system by the CIYAM developers (http://ciyam.org) with which to make completely cross-chain token and coin trades.

Initially, support for only BTC will be involved. There will be BTC/QORT markets only. Native BTC support in QORT allows users to store BTC in their QORT wallet, just as they would in a BTC local wallet. Without the need for installation of a BTC wallet itself.

The system allows for completely cross-chain trades between BTC and QORT tokens.

Users NEVER RELINQUISH CONTROL OF THEIR COINS. Never have to 'deposit' coins in order to make trades. This allows for COMPLETE SECURITY. Never again, will there be worry about centralized exchanges failing, and taking with that failure, users' coins.

As time goes on, and development progresses, support for other coins and tokens will be implemented into the system. Votes in the system will be the primary factor as far as which new coins/tokens will be added, however, a vote is not a guarantee of listing, there will also be an independent verification done on the project pre-listing, to ensure only the most quality projects are listed in the Trade Portal.

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