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Trade Portal Coin Recovery

There is currently a bug in the core that can cause it to go into the BOB_REFUNDED state even though the coins have sold. Generally calling the `redeemAll` API should be enough to credit the missing LTC to your wallet.

You should be able to run this command directly in a terminal window. It has to be on the same machine that you originally listed the QORT for sale on, the core must be running, and the `db` folder in your qortal directory must not have been replaced with a bootstrap since listing the QORT.

```curl -X GET "http://localhost:12391/crosschain/htlc/redeemAll/LITECOIN" -H "accept: text/plain"```

Alternatively, you can go to the API documentation via this link, click "Try it out", then "Execute": http://localhost:12391/api-documentation/#/Cross-Chain%20(Hash%20time-locked%20contracts)/redeemAllHtlc

Either method is fine and they both achieve the same result.

If you have replaced the db folder since originally listing the QORT, there are a couple of possible options for recovery:

1. If you still have a copy of the old db folder, just stop the core, then rename the current one to something else like `db_new`, then move the old one (named `db`) into its place. Start the core and then try the command again.

2. If you don't have the old db folder, search your system for both `TradeBotStates.script` and `TradeBotStates.json`. These would normally be found in your qortal directory, or in the `qortal-backup` subfolder. You would then need to import these files in order to give your core access to the trades contained in the backup. The actual import process is quite complicated so I won't detail it out here, but if anyone does find themselves in this situation please let us know and we can write up some instructions.

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