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-====== Sponsorship System Changes ====== 
-Here we will discuss the concerns with current sponsorship system and ideas on what changes should be voted on when the Voting System is implemented (next big development implementation on Qortal)! This is a page written by G Factor and I want to break this page into 3 sections: 1) the FACTS, 2) my IDEA & OPINION for resolution, and 3) the ideas of other members of the community with which we should consider voting on once the Voting System is in place. This page is intended to get the conversation started and prepare us to immediately move on voting as soon as the Voting System is ready (which is the next big development in this current phase 2). 
-===== Here are the FACTS ===== 
-  * The current sponsorship system requires accounts to be Level 5 or higher in order to sponsor others. 
-  * Sponsors can sponsor up to 5 accounts at a time. 
-  * Sponsorship period is approximately 5 days (7200 blocks total) 
-  * Sponsors can sponsor approximately 30 new accounts per month in a perfect situation (30 day month divided by 5 day periods is approximately 6 sponsorship periods. 6 sponsorship periods multiplied by 5 accounts per period equals 30 accounts sponsored) 
-  * The current level 5 or higher accounts are QORA forger accounts (Founder accounts are also able to sponsor) 
-  * There is evidence that at least one sponsor-enabled account has been selling sponsorships for profit through a Chinese chat platform targeting the Chinese community. This is unethical and totally against the fundamental principle of why we have the Sponsorship System to begin with. That is, we respect anonymity, but should do our best to only sponsor newcomers that we suspect are genuinely here for the right reasons which is NOT to MINE COIN, but truly believe in the decentralized concepts and are eager to help support the chain by running a node. In return for doing so, obviously there is a block reward but that is not our primary reason for getting involved! 
-  * There is evidence that some people are not truly apart of the Qortal community for genuine reasons and is reasonable to assume that there will be gaming of the Sponsorship System with people of this character.  
-  * There is and always will be bad actors who attempt to game systems at large, especially in the crypto world. Especially with a project that aims to truly decentralize the infrastructure of the Internet and provide a new economic system for the world to benefit. It is the early adopter's responsibility to think ahead and do what we can to combat the possibilities for disingenuous activity on Qortal's platform. Qortal is intended to be an infrastructure and ecosystem to outlive us all, and IF done right, is certainly possible.  
-  * The threat at hand with "gaming" the system is that it only takes approximately 14 months for a newcomer to reach Level 5 from Level 1. At that time, the Level 5 account can then begin sponsoring their own duplicate accounts at the rate described above (approximately 30 per month). Now imagine if these same bad actors created multiple accounts and intend to exponentially game the system. 
-  * The result is and will be two-fold: unfair block reward distribution and overpowering voting influence in the Voting System. So ultimately, both the integrity of the block rewards and voting will be compromised! Do you get the big picture!? 
-===== G Factor's Idea & Opinion ===== 
-  * Minting is a PRIVILEGE! The Voting System needs people of integrity and shared passion of Qortal's fundamental principles. It's already compromised so we must devise a solution to ensure the MAJORITY is and will be people of integrity. 
-  * The community needs to be educated on this issue, and together we need to vote on a revision. 
-  * My intent is to share my thoughts, not force them. Ultimately, the Voting System should allow us to honestly vote on the changes to implement, or not. Otherwise, what is the point of sponsoring and voting if it can so easily be gamed!? 
-  * Things will only get worse. We must patch this vulnerability before it gets any worse. As I see it, the network is already compromised with disingenuous people and as time goes on, we are reaching a point of no return with doing what we can to best protect the integrity of Qortal's fundamental principles. 
-  * **So here is my idea: Remove Level 5 automation which enables these accounts the ability to sponsor. Founders are given 10 or more sponsorship slots as it is hindering the rate at which we can bring newcomers onboard and our integrity should not be questioned. The Founders will then individually elect others to join the "Sponsorship Team" who will have a limit as well on the number of people they can sponsor. Should that be a total limit or just a periodical limit? I like the idea of periodical like we currently use.**  
-  * This idea is all about sparking conversation and seeing what we can come up with as a community. For the sake of saving the integrity of the block reward and Voting System. We are Founders for a reason after careful selection by Jason Crowe (crowetic) who's integrity should not be questioned either. Jason invested everything he had into this and the fundamental principles speak for itself. We can dive into all that jazz elsewhere as we have nothing to hide and everything needs to be fully transparent. Especially to combat all the nonsensical allegations that have surfaced over these years. I stand firmly behind my position on Jason's integrity! We've had quite a roller coaster over the past couple years and let me tell you, I am a truth seeker and have gotten to the bottom of everything I've sought after. Excuse the blurt, but that was necessary. 
-  * Yes my idea creates more centralization out the gate, but I feel it is a necessary one considering the dynamics of the real problem at hand. We need a system of trust, and we respect anonymity so this will never be a fool-proof system but at least we can remove the wide open possibility of gaming the system as I described in the facts section.   
-===== Community Member's Ideas ===== 
-  * Modification to my idea: Founders remain able to sponsor. Once accounts reach Level 5, it takes 3 Founders to approve the Level 5 account's ability to sponsor. If the individual is deemed a bad actor, then they lose their right to sponsor permanently or for a probationary period thereafter pending review by the Founders to give sponsorship rights again. I ask you to consider: 1) doesn't this put an unnecessary burden on the Founders and too much power to CENSOR which is a fundamental principle we aim never to have in this context?, 2) doesn't this create disgruntled people who are rejected for being misunderstood?, 3) isn't this still easy to game by creating a fake persona to reach the end game goal?, 4) we cannot create a system where we then have to remove their ability after they prove themselves to be gaming which I don't know how in the world you can prove anyways! 
-  * Totally different idea: Existing Sponsorship System stays the same except Level 5 accounts are only given a limit to how many accounts they can sponsor TOTAL. I ask you to consider: 1) how does this combat the gaming if a bad actor creates 100 accounts that eventually reach Level 5? As I see it, this won't combat anything. It just creates a different way bad actors navigate the gaming! 
-**Please contact me on Discord or Telegram for your idea to be published here!  
-  * Discord: G Factor QORT#4840  
-  * Telegram: @gfactorQORT** 
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