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This wiki is a repository of information regarding the Qortal Project. Qortal is not only infrastructure for a decentralized, censorship-free Internet… it is essentially a decentralized 'operating system' where virtually any project/application can be built securely. This includes the 'default' peer-to-peer (P2P) solutions like the Trade Portal and Q-Chat, as well as now 'Q-Apps' that can be built by any Qortal user with a registered name. In every case, the same underlying functionality applies…No middlemen of any kind, no servers, no DNS, and data stored on the decentralized/distributed/encrypted/chunked Qortal Data Network (QDN). Be sure to check the Wiki Site Updates page for updates on the latest changes to this Wiki, and enjoy your research on The Qortal Project!

Qortal has now launched its 'Q-Apps' functionality, making it possible for anyone to build and publish unstoppable applications on Qortal's infrastructure! This is a huge step forward for the project, and is essentially the primary component of the platform overall. With Q-Apps, everything you use your computer for on a regular basis, can now be rebuilt on Qortal removing the need for centralized service providers, unnecessary rental fees, and middlemen of all kinds.

With the launch of Q-Apps, Qortal has also launched a Q-Apps Discord Server (https://discord.gg/frffAJsgY4) (until Q-Chat database and protocol are built, and all main Qortal communications can be moved there.) If you are either a developer, or someone interested in learning how to build Q-Apps, check out the new Q-Apps Discord server.

Qortal's coin is called QORT. QORT is mined in our system known as ‘minting’ (which if you like, can be considered 'proof of contribution over time and memory proof of work' however, as that's a lot to say, we simply call it 'minting'.) NOTE - Qortal's Minting has nothing to do with the 'minting' you might have heard of in regard to Ethereum-based token projects That type of minting is akin to 'creating nonsense tokens with a click' and is NOT similar to Qortal minting in any way. Qortal's minting system is actually the chain's consensus mechanism (literally powering the blockchain, and adding new transactions to the blocks.) - How Qortal’s Consensus Works. We do not mine, we MINT! QORT is used to power on-chain functionality (such as name registration, name sales, cross-chain trades and other Qortal ATs, etc.) and can also be used as a digital form of payment for the new ditital ecosystem built upon Qortal’s infrastructure.

QORT is meant to be utilized and kept within Qortal's network, therefore support on centralized exchanges and other services that require coins to be 'deposited', is not something the Qortal developer group nor founders plan to put any focus on. These types of external services can be supported, and have been already in the past, however, as they are not a requirement for Qortal functionality, they are not a focus either.

Qortal is much more than another blockchain with a coin. Qortal is INFRASTRUCTURE with a focus on true decentralization (P2P)! (The term decentralization has been over-used and bastardized in the 'blockchain space', especially within the last few years. Many of the so-called decentralized platforms have at least one if not multiple centralized components that are essential to their function. Qortal does not.) In Qortal, every user runs a node. (The term 'node' simply means a computer with the Qortal software installed on it.) Every user accesses Qortal's network from their own computer, without the need to reach out to any domain, server, or service provider. True decentralization insists upon this fact, and therefore it is the primary and only method that will be suggested by the Qortal developer group.

Qortal's 'mainnet' Genesis block was launched June 29th 2020. The Trade Portal was first launched August 6th 2020.

The Qortal Data Network (QDN) was launched on January 14th 2022: 'the internet of the new world' with truly decentralized web hosting and data storage. Q-Apps were subsequently launched in 2023, allowing for truly decentralized applications with a plethora of potential functionality to be built as well. With merely a single registered name on Qortal, a user may create, launch, and host indefinitely their own application on QDN's distributed data network.

Please study the available information on the wiki and be sure to setup and backup your account properly as explained on the Account Setup & Recovery page. Understand that your public key and address are perfectly safe to share with others BUT NEVER SHARE YOUR SEED PHRASE or your backup file/password!

In a truly decentralized system such as Qortal, you are the only one who has access to your account, and unless you specifically share that access with another, you are the only one who can get into the account. There is no such thing as 'forgot password' type 'account recovery' on Qortal. It is each individual's responsibility to secure their own accounts against loss of access.

Further Information:

For latest updates with Qortal, including the current core and UI version, see the Qortal Status Updates (old page) page.

For the latest updates to the wiki, see the Wiki Site Updates page.

Use of anything within the Official Images/Press Kit is acceptable and encouraged for users and community members to create and distribute their own marketing materials. There is NO proprietary software or licensing involved on Qortal at all. Everything is 100% open source and available to everyone.

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