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Account Recovery & Backup File

ATTENTION! Qortal does not have account recovery, in the conventional sense where you could reach out to Qortal devs and they could help you recover your account/wallet. This is true decentralization, so it is up to YOU to safely store a backup file for account recovery. If you lose access to your account, for example if your computer stops working, you will not be able to recover it without your seed phrase or backup file. During account setup, you can select ‘I am an advanced user’ to see your seed phrase. You can refresh until you find a seed phrase combination you like. Write that down, memorize it maybe? But it is important to note that you do not need your seed phrase.

Please note: if you login with your seed phrase and don’t double check for a correct registered name/public key/address, you could think you have logged into the correct account, as the blockchain won’t tell you it is the wrong account.** Let’s say you log into the wrong account and don’t realize, then you send LTC to wallet. Maybe you even buy QORT in the Trade Portal. You would not have made a new backup file as you assume you are in the correct the account. Then if you lost access to that account such as not saving to the browser or your computer dies and you need to setup on a new one, you will then realize you had been using the wrong account. Don’t learn the hard way!

All you need is the backup file, which is your encrypted private key. This means if someone had your backup file, they still couldn’t hack your account without the password you make to decrypt it! This is a much safer option than having a seed phrase written down, as that is all a hacker needs to gain access to your account/wallet.

This file will never 'grow' in size as it is only your login credential (encrypted private key). But keep in mind, if you lose the password to your backup file, you are out of luck!

See Account Setup & Recovery wiki page for screenshots and walkthrough of this process.

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