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Sending Coin To/From Exchanges

If you are sending coin such as BTC/LTC from a third-party wallet to Qortal, you’ll need to make sure you are sending to your Qortal BTC or Qortal LTC address which is NOT the same as your Qortal QORT address. You have six different wallet addresses:

  1. QORT
  2. BTC
  3. LTC
  4. DOGE
  5. DGB
  6. RVN
  7. ARRR

So make sure you are using the correct BTC/LTC address in Qortal which can be found in your wallet section after selecting the Bitcoin/Litecoin wallet.

You may find that the address is said to be ‘invalid’ in which it needs to be converted between Legacy and SegWit. Legacy address is the original address while SegWit is the newer address format with lower fees. For example, when sending LTC from Qortal to Coinbase, put your Coinbase address here to convert, then you can send LTC from Qortal to Coinbase: https://litecoin-project.github.io/p2sh-convert/

Here’s a walkthrough video by Jomega513: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4MEiXk-bHM.

This does not allow access or connect your Qortal account to any outside party. You are NOT sharing your password or keys. You are not giving up anonymity. All this is doing is helping facilitate transfer of LTC from one wallet to another by enabling something called SegWit.

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