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Application Hosting

Utilizing Qortal data, any number of applications can be built. Initially, these applications will likely be built only by the Qortal development team or trusted community members until we have the availability (and more developers) in order to accurately vet and test each application created by ‘anyone’. The end goals will be to create a ‘plugin store’ wherein plugins that are not ‘default plugins’ (part of every base installation) will be available to browse, read reviews on, and install to any Qortal Node.

Every application built on Qortal data will be by default ‘unhackable’, decentralized, and redundant (moreso as each user accesses the application). The underlying functionality of Qortal data allows for extremely secure applications with innumerable possible use cases. Remember that Qortal is infrastructure and meant to be the base level for any potential application, website, blog, or anything used by people on a regular basis. Therefore the Qortal development team is focused on building the infrastructure and a few base level applications to demo what the platform can do. The rest of the applications and functionality within will be developed by whoever has the idea and takes on the task.

The Qortal development team is community-formed and community-run. Anyone can become part of the team by showing interest and demonstrating their skill. Therefore the team will continue to grow and the applications built will continually become more diversified, functional, and fully featured. As with the infrastructure of Qortal itself, more functionality comes with more development and more development comes as the developers have the availability. As the user count of Qortal increases and the price of QORT follows, the availability and subsequent development from the ever-expanding development team will also increase.

There is quite literally no limit to the number of nor functionality of the applications that could be built on top of Qortal’s unique infrastructure. The limitless nature of the potential of the platform is what will draw countless developers’ interest to help build out the platform and its applications.

Two main types of applications will exist: 1) default applications and 2) add-on applications. Default applications will come with the default installation of the software and will be ‘part of Qortal’ by default. These applications include some of which already exist like Q-Chat and the Trade Portal. Default applications are the ones that will ‘just be there’. Add-on applications (plugins and modules) are applications that will not be included by default when installing Qortal, but can be chosen by each user and installed to their node on an individual basis to provide whatever added functionality they seek.

Qortal is the only blockchain platform that has both the ‘data layer’ and the ‘application layer’ making it an all-in-one solution for hosting any application with blockchain security and true decentralization.

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