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How To Change A Name

  1. Make sure this is added to your settings.json file: "apiRestricted": false
  2. Click "Try it out"
  3. Remove "txGroupId": 0, as it is not needed.
  4. Place 0.001 in place of 0 after "fee":
  5. Replace "ownerPublicKey" example with Public Key of Account of Name to Change. You can find it clicking the settings wheel upper right of the UI.
  6. Copy Account address
  7. Click "Try it out"
  8. Place Address in address box and Hit Execute
  9. Copy code in Response body
  10. Place that code in place of example for "reference":
  11. Make sure you have atleast 0.001 in Account Wallet (for transaction fee)
  12. Replace "my-name" with existing Name to change and replace "my-new-name" with new Name.
  13. Once all data is filled and ready, copy refreshed 13 digit timestamp from https://currentmillis.com/
  14. Replace timestamp example with latest timestamp and click Execute
  15. Copy response body code
  16. Replace example of body code above after "transactionBytes":
  17. To get private key open http://localhost:12388/app on Firefox
  18. Login and ignore APIkey request
  19. Open Firefox Web Development Tools Firefox menu > Web Developer > Browser Console (Might need to add Chrome/Brave info too)
  20. Paste "Base58.encode(reduxStore.getState().app.selectedAddress.seed)" in console and Hit Enter to get private key
  21. Copy Private Key and Paste it in place of example on: http://localhost:12391/api-documentation/#/Transactions/signTransaction and Hit Execute
  22. Copy Response body
  23. Past Responce code in place of "raw transaction base58" and Click Execute. You will get true if accepted.
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