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The Future of Qortal

Qortal aims to be a viable alternative for the world’s existing infrastructure. From the Internet itself, to a worldwide economic system based on active contribution, transparency, and fairness, Qortal will provide a standalone infrastructure for the future world. The platform will have true decentralization that will never need a company or centralized service to be involved in any aspect of its base level functionality.

Utilizing the secure distributed database concepts of blockchain technology, Qortal will provide complete security to every application built utilizing its infrastructure. There will be no centralized database that can be hacked. The decentralized database will be open and usable by anyone to provide authentication and security.

Qortal will literally provide the foundation for the ‘new Internet’ to be built and pair it with a worldwide fair economic system that rewards users for their contribution towards improving the network’s content as well as improving the security and distribution of the database (and assisting the platform in many other ways).

Removal of ALL centralized control and ‘middlemen’ is the ultimate goal of the platform. There is absolutely no need for these middlemen in today’s world. With the invention of blockchain technology and the distributed database, all of the applications used by people of the world can now be built in such a way that gives the end user complete control over their digital lives. The basic needs of the people should be met without requiring them to submit their information to a company or to allow their data to be used in ways they couldn’t have even imagined. There is no longer any need for companies to be involved in many aspects of people’s daily lives. Qortal aims to remove company involvement in any way possible and provide the same functionality that people are used to when using their computers: vastly improved security, redundancy, and performance, without the need to pay a company for the services.

Qortal will eventually be so large that a single name will not really ‘work’ to describe it. It will be ‘branded’ by multiple different companies, people, and organizations for various uses. In the future, if a website is not hosted on Qortal, it could likely be deemed insecure and people simply will not access it. Same for any application, if that application isn’t using Qortal for authentication and requires people to still create a username/password. People might simply refuse to use it as the added step is unnecessary and less secure.

The ability to ‘hack’ anything on Qortal does not exist in the traditional fashion. The only way that data can be modified on Qortal, is by the account that created it. Therefore there is no way that data can be modified by anyone else or any other method. The blockchain itself is unable to be hacked or modified unless done so by submission of a signed transaction by an account in which case the account can only modify information that it owns or has permissions to modify (in the case of groups).

Centralized internet gateway providers will also no longer be necessary as Qortal’s Mesh Network will replace them. Anyone will be able to connect to the Qortal Network for free and make use of all of its services. Everything within Qortal will be able to be accessed and made use of over the Mesh Network. This will eliminate the need for continual payment to an Internet Service Provider for the basic connection necessary to facilitate our digital lives.

Many people have already said that even Bitcoin will be rebuilt on top of Qortal eventually, simply due to the fact that Qortal is built so much better on the base level. This can give some concept of the ‘size’ of Qortal in the future. The platform will literally be so large that it won’t be able to be tied to a single name. Consider the concept of ‘branding’ the Internet itself. It isn’t really possible since it is just a network that facilitates communications throughout the world. One can think of Qortal in the same terms as the Internet itself. Qortal is an infrastructure platform that will eventually be able to rebuild every application and service utilized by people of the world in a vastly improved, vastly more secure fashion. While also rewarding every individual based on their contribution over time, allowing those users to take care of their needs with their earnings from supporting the network.

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