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Official Images/Press Kit

Here you will find all of the official Qortal images and media content. Feel free to use these! If you would like to write articles, feel free to contact crowetic or gfactor who can help proof read and ensure we are properly presenting the project!

Qortal Icon

Qortal UI Icon

Original Qortal Logo

Original Qortal Logo - q block spacing adjusted

Other Variances

Qortal Banner

Qortal Logo Trace File (Vector)

Qortal Icon Trace File (Vector)

Qortal Backround (Light)

Qortal Background (Dark)

Qortal Background (Extra Dark)

Qortal Background (Dark Blue)

Qortal Background - Welcome to the Future

Qortal Concepts (English)

Qortal Official Coin

QORT Coin Vector

QORTector Gen 2 Device

Minting & Leveling Infographic (English)

Minting & Leveling Infographic (Simplified Chinese) - outdated version

Minting & Leveling Infographic (Traditional Chinese) - outdated version

Minting & Leveling Infographic (Hungarian) - outdated version

Trade Portal Infographic

Internet 3.0 Poster

Internet 3.0 & Concepts Flier

Wiki Site QR Code

Qortal Think Tank Poster

Qortal Sticker

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