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How To Register A Name


We respect anonymity so it is not required to register a name for your account, but you are certainly able to. The applicabilty of a registered name includes: 1) QORT can be sent to your name rather than your address (just a cool perk), 2) private messages can be sent to your name rather than your address with Q-Chat (another cool perk), and 3) can be used as a domain name within the Qortal Network with web hosting. Read more about this on the Name Registration wiki page. Please note: you will need 1.25 QORT in your wallet in order to register a name. Double check that you have at least 1.25 QORT in your wallet.

1. Open and login to the Qortal UI. Then select 'NAME REGISTRATION' on the left, then click on 'REGISTER NAME' in top right corner:

2. Enter the name you would like to register, click 'Register':

3. Confirm the name:

4. Wait a moment for a confirmation message 'Name Registration Successful!' before closing. This can take a little longer than you may expect, but this is due to the nature of the transaction being submitted to the chain:

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