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The Qortal Credo

We the People of the Qortal Blockchain Project (‘Qortians’), in order to form a more perfect democratic system to benefit every interested person, establish a platform to decentralize from conventional control, build a network for true freedom, and come together as one for the common good of the people worldwide. There are no ‘borders’ in Qortal. This is our Credo (a guideline to what the people of the world can expect from the Qortal Project).

Section 1. We will structure a platform that puts the power back into the people’s hands with a fair system for all and an on-chain group with group-approved transactions that allow automatic updates of the chain. Qortal will not infringe upon your right to free speech, free trade, right to information, nor right to build a shared future together. All major decisions on the platform will be made via voting by every leveled account. Admins of their sub-communities will be empowered to censor and manage their content in a similar fashion to ‘admin rights’ of any other system. Individuals will be empowered to navigate the new Internet on Qortal’s infrastructure and decide for themselves what content they wish to see or not. Qortal’s DevTeam will not be empowered to censor content or users by any means! The codebase and only the codebase is what governs.

Section 2. Qortal will have its own decentralized trade portal that features true peer-to-peer transactions which provides true cross-chain trades without the need for a middle man as that has been historically proven to be flawed. Qortal will have its own decentralized hosting service for websites, blogs, data storage, social media, and encrypted communication. Qortal will have its own decentralized mesh network and satellite technology that encrypts data and ensures privacy (this can only happen once the network has enough reach for the mesh to function properly) . Qortal will provide infrastructure for virtually any third-party ethical public or private project to be built utilizing the blockchain for security, authentication, and take part in a new economic model within the Qortal Network.

Section 3. Qortal will never be empowered to censor nor force a political agenda upon its people. The argument for the DevTeam having a limited power of governance over censorship has been discussed, but is impossible due to the nature of blockchains. Any modification of any part of the blockchain retroactively invalidates the entire chain. Therefore, ‘removal’ of accounts or even the smallest transaction is impossible. As we have seen in the current world with censorship from big tech and political agendas, censorship simply doesn’t work overall. Qortal will never have any sort of censorship oversight from the DevTeam level! It is up to the Group admins and individuals themselves to decide what content they wish to see and engage.

Section 4. Qortal will enact a system where the Voting by leveled users allows the project to be community-driven giving voted decisions priority. Voting influence will be weighted based on time and contribution; blocks minted will equate the voting influence of accounts.

Section 5. Everyone within the Qortal Network is expected to engage and contribute in an ethical fashion. Qortal provides an opportunity for the world to come together, despite our differences. If we are all here with the genuine intent of furthering mankind and building a brighter future for all, then the project is destined to succeed and positively impact the world. Qortal will put the power back into the People’s hands worldwide. United we stand or divided we fall. If we are going to reinvent the wheel, we must have patience, respect, and understanding between us all. Finally, word of mouth is the most effective marketing tool for organic growth. Let’s all be messengers who pass the great message of the revolutionary Qortal Project onto the next messenger!

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