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Trade Fees

The initial version of the Trade Portal, does NOT have any added fees at all. The only fees that are taken are those that are requirements in order for the cross-chain trades within each asset's network (from the coin/token involved in the trades) to take place.

For example

(We do not use BTC in the Trade Portal but here is an example) The BTC-QORT market, requires 3 confirmations on the BTC network, and 3 txs. Each one is 10k sat roughly. So the trade on the BTC-QORT market will require a minimum of about 30k sats to execute completely.

This means

that BTC-QORT market should be used for LARGER purchases only, ones keeping the 3 dollars or so in fees that are required in mind.

It is recommended for sellers to keep this in mind when placing their sell orders, and of course buyers should monitor the sells closely for those which make sense financially to execute.

You could potentially simply add 30k sat to the price if you intend to purchase a low priced order, to include that in your actual paid price for the QORT you are buying.

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