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The Big Picture of Qortal

Qortal is much deeper than simply “decentralizing the world” from the tyrannical central control as we know it. It is true that the DevTeam will not have any direct censorship control over the chain so the world will truly be able to come together as a COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS!

Whether the gateway to getting people to Qortal is the interest in a new fair model for “mining cryptocurrency” or a platform for “freedom of speech/information” or “right to privacy”, the bigger picture is MUCH BIGGER. This is that moment in mankind’s story where FREE WILL allows us to come together without outside forces having any influence over us and we reach a safe haven for COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS!

As the world becomes more technically capable of sharing information despite the massive censorship attempts of Big Tech and the corrupt leadership with their sinister private interest, the world is becoming ever more aware. Of course there is also a massive attempt to misinform others, but together we begin to synchronize and unify nonetheless!

Qortal is designed to become a new Internet, operating system, and sovereign infrastructure where the real information we seek can be found without Big Tech or government censorship. A solution for true sovereignty in so many ways. Articles, videos, social media and private communications cannot be overthrown! Admins of their groups can censor their sub-community and individuals can decide what content they wish to see or not see (Qortal’s developers are not able to censor - it is up to group admins to moderate their channels). Hence, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY!

Obviously, we have a lot of development still needed, but the big picture of Qortal allows for a truly decentralized alternative infrastructure that is community-driven, with zero DevTeam censorship control, a fair economic model for individual sovereignty, infrastructure for a new Internet, infrastructure for third-party ethical blockchain projects to be built, peer-to-peer encrypted solutions and much more. The picture to be painted is that Qortal will be capable of allowing the world to finally come together for real information, conversations, and systems that sinister intent cannot sabotage!

We are all children of the world, on an ever-infinite journey of spiritual growth, with a dark force among us that historically and presently attempts to divide and distract us by any and all means! It is time for the world to come together and live in harmony. The sooner we can truly synchronize and wake up, the sooner we can collectively begin our journey to ‘leveling up’ our higher levels of consciousness!

This is the real threat posed to the corrupt dark forces who attempt to suppress the world’s children. This is our mission and individual duty to combat. We are all simply the messenger who needs to pass the message onto the next MESSENGER! Word of mouth is the best ‘marketing’ tool to organically grow Qortal’s worldwide community and accomplish our goal of getting the world synchronized and truly awakened.

This is the major fork in the road where mankind regains control over their lives and understanding of the FACTS surrounding everything to our past, present and future! Qortal is much deeper than mining cryptocurrency, freedom of speech/information, and so on. We are building infrastructure which allows the potential for COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS that empowers us all to begin or help lead others to their true journey of spiritual growth and achieving higher levels of consciousness.

Good will always prevail over evil. The common good of the people of the WORLD can prevail by synchronizing with Qortal’s infrastructure. The code speaks for itself, we welcome everyone to verify the code, assist in finding flaws and needed patches, and TOGETHER WE ARE THE CHAIN!

Welcome to the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS space of Qortia - fellow Qortians!

Be sure to read the Qortal 2 Year Anniversary! page which is a great follow up to this page!

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