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Qortal's new messaging system, which is called Q-Mail, utilizes QDN to send messages. This means you can send a long-term message that will not be discarded after 24 hours. This messaging method is free but requires a small proof of work to publish the data, OR an optional 0.001 QORT fee can be paid to bypass the proof of work.

Essentially, use this method of messaging as you would for an important email, or for something you would like to be secured in time on the network forever, like details for a project so you can be known to have done it first, etc. This system can be tied into a new application that could potentially be used for 'copyright-like' use cases.

Notes from the developer Philip who is working on Q-Mail:

Q-Mail is a new q-app that intends to demonstrate the new encrypt and decrypt Q-App feature introduced into the API. With Q-Mail, you can send encrypted messages with encrypted attachments (limited to 25mb per attachment) to another person.

There are two ways to send a message:

  1. The normal way: you enter the recipient's name and send a message. Easy and simple. The content of the message as well as the subject will be encrypted, while only the recipient and yourself can decrypt that message. In this first version of Q-Mail, we do not yet have a 'sent list' so only the recipient can decrypt your message. With the normal way, however, the sender-recipient relationship can be seen. Which brings us to the alias method.
  2. To shield who you are sending a message to, you can use an alias. It is important that both the sender and recipient use DIFFERENT aliases as to not create a public relationship. To send a message with an alias, it is very simple. You create a normal message but with the recipients alias in the alias input. Now to view messages that a person has sent to your alias, all you need to do is add your alias in the input and press '+ alias'. This is located next to your name when entering the Q-Mail app.
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