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Qortal Project Overview


Qortal aims to provide truly decentralized blockchain features with a codebase written from scratch which will support a scalable infrastructure for a variety of revolutionary new concepts including:

  • Website, blog, social media, and encrypted communication hosting
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) trade portal/truly decentralized exchange (DEX)
  • Local wallets that eliminate the need for a centralized service
  • State-of-the-art security and greater efficiency with data storage/usage
  • Infrastructure for virtually any public or private application to be built securely
  • A ‘minting’ distribution system to provide fair block rewards to everyone involved
  • A voting system to make true decentralization possible and manageable
  • A leveling system to credit user influence based on individual contribution
  • A feature to create tokens for other projects which can be built on the chain
  • Supporting hardware to provide router, node, wallet, and other blockchain solutions
  • Mesh networking and satellite technology to provide decentralized service connections


Blockchain technology has become widely accepted as a viable solution to providing anonymity, creating new currencies, introducing solutions to fair trade, improving security measures to combat the latest threats, and increasing operating system efficiencies to say the least. Although there are a lot of great ideas as to how blockchain technology can help mankind evolve into a future with high demands, we have yet to see a truly decentralized blockchain emerge which can provide all-in-one solutions to:

  • A system built by the people, for the people - to empower lives
  • A place where free speech can thrive and data can be published without censorship
  • A stable and scalable infrastructure for both public and private applications
  • A real ‘DEX’ or decentralized exchange for asset trading (without a central authority)
  • A way for users to have complete control over their assets with better security
  • A more efficient way to store data on the chain and be able to access data faster
  • A block rewards system that distributes coins/tokens fairly (without expensive hardware)
  • A voting system where the community’s voice is heard and determines the outcome
  • Affordable hardware to support the chain and allow everyone to get involved


We have now reached a time where crypto enthusiasts as well as freedom fighters around the world can take part in the next best thing with blockchain technology which will provide solutions to all of the problems identified. In short, Qortal will provide the foundation and gateway for solutions to our biggest concerns when it comes to the Internet's infrastructure, how we make use of the Internet and the decentralization of blockchain technology. Qortal will be able to provide a more secure way for websites, blogs, social media, communication, peer-to-peer (P2P) asset exchanges, wallet/asset storage, operating systems, cloud storage, internet service, and virtually any other aspect of the Internet to operate without a central authority if desired. Both public and private applications can be built on the Qortal Network and the Crowetic team is currently leading the project’s development in addition to the development of hardware applications to support it.


The codebase for Qortal initially started as the QORA codebase. QORA had launched in 2014 and after the takeover in 2016 by the current development team, it was completely written. So why is Qortal not QORA? Unfortunately, there were a number of factors with QORA which made it less rewarding to pursue development opposed to the new Qortal. Factors such as a codebase that needed a complete rewrite and design as well as a convoluted amount of coins which devalued the project’s true worth (not to mention an unethical event where centralized exchanges lost QORA holder’s coin and a massive amount of coins remain ‘unavailable’). Qortal did not deserve to launch with such baggage. After considering the flawed aspects of QORA as well as Bitcoin today in comparison to the original white paper, Qortal has and will continue to be carefully designed to provide the world with a 100% decentralized blockchain concept that improves the way we make use of the Internet and blockchain technology!

Supporting Hardware

Qortal allows the average computer to operate as a full node (Linux, Windows & Mac), although a cheaper and revolutionary concept has emerged: the QORTector and QORTable. The QORTector utilizes RaspberryPi 4 boards with a custom kernel that operates on an average 5W power consumption - the equivalent to charging a phone! Comparing that to the expensive power-hungry ASIC miners of Bitcoin, it becomes apparent how incredible the options are for running a node on the Qortal Network. For those who are technically inclined to do so, the images for the QORTectors are made available for download here: Raspberry Pi 4

The QORTable devices are USB flash drives with software that allows you to run the Qortal Core and UI without having to install anything on your computer. The core and UI run with your computer's CPU, but the database stays in the external drive, which means you can plug-n-play your Qortal Core and UI from one computer to another at any time! In other words, you can stop where you're at on one computer and pick up where you left off on another computer with QORTable! Coming soon!

Qortal In A Nutshell

Please read the Qortal In A Nutshell page next!

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