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Everything we've built so far, is just a demo of parts of Qortal's functionality. We have SO MUCH MORE that can and will be done, as time goes on, and as you can see from the pace of development since Genesis, things are progressing fairly well. Anyone who has been following since Genesis, would have seen DRAMATIC improvements, massive new feature additions, multiple new markets created, many bugs and fixes, etc. Things will just get better as time goes on, and we can demonstrate more of the possibilities.

Q-Apps allow EXTERNAL developers to directly jump in without any 'approval' of any kind, and start developing on Qortal (excluding projects seeking asset issuance). We’ll build an App Store that will list all of the applications as Apple and Android app stores do, including ratings and reviews! We will make as many demos as we can, so other devs can see how to interact with QDN and the network at large. Qortal can become a single platform for rebuilding virtually every aspect of the crypto space and Internet at large. For starters, we plan to build 1) a YouTube type replacement, 2) GitHub code repo type replacement (Qortal’s code will soon be stored on QDN and no longer on GitHub), 3) evolving Q-Chat into a Telegram type replacement along with a mobile app, and 4) a blog application where readers can vote on the content and increase the content creator’s level to receive larger rewards and higher influence. This also needs more thought for the details of the system as far as where rewards will come from/counterparts. Modification of block rewards may be necessary during this phase.

From there, the community can help decide the direction of the project, with respect to the time allocated by the DevTeam to various options. Crowdfunding, lotteries, gaming, social media, and more are all part of the general wish list, and it will be really interesting to see what gets developed over time! The overall idea of Q-Apps is to provide a safe haven for applications to be built securely with no hosting costs, no domain fees, and without the limitations associated with building on centralized components. The extra functionality of the platform will come by way of applications built on top of the base level infrastructure that Qortal provides. People seem to think that the Qortal development team is the only team that can build on Qortal, and while that may be a little more true until Q-Apps is live, and we open more doors for side-chains, it certainly isn't the overall case. We will be one of the ONLY truly P2P full infrastructure platforms in existence, and certainly one of the only ones built with the ability for literally anyone to take part and earn rewards.

For projects seeking asset issuance (projects who want their own minting system within Qortal and/or assets tied to some sort of real value): this will require approval by the DevTeam AND the Qortal community. To learn more on how this will work, go to the Voting System Overview page.

We'll add more details here when they're available. You can always refer to the Wiki Site Updates page for a log of updates to the wiki!

The Application Hosting page is another overview page on this concept.

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