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Sponsoring New Minters

Sponsorship is the method used to limit minting account creation, and to provide a 'human verification' element to Qortal's consensus.

As a level 5+ minter, you are able to 'sponsor' (create) a new minter, into Qortal.

It is asked that each person maintain only ONE minting account. As the sponsor, your job is to verify the people requesting keys, and ensure to the best of your ability, that they are not attempting to create multiple.

(You may be invited to a private group on Qortal called 'Re-Sponsorbility' where sponsors discuss the new users requesting sponsorship keys, and verify as much as possible prior to issuing the sponsorship key. This group will help you along your way as a new Qortal Sponsor.)

Creating the Sponsorship Key

There are two methods of creating the sponsorship key for new minters. The newest method is the 'Sponsorship' or 'Sponsorship List' plugin.

Method 1 - Sponsorship List

The Sponsorship List plugin allows sponsors to:

  • Keep track of their existing sponsorship
  • Pull the public key from an address of a new minter (as long as they have made an outgoing transaction)
  • Add and Remove Sponsorship Keys from the chain.

Using the Sponsorship List plugin to create sponsorship keys is very simple, all that is required is the public key of the new user's account.

Simply obtain the public key by either asking the user for it, or using the public key lookup button at the bottom of the Sponsorship List plugin, then use that public key to create the sponsorship key.

  • Obtain Public Key of the new account.
  • If you don't have it given to you, use 'public key lookup' button to find it. (or verify with this button by inputting the address, and it will give you the public key.)
  • Input the public key into the 'Sponsor New Minter' section.
  • Await the completion of the automated process.
  • Copy the Sponsorship Key.
  • Send to the New User.

Once the new minter has reached level 1, you can remove the key with the REMOVE button on the Sponsorship List plugin.

NOTE - as of version 4.4.4 of the Qortal UI, the Sponsorship List still tracks the old 7200 blocks number for telling you when the sponsorship is completed, this may not be correct as of the 'batch rewards' payout methods. VERIFY THE USER IS ACTUALLY LEVEL 1 BY SEARCHING THEIR ACCOUNT WITH THE SEARCH ICON AT THE TOP OF THE UI, PRIOR TO REMOVING THE SPONSORSHIP KEY. The account may take 8000 or 9000 blocks to reach level 1, if the key is removed prior they will not reach level 1.

The plugin will be getting updated in the future to track the LEVEL instead of the blocks, but this should be noted until that happens.

Method 2 - Using the Reward Share Plugin

The second method of creation of Sponsorship Keys, is the 'original method', using the Reward Share plugin.

This method is 'quicker' as you do not need to wait for the key to confirm before obtaining it, as you do with the Sponsorship plugin. However, this also means you'll need to tell the new user to apply the key AFTER the block it was confirmed on.

  • Open Reward Share plugin
  • Click '+Create Reward Share' at the top
  • Leave the slider on 0%
  • Paste the Public Key of the new user's account
  • Click 'add'
  • On the transaction request dialog box, another key comes up, THAT is the Sponsorship key, COPY IT. THEN CLICK CONFIRM
  • Send the key you just copied to the new user - it's a good idea to let them know which block the key was created on, so they know their node has to be past that block before the key will actually be allowed to be added to their node.

That's it! You can also use the Reward Share plugin to remove the key from the chain upon completion, but see the note above in method 1 at the bottom, for details as of UI version 4.4.4.

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