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Does the UI auto update? Updating the UI depends on which version you have (AppImage vs .deb package). AppImage (Linux only), Windows, and Mac all have versions that offer somewhat of an 'auto-update' update feature: these versions will check for updates at every start of the UI as well as every 15 minutes while running. If the AppImage version finds an update, a pop-up message will prompt the user to select whether to download the latest version or ignore. Once downloaded, the user will then be prompted to update now or after closing the UI. The .deb package is the alternative UI version, which does not have the pop-up message - this version will only update along with the rest of the system packages with the 'apt update && apt upgrade' command.

Where do I find my public key and address? In the UI, there's an info symbol ( :gear: ) in the top right corner. Click on the symbol, then you will see your public key and address.

If I have a minting enabled account, should I reward share myself with share percent of 100%? No. Keep reward share at 0% because this is a self share. Reward Share is when you sponsor people and you decide to share your reward with them, so set it to whatever percentage you want to share (if you desire).

What do I need to do after I have been sponsored for 7200 blocks? Go to Becoming A Minter and the ‘How To Become A Minter After 7200 Blocks’ section.

How do I backup my account since this is decentralized and there is no account recovery that the DevTeam can facilitate? Go to Account Recovery & Backup File.

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