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The core auto updates. At the moment, the UI does not auto update. Updating the UI is simple.

For Windows: Download the exe installer. Run it. If you have an existing UI file you don’t have to delete it. New file will overwrite the old.

For Mac: Download the new UI package. Drag and drop the Qortal UI app into applications, overwriting the existing one.

For Linux: Download either the debian package for ubuntu/debian (non-arm).

For Raspberry Pi: Open your device’s command terminal and enter: run ./update-qortal-ui.sh

You will then press ‘y’ a couple of times and the update will start. It will take several minutes, even appearing to not be doing anything at times. Wait for it to completely finish. It will finish with a confirmation message: “BUILD COMPLETE! You can now make use of the new UI!" You can then close the terminal. (You’ll need yarn and node.js installed, which are installed by default on the QORTectors.)

Where do I find my public key and address? In the UI, there's an info symbol ( :gear: ) in the top right corner. Click on the symbol, then you will see your public key and address.

Does anyone know why a level 5 account from QORA wouldn't be minting? I'm receiving rewards from my previous QORA holdings, but it says 'not minting'. You must sponsor yourself by entering your public key into Reward Share, then entering the Reward Share key into the Node Management section where you “Add Minting Account”. QORA 20% block reward is earned automatically without having to mint. If you wish to mint, in this case, your level 5 account would ALSO earn the portion of block reward for the level 5+6 tier (on top of your QORA 20%).

If I have a minting enabled account, should I reward share myself with share percent of 100%? No. Keep reward share at 0% because this is a self share. Reward Share is when you sponsor people and you decide to share your reward with them, so set it to whatever percentage you want to share (if you desire).

What do I need to do after I have been sponsored for 7200 blocks? Go to Becoming A Minter and the ‘How To Become A Minter After 7200 Blocks’ section.

How do I backup my account since this is decentralized and there is no account recovery that the DevTeam can facilitate? Go to Account Recovery & Backup File.

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