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Qortal Rust Server

Developer: Lawnmorr

CPR PvE is a Community Rust Server brought to you by https://cryptoplayradio.com and sponsored by https://qortal.org. We (Qortal) are a crypto project that belives in freedom of choice and personal sovereignty. Our server is designed to replicate the authentic Rust Experience without the worry of being griefed by others while you sleep. This does not however mean it's easy! It is still Rust and danger is all around you. There are many additions (NPCs) and customizations to meet this goal. With that said, please know March 2022 is our first public wipe so things might be rocky at first. We are active admins here to help. Join us in the qortalk text or voice channel in discord to speak your mind or just hang out. We are a laid back community and would love to meet you. Make sure to ask about Qortal when you get there!

PvE Server https://rust-servers.net/server/166886/

PvP Server https://rust-servers.net/server/169263/

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