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Lottery System

Catbref, who is our original core coder before Cal took over the majority of the core work, and a Qortal co-founder, has developed a LOTTERY AT for Qortal.

This Lottery AT, is a FULLY DECENTRALIZED AUTOMATED LOTTERY wherein users can send QORT to the AT address, in increments of 10 QORT, and receive a TICKET for doing so. The lottery then randomly draws one of the submitted 'tickets' and pays the winner the pot.

Differences Between Other AT-Powered Lottery Systems

As mentioned before, since Qortal is a completely CUSTOM platform, previously existing ATs for chains like BURST and QORA, will NOT function directly on Qortal. Therefore custom effort and development is required.

One of the differences between the QORTAL LOTTERY and others, is that ONLY ONE TICKET IS RECOGNIZED PER ACCOUNT. (As there was no way to guarantee fairness with multiple tickets being submitted from a single account with the Qortal lottery AT.)

How To Play The Qortal Lottery

In order to buy a 'ticket' for the Qortal test lottery, you simply follow the instructions laid out by catbref below: send 10 QORT to AWLgebzHMTEjkDPghahc28dvmJS4dyht88 to enter. Amounts over 10 QORT and multiple payments DO NOT increase chance of winning. AT balance paid to winner at block ~1087100.

If you wish to inspect the code yourself, as with everything on Qortal, the code for the lottery AT is open source and the link to that code is below.

Enjoy testing the new lottery AT on Qortal, and may the odds be ever in your favor :wink: (note - the odds are even no matter what, that is just a quote from Hunger Games movies that we thought would be funny to use here. The odds are EQUAL no matter what.

You CAN submit a ticket ONCE from ANY account, you just can't submit more than ONE from EACH. Hope everyone enjoys this, and the UI side will come in the future.

AT code: https://github.com/catbref/lottery

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