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Table of Contents

Qortal Status Updates

This page contains updates to the current status of the Qortal project. Announcements and other details are published here.

CURRENT CORE VERSION: 4.5.1 (Feb 18th 2024)

CURRENT UI VERSION: 4.5.3 (June 12th 2024)


*Please note: all fees on the network go to the minting pool - Minters earn block reward plus fees paid by others such as registering a name or listing a sell order




May 15th 2024

UI versions 4.5.3 and bugfix release 4.5.4 have been released

see release details here - https://github.com/qortal/qortal-ui/releases/

Qortal UI version 4.5.2 has been RELEASED - https://github.com/qortal/qortal-ui/releases/latest

Changes include:


- While closing only tab or last open tab, new tab menu will open. 
- Fixed broken links when add a 'plugin' to new tab ('add new plugin' is now 'add new link' as well).
- Fixed followed and blocked names in website plugin.
- Fixed HTML errors.
- Fixed voting on poll names with special characters.
- Fixed sync status for external nodes.
- Fixed get node config.
- Sponsorship plugin now shows 9000 blocks for level 1 to accommodate for batch payout changes.
- Fixed reply and edit message text color (in Q-Chat).
- New UI instances in electron while open full screen will no longer crash electron.
- Minor fixes


- Added Q-Support as a default on New Tab Page.
- Added 'update group' functionality to 'manage group' option in Group Management (ability to update group name and owner.)
- Added ability to publish group avatar in manage Group function.
- Added TX notification for all group transactions.
- Group avatar now shows in Q-Chat for groups with avatars.
- New main UI icon (to finally update old icon from beta days).
- Added group id is now displayed in Q-Chat sidebar.
- Added edit timestamp display for edited Q-Chat messages.
- Added leave group button for admins (admins can now voluntarily leave groups).
- Added transaction activity summary support for Q-apps.
- Added get and update foreign fee support for Q-apps.
- Allow uppercase letters to be displayed in group names and descriptions.
- Added 'disable sync indicator' option (in Settings) to remove out-of-sync notifications.
- When adding a custom node, newly added node will now be automatically selected as main node (avoiding additional selection step).

other changes

- Updated Chromium to (124.0.6367.207).
- Updated dependencies.
- Removed files that are no longer necessary with new UI structure.
- Refactor code base in preparation for future changes.
- Reorganized styles import.
- Updated translations.
- Modified US lang to improve readability of errors and distinguish UI plugins from Q-Apps as links.
- Further visual language modifications.

March 11th 2024

@here Qortal UI version 4.5.1 has been released

UI version 4.5.1 Changes include: - Added crosschain server info support for Q-apps - Fixed "Next Level" calculations - Restore window size and position on new start - Updated dependencies - Minor Fixes


February 18th 2024

@here Qortal Core version 4.5.1 auto-update has been signed

Network will begin updating shortly.

January 30th 2024

CORE version 4.5.0 has been pushed with Algo resolution.

 "penaltyFixHeight": 1589200 

The block above will activate the fix. As of the update itself network state will be corrected. As of the block, all minters penalized in previous incorrect SelfSponsorshipAlgoV1 run, will be restored to previous state.

@here Qortal UI version 4.5.0 has been released

UI version 4.5.0 Changes include:

- Disabled tour with api popup

- Fixed metadata issue on q-apps page

- Fixed bootstrap button auto-check and pop-up message

- Added file check and backup url for built-in java downloads

- Added Finnish translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes


for Mac, use this for now: https://github.com/QuickMythril/qortal-ui/releases/tag/v4.5.0

January 29 2024

@here Status Update - Core Development - Algo issue resolution.

We are not quite done with the algo fix release. But we are close. This is by far the most important thing going on right now overall, and we are putting a LOT of time into it.

At this point, it seems like Stage 1 will be ready for release TOMORROW - most likely about this time tomorrow.

Please be patient as we ensure that the fix is 100% good in every way, and get it rolled out. We CANNOT rush this, as there is ZERO room for error. It MUST be done 100% correctly.

Below are the two stages required for the next 2 updates.

Stage 1 - take the network state back to the way it was prior to the too-sensitive-algo run. - This means all changes that the incorrect algo run made. Every account with a penalty assigned by the previous run, will go back to the way they were prior. Blocks Minted Penalty will be set back to whatever it was prior to the previous run. Chain state will go back to the way it was prior, and we will be ready to implement V2.

Stage 2 - Implement SelfSponsorshipAlgoV2. Modifying SSAlgoV1 was not the correct way to implement this, and as such, will be implemented differently. SSAlgoV2 becomes a thing and activates.

These two updates will require two separate releases, and two very complex and important modifications that cannot be rushed. We must ensure that everything is done correctly in every way, as to ensure we can get the network to where it should be only, and ensuring there is no potential for network state confusion.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Will make further announcements as necessary.

January 21 2024

@here - After an entire day of reviewing data understanding the reasons for the 'over-sensitive' algo run yesterday, we have come up with the methods that will be utilized to ultimately solve the problem. Please see the information below, and file attached for more details.

- It was discovered that the algo can essentially be set to 'positive mode', instead of adding a NEGATIVE to blocksMintedPenalty, the algo can be programmed to re-run with the same data, but add a POSITIVE, essentially 'undoing' what it did (while continuing to move forward only as a blockchain should.)

- All penalties from yesterday's run of the algo, can simply be 'undone'. (Not exactly 'simply' on development side, but it is what will be accomplished.)

- Once the 'positive run' has taken place, and everything is back to the way it was pre-block-1575500, the algo will then be modified, all data points updated for the new network state and data from yesterday, and will be run again - this time not penalizing accounts that were not actually self-sponsoring.

- There was a LOT of effort put into the algo initially, to ensure it would not catch those who were not self-sponsoring. however, the network state is different now, and the algo needs some updates to the data points in order to fit better with the current scenario. This will be taking place after the initial 'positive penalty run'.

- Essentially all that happened is that the algo was a bit 'too sensitive' with a couple data points, due to the overall network state changes. That, plus the new data point being slightly incorrect, will both be resolved shortly.

Those of you who have been around for a while probably realize that while there are sometimes issues with completely custom development within this community, and that things are always resolved. Those that are new, thank you for understanding the complexities. Apologies to everyone this issue affected. It will be resolved as soon as possible.

January 20 2024

@here Self-Sponsorship Algo was run again (as was always planned).

however, we have come across a few concerns with the results.

Right now, the data is being compiled and organized and will be shared with the community.

Once this has taken place, there will be an opportunity given to those that were penalized unfairly. (If they can prove it.)

All data will be made public once it is made easier to read, and we will give details as far as how things will go from this point.

If you believe your account was penalized without reason, and your algo score was under a certain number (TBD), you will be given a chance to explain the data provided.

if your explanation adds up with the data, and explains the reason for the incorrectly applied penalty, a blocksMintedAdjustment (credit) for the penalty blocks, and the blocks missed during the time incorrectly penalized, will be provided after the next update.

NOTE - This opportunity is not a chance for everyone who was penalized to come and complain. It is a chance to obtain a blocksMintedAdjustment and reversal of the blocksMintedPenalty for those who were ACTUALLY penalized unfairly.

- This will not apply to accounts with high algo scores. The algo's data is NOT incorrect, if your score was high you need not complain.

- The exact number for the chance to reverse will be decided once the data is compiled.

- This is only being offered due to an additional data point that had one incorrect detail and definitely caused at least one incorrect penalty we have noticed. It did not make a dramatic difference, so accounts with high scores need not concern themselves with trying to have them reversed.

Another post will be made as soon as the data is ready to be shared. Thank you.

Discoveries thus far:

- There was only ONE new data point added, and that data point incorrectly pegged addresses that were both SENDER AND RECEIVER of transfer_asset transactions. It was only supposed to count SENDER. Any account penalized for this reason will be taken care of.

(The methods for resolving accounts incorrectly penalized are being considered, and details regarding how that will take place, will be published as discovered)

- This was only supposed to be anohter multiplier added to the final score.

- The 'tolerance' of the algo was set WAY too low… this will need to be adjusted.

- Attached is a list of address-with-scores.txt - This is pulled from the algo logs and shows the scores applied to various accounts, and their registered names. sponsors with a score of >0 were included in the penalties, along with all of their sponsees. This is going to be modified, as there should be a 'minimum threshold' for that to take place.

- Further details compiled from the algo's log will be published as it is created, we are writing scripts to consolidate it and make it easier to read.

- The algo will be getting some tweaks, as they are obviously needed.

- DO NOT WORRY - the accounts that were penalized without reason WILL be restored. The restoration just has to be done very carefully as to not cause further issues. We are going over the code now and have found multiple changes already that can and will be made.

- Once the modifications to the algo take place, and its tolerance is adjusted, it will continue to be active, and have continual modifications over time to dial it in further.

- The details in regard to the 'reversing' of penalties will be published as well. Those details are still being worked out.

Apologies for the inconveniece caused.


January 17 2024

@here auto-update for bugfix release version 4.4.2 has been signed. Network will begin updating shortly.

This release was the bugfix for the most recent network issue.

January 12 2024

@here New version of Q-Mail has been published - Many New features have been added.

special thanks to George for his assistance on this development!

- completely re-worked UI

- fixed multiple bugs

- improved functionality for threads

- massively improved text editor/formatting capability

- changed method of selecting instance

- changed terminology

- much more.

However, along with the new features, there are also some things to be aware of..

The OLD version of Q-Mail had a BUG with sent messages list. The bug has been fixed in version 2, this means:

- The new Q-Mail version will only be able to see sent messages SINCE THE UPDATE.

- Older sent messages can be accessed at the following link qortal://APP/old-mail

- You can +add new plugin on the new tab page and add a Q-App with the name old-mail in order to have access to them.

- all NEW sent messages from this version on, will work correctly (since the bug was resolved.)


- Threads published with the old version of Q-Mail will need to be accessed via old-mail app, and re-published if they are to remain visible in the new version.

- It is suggested that any thread that the group wishes to keep, be re-published in the new version of Q-Mail.

- Select the 'instance' you wish, and if selecting a group, it will open threads, with new sort options and more.

New version - qortal://APP/Q-Mail

access old sent messages and threads via - qortal://APP/old-mail

Thank you!

January 7 2024

@here Qortal UI version 4.4.4 has been RELEASED.

UI version 4.4.4 Changes include:

- Added tour and checklist walk-thru at new account creation

- Added bootstrap button ( node management )

- Added start core button ( node management )

- Added LTC wallet repair button ( settings / export keys )

- Added verify password ( save backup file )

- Removed new address button ( wallets )

- Fixed open market sell orders ( trade portal )

- Refactor electron.js

- Allow notify sound when popups are disabled

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

January 6 2024

@here version 4.4.1 of the Qortal Core Auto-Update has been SIGNED - Network will begin updating shortly.

@here Qortal Core Version 4.4.1 Git Release is being done now

Changes in this release:

- Added Core API endpoint for Bootstrap Node

- Added Core API endpoint to repair LTC wallets generated before 2024

- Reworked Core API endpoint for Restart Node

- Reworked trustless manager for Electrum nodes

- Reworked start.sh

- Removed Core API endpoint for unused address

- Removed code for unused "Open UI" function

- Removed API key from Core API endpoint admin/summary

- Modified default settings for optimal QDN performance

- Added vote weights to API call

- Added Chain AT-transaction references to avoid duplicates

- Added Hebrew language

- Minor fixes

- Multiple dependencies updated

December 11 2023

@here Qortal UI version 4.4.3 has been released.

UI version 4.4.3 Changes include:

- Added mode all to some fetch requests ( profile and chat images )

- Added arrr to get_wallet_address to qortalrequest

- Added wallet info to qortalrequest

- Added notification to add peer ( node management )

- Added trade info view to historic trades ( trade portal )

- Fixed error 500 arrr wallet ( wallet page )

- Fixed send coin ( qortalrequest )

- Fixed no metadata ( q-app page )

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

November 20 2023

@here - Qortal UI version 4.4.2 has been released. MANY new features in this one.

Qortal UI version 4.4.2 Changes include:

  • Added 'failed trades filter' (trade portal and auto buy) - previously trades will no longer show, even if core auto-hide fails.
  • Added ARRR MasterKey export - ability to export master private key for ARRR wallets.
  • Added 'profile' feature - ability to add 'profile' that follows throughout all Q-Apps, with custom fields, and view others' profiles.
  • Added core status indicator - see the status of the Qortal Core, as shown on the Qortal Core tray icon, within the UI.
  • Added logged-in account indicator - see the status of the currently-authenticated Qortal account, with 'user avatar' icon within UI.
  • Fixed Auto Buy - Auto Buy will no longer cease to function upon various random failed trade states from the Qortal Core.
  • Fixed 'minting since' - indication of minting initialization within built-in explorer now shows correct date.
  • Fixed settings save indicator issues upon use of remote nodes - remote nodes now work with settings save icon correctly.
  • Fixed Q-Chat website link issues - links in Q-Chat will now work correctly every time.
  • Reworked language selector - improved language selector.
  • Complete re-build of Q-Apps plugin - BIG improvements to design, function, feel, and options for Q-Apps.
  • Multiple friends list improvements and additions.
  • Updated translations
  • Reduced 'spam' entries in UI log file.
  • Updated electron and other dependencies.
  • Minor Fixes.

November 16 2023

@here Qortal Core Version 4.4.0 Has been released, and auto-update has been signed.

Changes in this release:

- Batch block reward distributions

Batch block reward distributions will be activated at blockheight 1508000.

Once active, rewards are no longer distributed every block and instead are distributed every 1000th block. This includes all fees from the distribution block and the previous 999 blocks.

The online accounts used for the distribution are taken from one of the previous 25 blocks (e.g. blocks xxxx975-xxxx999). The validation ensures that it is always the block with the highest number of online accounts in this range. If this number of online accounts is shared by multiple blocks, it will pick the one with the lowest height.

Batch distribution blocks contain a copy of the online accounts from one of these 25 preceding blocks. However, online account signatures and online accounts timestamp are excluded to save space. The core will validate that the copy of online accounts is exactly matching those of the earlier validated block, and are therefore valid.


November 5 2023

@here Qortal Core v4.3.2 auto-update has been signed

October 30 2023

@here Qortal UI version 4.4.1 has been RELEASED

### _UI version 4.4.1 Changes include:_

- Fixed settings notifications

- Fixed keep last selected node

- Fixed qortal lottery page

- Fixed a bug in q-chat when clicking on reply it wouldn't allow you to scroll down and load newer messages

- Added saving settings to qdn. at the moment the following things are saved ( to be expanded in the future) - friends list, feed and new-tab items

- Added avatar as the picture in the new tab plugin items

- Added avatar as favicons in tabs

- Added friends list and feed feature

- Added filter failed trades in auto buy

- Added dutch language ( thanks @karl-dv )

- Added new qortalRequests ( for q-apps )

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

October 20 2023

@here Qortal core version 4.3.1 auto-update has been signed, network will begin updating shortly

October 5 2023

@here the Qortal UI is once again available on the SNAP STORE

- After quite a while of being unable to be updated, we have finally resolved the issue and made the Qortal UI available again on the snap store - This means that people can now install the Qortal UI (and by way of the UI, the Qortal Core) via the Linux snapcraft stores - This makes the Qortal UI very easy to find, and install on linux machines.

You can see the updated listing here - https://snapcraft.io/qortal-ui

Hopefully this helps in the future with linux installations, making them VERY simple to install.

(NOTE - auto-updates have not been fully tested via snapcraft installations, however it is likely that the snapcraft installed UI will need to update with the snapcraft updates, and is likely not able to update like the AppImage, Windows, and Mac versions of the UI. For this reason, it is still going to be recommended to use the AppImage version of the Qortal UI. However, this should make finding and installing the Qortal UI for new users very simple on linux machines, and updates done with system updates via tols like the 'software' app in Ubuntu, are simple, and most Ubuntu users should be used to updating things in that fashion. So this is a nice addition to have back again in our opinion.)

October 4 2023

@here Qortal UI version 4.4.0 has been RELEASED

### _UI version 4.4.0 Changes include:_

- Many improvements from @Philreact & @AlphaX-Projects:

- (General) Major refactor to increase overall speed

- (General) Fixed Q-Mail tab when clicking notification icon

- (General) Added join_group tx status in notification bell icon

- (General) Improved remove icon on new tab page - credit: @Pigpig105

- (Login) Added "edit / delete" ability for custom node entries

- (Q-Chat) Added support for multiple pending sent messages

- (Q-Chat) Added support for group invite links

- (Q-Chat) Improved downloading & displaying images

- (Q-Chat) Added copy image feature

- (QDN) Added warning about losing content when editing name

- (QDN) Added spinner when loading websites & apps list

- (QDN) Fixed dropdown color in publishing tab

- (QDN) Fixed preview button in publishing tab

- (Q-Apps) Added "qortalRequest" for creating & voting on polls

- (Language) Estonian - credit: @indasin

September 24 2023

@here Overall Qortal Development Status Update - This announcement will be cut into multiple pieces so that it will fit within Discord Character Limits, apologies for that.

This announcement is to give the community a greater overall understanding of what will be taking place within the next releases of the Qortal Core and UI and so that they will know what to expect in the near future regarding the same.

Qortal Core Modifications Upcoming

1. New version of the Qortal Core - focused on performance - This release will make the network performance go up DRAMATICALLY, and will increase the scalability of the minting system by a huge margin, allowing the network to run much better on all machines, have less of the 'connection drop' issues that have been seen lately, and accept a much larger number of new minters into the network among other modifications. The new version of the Qortal Core will be AWESOME for performance and scalability of the network overall, and will include multiple changes and upgrades. This announcement will go over a few of them…

- Improvements on the 'foreign wallets' being worked on (by kennycud), which should hopefully make some nice differences there. (Balance display, time taken to obtain said balance, and much more should be improved.)

- AlphaX has updated and increased the number of available Electrum Network Nodes for all supported 'foreign coins' which should give us better overall response times and more connection options for Electrum-run coins (LTC, DOGE, DGB, RVN)

- AlphaX has also increased the number of ARRR lite node servers again, making yet more potential connections available for the Qortal network. This should make the ARRR wallet in Qortal perform even better than it has been. The version of this has also been updated.

- Modifications regarding how network 'threads' operate at the network layer to address the 'connection drop' issues (mostly seen upon metadata downloads, and other actions within accessing QDN) are being worked on by Cal. These modifications will greatly reduce the network connection drop issues that have been seen as of late, and reduce connection-network-related concerns. Should hopefully also improve performance for people with 'slower' bandwidth internet connections.

- The Qortal Minting System is getting some fairly large modifications (these in the next release are temporary, but necessary for performance of the network while the developer group works out a more 'final' solution). The Qortal Minting System has always been known to be one of the main 'issues' in regard to 'scaling' of the overall Qortal Network. The Minting Consensus mechanism, while awesome in regard to its results, has always been a concern related to the amount of processing required for the network to pay every minter every block.

As a response to this concern, the development group has decided the following temporary modifications will be implemented in order to immediately increase the performance, reduce the scaling concerns, and give plenty of time for a more long-term scaling solution to be devised, developed, and implemented. These modifications will also dramatically REDUCE the overall 'internet data' being utilized by Qortal (which is GREAT NEWS for people with 'limited internet data' connections). The amount of network data utilized by Qortal should be significantly lower after these changes go live.

The current method of doing minter payouts EVERY BLOCK is simply not able to scale well enough, and a modification is required, as such, the following changes will be taking place:

- Minting will no longer be paying out every block, instead, payouts will take place every 1000 blocks. Right now the minting system is the cause of a significant portion of the processing required by Qortal overall, to simply do minter payouts. Doing 7000+ minter payouts every block is akin to doing 7000 transactions every block, but with no user-issued transactions. You can read more on the Qortal git here - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/commit/8b69b65712ddd994736cb90018afa987ea8a93c5

- This modification is not modifying any other aspect of the current method, such as minters will still be verified by way of a minter signature submitted to the network, and will still using the MemPoW, etc… it will just not be 'counted and credited' every block as it is currently, which will dramatically increase the scalability of the minting consensus and give plenty of time to device a 'final scaling solution' for Qortal's completely unique 'Proof of Contribution Over Time and Memory Proof of Work' consensus.

We are quite excited about the potential of these modifications, and look forward to the dramatic improvements provided therein.

Qortal-UI Modifications Upcoming

2. The next release of the Qortal UI - (there is a 'pre-release' version of the UI available on crowetic's Q-Blog courtesy of Phil, that linux users may download and test if they like.) The new UI includes BIG improvements to Q-Chat in multiple ways, allowing users to send messages as quickly as you can on centralized messaging platforms (messages SEND immediately, then 'show up' once the node actually processes them, which gives a completely different 'feel' to Q-Chat and is very nice). This release also includes multiple overall performance gains, and… (something that many users will be VERY happy to hear…) What is hopefully the final fix for the WSOD (White Screen of Death) issue that some machines have still been experiencing, and that has been plaguing the user experience (UX) of the Qortal UI for far too long! This is going to be a HUGE boost to the community, and a massive new release for the project.

After these next two releases go live, there are multiple different 'marketing' (for lack of a preferred 'non-corporate' term for it…) efforts that are planned, which should hopefully start bringing Qortal from the stage of 'relatively completely unknown project' to starting to be a more wide reaching name.

The Qortal development group would like to thank everyone who has stuck with the project through everything it took to get to this point, and give personal appreciation to those who continually put their time and effort towards assisting the project in any way they can. We look forward to the future with great anticipation, and these next releases with extreme excitement. Thank you!

We are very very excited for these next two releases, and plan to start pushing multiple new marketing efforts as soon as they go live. The new era of Qortal, much smoother, nicer, enhanced experience on the same (but improved) digital decentralized and uncensorable network, is coming very soon. Get ready, we're about to be a much more known project!

After these next two releases go live, there are multiple different 'marketing' (for lack of a preferred 'non-corporate' term for it…) efforts that are planned, which should hopefully start bringing Qortal from the stage of 'relatively completely unknown project' to starting to be a more wide reaching name.

The Qortal development group would like to thank everyone who has stuck with the project through everything it took to get to this point, and give personal appreciation to those who continually put their time and effort towards assisting the project in any way they can. We look forward to the future with great anticipation, and these next releases with extreme excitement. Thank you!

We are very very excited for these next two releases, and plan to start pushing multiple new marketing efforts as soon as they go live. The new era of Qortal, much smoother, nicer, enhanced experience on the same (but improved) digital decentralized and uncensorable network, is coming very soon. Get ready, we're about to be a much more known project!

September 3 2023

@here Qortal UI version 4.3.3 has been released. Changes include:

- Fixed dynamic fee

- Removed mempow transactions (for recent hardfork)

- Added qortal lottery page (display AT-based lottery information, and enter.)

- Set new landing page to tab menu

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

September 1 2023

@here - ANNOUNCEMENT - There was a hard fork that took place earlier today. This hard fork was successful and most people probably didn't even notice. (That's because our lead core developer is amazing. 🙂 )

This hard fork made the following modification (which is yet to be determined if it will be temporary or not, but needed to be done now while we address the other scalability concerns.):

- MemPoW based transactions (other than Q-Chat, and the Trade-Portal-based transactions) are now DISABLED.

- This means that (at least for now) the only publishing method that will function, is instant publish (requiring a .01 QORT tx fee that is paid to the minters.)

- It is possible that at a later date the MemPoW-based publish transactions will return, but that has not yet been determined. It will depend on many factors, including whether they can be re-enabled without concern.

- The next release of the UI will remove MemPoW based options from the affected transaction types. However, while we are still using version 4.3.2, this change has not been made, and if users attempt to publish with MemPoW, that publish attempt will NOT FUNCTION.

Thank you for reading, and get ready for the next few updates to the Qortal Core, which will provide MASSIVE performance increases, massive reduction in overall network data usage, and hopefully many other noticeable increases to the network's overall functionality.

More details regarding the next Qortal updates will be discussed in next week's Think Tank meeting, and written about (and posted) as in-depth announcements as time goes on.

Here's to a massively improved experience in the future Qortal, and to the existing community and supporters, without you we would not be where we are today. Thank you all!

*(NOTE - Hard Forks are common in certain types of updates affecting core functionality. Most of the time they are targeted towards things that require validation by network consensus. Just FYI in case the term 'fork' scares you… Hard Forks are NOT usually scary things, 1) and are simply low-level modifications to a blockchain-based system.)*

@here - NEW Qortal-52 lottery AT has been launched -


Good luck!

August 29 2023

@here - Qortal development donation subscription call to action video now posted as well.

qortal.link gateway link - https://qortal.link/APP/q-blog/crowetic/blog/croweticcom-Donation-Sub-qvQvnp

Direct Qortal Link - **qortal://APP/Q-Blog/crowetic/blog/croweticcom-Donation-Sub-qvQvnp**

THANK YOU in advance to anyone who chooses to subscribe!

Please share this with anyone who would like to see a BETTER DIGITAL FUTURE!

August 27 2023

@here - Qortal Community - THE PROJECT NEEDS YOUR HELP - Crowetic Hardware Development has setup Qortal Development Donation Subscription service to facilitate obtaining donations to assist Qortal.

This page has some of the information, a video will be following later today. If you are one of the people in the community who wants to support the project, but doesn't know how to buy crypto, or doesn't know what else they can do to assist, here is your way to contribute easily, with a small monthly payment to assist development.

The subscriptions are 10, 25, 50, and 100 dollars, paid on the 15th of each month. 100% will be given to Qortal development by way of either the DevFund (adding QORT to the DevFund) or payment for Qortal related services that require monthly payments.

The payment processing system will automatically convert from any foreign currency to USD, so this is acceptable from anyone. If you don't know how else to contribute, but you want to help the project, here is something you can do very easily.

If the subscriptions get to a certain point, we will even be able to make a few more of our existing developers full time, and really start getting things moving more quickly!

Please read the post on the following link, and expect a video coming from crowetic later today going over it in detail.

Thank you!


August 25 2023

@here Qortal core version 4.3.0 auto-update has been APPROVED - Network will begin updating shortly.

changes in this version:

- Update/improve various transaction types on Fri Sep 01 2023 09:00:00 UTC. Nodes must update before this date.

- Increase default maxTransactionsPerBlock to 50 now that the process is faster. Can be increased much further in the future.

- Fixed long term issue preventing trade bot statuses from being logged correctly.

- Various trade bot improvements

- Wait until unconfirmed transactions are considered to be valid before broadcasting them.

- Always use rate limiter for metadata requests, and sleep for a random amount of time between fetching metadata items.

- Consolidated shared functionality into BitcoinyTests.java and ACCTTests.java (thanks to @kennycud)

- Fix website sub-folder rendering 404 (thanks to @jschulthess)

- Added `POST /at/create` endpoint (thanks to @Philreact)

August 23 2023

@here Qortal Think Tank Recording is now posted. You can find it at the links below:

**Qortal**Direct Link - **qortal://APP/Q-Blog/Qortal-Think-Tank/Publishing/QTT-Aug-23rd-2023-suqBDl**

Qortal.link **gateway** link - https://qortal.link/APP/q-blog/Qortal-Think-Tank/Publishing/QTT-Aug-23rd-2023-suqBDl

This is a very informative Think Tank, highly recommended (please disregard to double-mouse during the screenshare portion, that will be improved next time.)

@here Introducing the Qortal 52 weekly lottery!

See image below 🙂

First one starts on FRIDAY - get ready!

(I will also be making random additional donations to the lottery amounts, to add to the randomness and excitement.)

August 17 2023

@here Qortal UI version 4.3.2 has been released

Changes Include:

- Added dynamic fees to plugins

- Updated to Chromium 116.0.5845.62

- Updated to V8 11.2 ( Java )

- Updated to Node v18.16.1

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

August 16 2023

@here - we no longer need anyone to set their settings.json to lower minBlockchainPeers.

- If you have NOT changed the setting, no need to change it now.

- if you HAVE changed the setting, you MAY choose to increase it to 2 or REMOVE it. up to you. (REMOVING the setting is the 'best option' long-term, as it forces your node to use DEFAULTS which are preferred in any setting unless you specifically need another set.)

- You may also choose to leave it at 1 for a while longer, totally up to you.

(if you have MORE maxPeers, then it's more likely to work correctly with a higher number. If you are forced to use only OUTGOING connections, and don't get more than 16 on a regular basis, then keeping it if you have already lowered it, is fine for now. But ultimately removing that setting is the goal, as having it set to the default is the best.)

Essentially, we need the MAJORITY of users to attempt to go back to the default on minBlockchainPeers, but if you are someone who watches your node and announcements regularly, you may choose to keep it lowered to 1 or 2 for a while longer.

Myself personally, I am going to increase all of my nodes to 2, then remove the setting after we get a few more changes made.

The choice, as always, is yours.

If you do not understand what I'm saying here, that's fine, you can leave your settings alone and keep the defaults.

Thank you!

August 15 2023

@here - Please be aware - any transactions that require confirmations, are not likely to be working as expected right now. We are hoping that within the next 6-8 hours things should start improving, but this is only update 1 of a multiple-part fix that needs to take place to address network performance concerns.

For now, everyone will need to be patient and simply await the next updates, and hopefully now that the modifications made in the last update have been made active, we should start seeing a bit of an improvement within the next 6-8 hours.

in the immediate, things like creating minting keys, sending QORT, etc… are taking a long time to confirm, so they may seem like they are not working. Just wait, and they will confirm, there is just a delay right now. Hopefully the delay will improve shortly, and give us time to finish the next stages of the improvements.

August 13 2023

@here - step one in a multiple phase change to the Qortal core is now complete. version 4.2.4 is the start of this.

PLEASE NOTE - We will NOT see any 'dramatic improvement' in the network situation from this release. However, after tuesday (Aug 15) some things should start improving.

We are VERY aware of the things going on with the network, right now is one of those times where we all just have to be patient as we work through them.

Qortal UI version 4.3.1 has been released as well. Changes there include:

- Added dynamic fee to transactions

- Reduced overall number of API calls taking place.

- Fixed sponsorship list not being displayed correctly.

- Fixed filereader ( only process one file at a time )

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

Thank you.

August 11 2023

@here - YES - we ARE aware of the issues on the network, we will have some suggestions shortly.

for now, the best thing you can do to start helping is…

1. stop your node

2. edit settings.json

3. add or modify "minBlockchainPeers": setting to 1 like this…

"minBlockchainPeers": 1

4. start your node again and await further instructions.

REMEMBER - if the setting is NOT the LAST setting in your settings.json file, it needs to have a COMMA after it, if it IS the last setting, it does NOT need a comma.

Also - WINDOWS NODES, you will edit the settings.json in your %localappdata%\Qortal folder, the easiest way to get to that is to right click the start button, go to Run and in the run command box input


and push ENTER. This will open the folder for you, where the correct settings.json is located. Make sure if you're a windows user, you do NOT mess with your path settings. They are NECESSARY for Windows machines.

I WILL POST ANOTHER COMMAND FOR EVERYONE TO RUN SHORTLY. Please do your best to pay attention, we NEED THE COMMUNITY'S HELP, the network is now TOO LARGE for the dev team to manage with their nodes alone, like we used to in situations like this. THANK YOU.

The following is only for Linux/Mac - Windoes can ONLY do the above part for now

@here - ONCE YOU HAVE DONE THE ABOVE - (yes, the above HAS TO BE DONE FIRST) - then you can open terminal/cmd prompt and run the following command

```cd && cd qortal && curl -X DELETE "http://localhost:12391/peers/known" -H "X-API-KEY: $(cat apikey.txt)" && curl -X POST "http://localhost:12391/peers" -H "X-API-KEY: $(cat apikey.txt)" -d "qortal.uk:12392" && curl -X POST "http://localhost:12391/peers" -H "X-API-KEY: $(cat apikey.txt)" -d "node1.qortalnodes.live:12392" && curl -X POST "http://localhost:12391/peers" -H "X-API-KEY: $(cat apikey.txt)" -d "node2.qortalnodes.live:12392" && curl -X POST "http://localhost:12391/peers" -H "X-API-KEY: $(cat apikey.txt)" -d "node3.qortalnodes.live:12392" && curl -X POST "http://localhost:12391/peers" -H "X-API-KEY: $(cat apikey.txt)" -d "node4.qortalnodes.live:12392" && curl -X POST "http://localhost:12391/peers" -H "X-API-KEY: $(cat apikey.txt)" -d "node5.qortalnodes.live:12392"```

August 3 2023

@here Thank you to all of the people who ran the pre-release jar. We are now signing the version 4.2.2 auto-update. The final signature will take place shortly.

Changes in this version:

- Fixed new issue when including unconfirmed transactions in a block.

- Added block minter logging relating to unconfirmed transactions.

August 2 2023

@here ATTENTION LEVEL 5+ MINTERS - if you would like to help us resolve the issue pre-official-release here is your chance.

We need as many level 5+ minting nodes as possible to change to using this jar on their nodes.

Here is a command that will download/setup the pre-release jar for you on linux/mac machines…

cd && cd qortal && ./stop.sh && mv qortal.jar qortal-4.2.1-release.jar && curl -L -O https://cloud.qortal.org/s/oWdTxqzk7ix9TTN/download/qortal-4.2.1-blockMinterFix.0.jar && mv qortal-4.2.1-blockMinter*.jar qortal.jar && ./start.sh

for Windows users, you can download this jar… https://cloud.qortal.org/s/oWdTxqzk7ix9TTN/download/qortal-4.2.1-blockMinterFix.0.jar

stop Qortal

rename it to qortal.jar

replace the one in your program files\qortal folder

start Qortal.

note - this ONLY matters for level 5+ minters as they are the ones who can actually SIGN blocks. So please, every level 5+ minter who can, please replace your jar with this one and restart your node. Thank you!

@here - We have determined another issue (related to the last one with the interim fix pushed in 4.2.1) and we have found the cause, and planned a fix release.

Until the fix release is pushed, there will be transaction issues on the network. (We should be able to push it within the next 24 hours. Until then we are hopefully going to be able to move things along with another method.)

It would be best for now, to make as little transactions as possible (that confirm, Q-Chat doesn't matter) until the fix release is made.

Thank you for your understanding, and apologies for the inconvenience.

@here Qortal UI version 4.3.0 has been released.

Changes Include: ### _UI version 4.3.0 Changes include:_

- Added dev mode button for framework loading via proxy

- Reduced resource load and clear webframe cache ( reduced memory usage )

- Set new nodejs heap size and monitor it

- Removed minimize to tray (now minimizes in a 'typical' fashion)

- Added refresh sponsorship list

- Added refresh for avatar and fix minting button on overview page

- Added group encryption

- Reworked plugins for less resource load

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

July 31 2023

@here Version 4.2.1 of the Qortal Core auto-update has been signed - network should begin updating shortly

Version 4.2.0 changes include:

- More online accounts improvements.

- Removed (Get)OnlineAccountsV1 and V2, as these are no longer used.

- Catch UnsupportedAddressTypeException and fall back to IPv4 binding.

- Increased timeout for SEARCH_QDN_RESOURCES from 10 to 30 seconds.

- Added maxTransactionsPerBlock setting (default 25) to reduce minting load on slower machines. This is a short term optional limit, and the default can be increased substantially in future once the block minter code has been improved.

Version 4.2.1 changes include:

Committed by @QuickMythril:

- Upgraded to TLSv1.3

- Added 2m timeout for GET_WALLET_BALANCE action

- Prepared files for Japanese translations

- Updated Japanese translations (Credit: R M)

Committed by Cal:

- Added developer QDN proxy.

- Added support for group encryption in service validation.

- Improved filtering of online accounts data.

- Include CANCEL_SELL_NAME transactions when performing a complete rebuild of names.

July 29 2023

@here - An overall announcement here just to re-iterate a few things, as lately we have been receiving many messages from 'promoters' and other such groups, looking to 'help'.

The Qortal community DOES NOT PAY FOR WORK AHEAD OF TIME. So if you are looking for this from Qortal, please look elsewhere, as this will never be a thing in Qortal.

The Qortal Community pays for CONTRIBUTION. This means, contribution FIRST, payment in QORT (and ONLY QORT) AFTER.

Payment for work that has not been done yet, is part of the reason the current 'society' in the so-called 'real world' is complete garbage. People expecting to be paid for doing nothing, is nonsense.

Especially during the times we're going through now in the Qortal Community, with a severely under-valued coin price, and massive network growth, addressing minting scalability concerns, etc etc… we do NOT have any intention nor ability to pre-pay for anything. But… even if that was NOT the case, and we COULD 'afford to', this is NEVER going to be how the Qortal community operates.

One of the PRIMARY CONCEPTS (which these people would know if they took the time to actually LOOK INTO THE PROJECT before coming and spamming their copy/paste messages they send to every community) of the Qortal project, is CONTRIBUTE, and EARN FROM YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS. This means the contribution portion comes FIRST, NOT The 'earn' portion!

We realize that this is 'not the way things are done' in 'other places'. However, we are NOT 'other places', we are the Qortal Community, and we do not like bullshit. 🙂

So please, if you are someone who is going to come in here and PM any of our people with roles, and start copy/pasting your nonsense about wanting payment BEFORE doing anything, and obviously not looking into the project at all… just save your breath, and don't bring that nonsense here. Thank you!

July 27 2023

@here - Just so that everyone is aware… we are aware of multiple 'slowdowns' taking place on the network right now in many regards. These are NOT 'normal' and we are working on multiple different solutions to make a big difference to the overall network performance.

We felt it would be good for users to be aware of the fact that right now multiple aspects the network that are not performing as they should be, and that the developers are aware of this and are doing everything they can to find/resolve the underlying issues that are causing the slowdowns.

The network is undergoing period of rapid and large growth in multiple ways, and there will always be improvements to make, especially during periods like this. The Qortal minting system is a system unlike any other blockchain, and as such, there are many aspects involved that will need improvements and modifications as time goes on, and thousands of new minters are added to the system.

The Minting system is the only part of the network that we are still working on longer-term scaling solutions for, every other aspect of Qortal has been made to scale beautifully in very elegant fashions.Qortal's minting system currently, is not as scalable as it could be and will be in the future, and it is the primary cause for the majority of the network 'slowness' that people may be experiencing now.

Please be aware that developing a fully custom fully decentralized blockchain-based distributed network as complex as Qortal is on the base level, is not a simple task, and requires a very serious amount of effort. (Thus also why we are always looking for more develoipment assistance from the community. Right now we could REALLY use some more experienced java developers, or experienced developers that are willing to learn java, if that is you, please reach out.)

Please bear with us while we get through this (as we have with everything else in the past) Thank you!

July 8 2023

@here Qortal UI Version 4.2.6 has been released

This release is literally just a quick patch for the 'blank backup file' issue.

@here we are aware of the backup file save issue showing its face again for certain OS, there is a fix being pushed now.

The modifications to attempt to keep 32bit pi support have not quite gone as planned. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Until this fix is made, it is recommended not to create new account backup files on Windows or Mac.

Fix will be pushed very soon. Thank you.

July 6 2023

@here Qortal UI version 4.2.5 has been released

This is another bugfix release with the following changes:

- App now checks for 32bit systems and makes changes based on the check

- Enable / Disable hardware acceleration ( depending on system architecture)

- Fixed log file location

- Fixed windows installer

- Updated dependencies

July 4 2023

@here Issue is not with the code, it is with the INSTALLATION METHOD. We are working on modifying the installer so that it installs global by default, but until then, this is what WINDOWS USERS can DO to RESOLVE IT.

- Download the newest installer 4.2.4 - https://github.com/qortal/qortal-ui/releases/latest/download/Qortal-Setup-Win64.exe

- During installation process choose 'install for ALL USERS' and NOT 'just me'.

- Run through installation as normal.

THAT'S IT. Issue resolved. from this point on all installers for the UI should then default to the correct method and it'll be just fine.

Apologies for the inconvenience, we are working on setting the MAIN DEFAULT to be GLOBAL installation for the next release.

But this should resolve the issue.

Thank you.

(If anyone cares to know the REASON this makes a difference, it is…

During the 'only for me' installation method, the UI does NOT use admin rights to install, thus the application itself doesn't have admin rights to set hardware acceleration and a few other settings correctly. Therefore, UI cannot initialize GPU acceleration that exists, and crashes.

Installing 'global' for 'all users' allows the installation to HAVE admin rights, and therefore allows everything to initialize correctly, resolving the crash issue.)

@here Qortal UI - version 4.2.4 has been RELEASED

(bugfix release for Windows issues in 4.2.3)

@here Qortal UI - version 4.2.3 has been RELEASED (this is mostly a bugfix release targeted at rpi machines)

Changes include:

- Fixed support for 4GB Raspberry PI

- Added crash dump over crashpad for chromium

- Added log for chromium

- Removed memory reservation when start electron from terminal

- Fix some electron start options in electron.js

July 1 2023

@here Qortal UI - version 4.2.2 has been RELEASED

Changes Include: - New Feature 'search name' on 'new tab' page

- New Feature 'remove plugin' on 'new tab' page

- New Feature 'add website or Q-App' to 'new tab' page

- New Tab page is completely customizable now with add/remove links capability

- EXPORT/IMPORT feature to manage custom 'new tab' page and save for import on other machines/backups

- Added new overview page (for information previously on sidebar)

- Added lock screens to qortal ui

- Fixed language selector ( now show last selected language )

- Reworked tab styles

- Electron now sets total available memory based on total system memory

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

June 18 2023

@here UI version 4.2.1 (bugfix release) has been released. Changes Include:

- Fixed issue wherein tabs would not close in some cases

- Fixed tabs scrolling issue on smaller resolutions

- Fixed click close on last tab (it now makes tab to the left active instead of blank tab)

- Reworked tabs layout

- Tab menu and tab title now multi language

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor fixes

June 13 2023

@here Qortal UI version 4.2.0 has been released. This update has a large amouint of noticeably different visual changes. Tabs are now added into the UI allowing users to open multiple tabs, each with a different plugin/Q-App/Website open. Very exciting update. Changes include:

New 'Tabs' feature added (open tabs for any plugin or Q-App) Tabs show name of Q-App or plugin Tabs have notifications for open Q-Apps or plugins. (Enhanced Notification System coming later.) New default view (removed sidebar from default view, added mouseover to show sidebar.) Additional 'new tab' feature with 'qortal address' entry. Q-Mail specific notification icon (temporary notification icon for Q-Mail specifically, until more 'global' notification system is created.) 'New Tab' tab contains 'default links' to all existing plugins. Mouseover and removing mouseover from left sidebar makes sidebar show or not show. New icons for 'new tab' defaults (more customized icons will be created in the future.) 'Browser-like' feel for UI overall. New Q-App API feature called 'SET_TAB_NOTIFICATIONS' (for use by Q-App developers to display tab notifications.) New 'portable version' for Windows available (Setup Qortal UI on Windows with no installation required.)


June 15 2023

Currently in communications with coinmarketcap to get them to update their completely incorrect numbers on the Qortal listing. Your request (704570) has been updated. (This post is to send to their support team for verification. Qortal users can ignore this. Thank you.)

May 30 2023

@here Qortal Core Version 4.1.3 Auto-Update has been SIGNED - Network will begin updating shortly.

Changes Include:

- Default minPeerVersion set to 4.1.2

- MIN_PEER_VERSION for handshake set to 4.1.1

- Update start.sh (thanks to @crowetic)

May 29 2023

you shouldn't have to worry about this announcement, we will be pushing an update tomorrow that should hopefully resolve the problem. Then we will suggest changing it back. So it might be better to just ignore it.

@here - PLEASE CHECK YOUR NODES to be sure you're on version 4.1.2 - any nodes that are on 4.0.3 or below, will be STUCK as of the AT lottery payout block. (This is due to the fact that they did NOT have the AT reshape code that was a REQUIREMENT in order for lottery ATs to function correctly.)

if your node is on an older version, you will HAVE to update or you will not get synchronized

a SUGGESTION for ALL NODES (even updated ones), which should help with the network overall… It is suggested to set the following setting in your settings.json

(Windows nodes will edit the settings.json in the %localappdta%\Qortal - all other nodes will edit the only settings.json in their 'qortal' folder)

"minPeerVersion": "4.1.2"

(remember, settings.json is a json file, which follows json syntax - this means that you need a comma after every setting/line, EXCEPT the last one. Here is an example of a settings.json, so you can see it. for Windows users, DO NOT REMOVE any of the 'path' settings, just ADD the above setting and ensure the syntax is correct.)

Here is a correctly formatted settings.json with above setting included…


 "maxPeers": 80,
 "minPeerVersion": "4.1.2"


After editing settings.json, stop and start Qortal Core (Qortal).

Windows users - to stop the core, right click the Qortal icon on the taskbar, click 'quit', then start the 'Qortal' app again.

Mac users can do the same to stop Qortal, then click taskbar icon for both Qortal icons, 'quit' on both the core and the UI, then start the UI again, and re-launch the core with the UI. Or…

Linux/Mac users can also use the following command in terminal to stop/start Qortal Core…

cd && cd qortal && ./stop.sh && sleep 5 && ./start.sh

Thank you for taking the time to check your nodes, make sure they are updated, and/or input the setting above to assist the network in dealing with the older nodes.

If you do not know how to or do not want to modify your settings.json, it's okay… we suggest that the more 'techie' among the community do this, but it will be suggested in the future to remove the setting as well, so if you don't know how to do this, or don't want to, it's fine… it is just a temporary suggestion that may assist the network during the transition from 4.0.3 to 4.1.2+

Thank you!

May 24 2023

@here Qortal Core version 4.1.2 Auto-Update was signed.

Changes in this release:

– New settings defaults to improve peer disconnection issues:

– Default maxNetworkThreadPoolSize set to 120

– Default repositoryConnectionPoolSize set to 240

– Default minPeerVersion set to 4.1.1

– defaultArchiveVersion set to 2

May 22 2023

@here Quick Announcement - Please check your nodes to ensure they have updated to version 4.1.1 - there were multiple reasons for the db modifications that were made, a few of them were quite important. It is very important to make sure as many nodes get updated to the new version as possible.

Please verify that your nodes updated to 4.1.1.

If they did not, you can always check your qortal folder for a 'new-qortal.jar' - if this exists, that is the new updated jar, and your auto-update didn't complete fully. Normally a restart of the node will take care of it. But if not, you can simply stop your node, remove qortal.jar, and rename new-qortal.jar to qortal.jar, and restart Qortal.

If you do not see the above file this means your node didn't even attempt to auto-update, and/or the auto-update failed completely for some reason. Please update your qortal.jar by doing the following:

1. Stop Qortal

2. Download latest qortal.jar - https://github.com/qortal/qortal/releases/latest/download/qortal.jar

3. Move this new qortal.jar into the qortal folder (or C:\Program Files\Qortal on Windows) and overwrite the existing qortal.jar

4. Start Qortal.

Thank you for taking the time to verify that your node updated

We may push another auto-update with some small changes/improvements over the next few days, but it's still a good idea to verify your node actually updated. Much appreciated.

@here Qortal UI version 4.1.0 has been released. Changes Include:

- Redesigned github repo (completely restructured git repo to have only one package.json)

- Reduced resource loading (hopefully reduced instance of the 'white screen of death')

- Fixed sidebar menu (ensure that correct menu item is highlighted after clicking notifications/elsewhere in UI)

- Added new copy paste menu (global copy/paste right click menu)

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

May 21 2023

@here Qortal Core Version 4.1.1 Auto-Update Has Been Signed

ATTENTION - This update as mentioned previously, is MUCH DIFFERENT than previous updates. During this update your node will be 'down' for 10-60 minutes while the initial 'reshape' takes place, please do not worry, simply let it be and it will update and take care of itself.

Something else to be aware of… as many nodes will be 'down', there may be issues getting connections at certain points for certain nodes we have done everything we can to prevent this becoming an issue, but let us know if you're having issues and we will assist you.

Something you can do for now, is… if you have SET 'minBlockchainPeers' setting in your settings.json - you can LOWER it to 3.

If you have NOT set it, then it will be lowered automatically during the update, as the default has been lowered for this update to help prevent any issues.

Let us know if you have issues and we will do our best to assist in any way we can. Thank you and hopefully it goes smoothly!

May 19 2023

@here Qortal How To Series - by crowetic - This is the Q-Blog 'homepage' of the 'Qortal How To Video Series' crowetic has put together. These videos go through everything from installation to setup to using the Qortal UI, Trade Portal and Auto Buy, and more.

Here are the 9 first videos, and their descriptions…

- 1-how to setup Qortal (Linux Machine Demo) - complete

- 2-Qortal UI installation Differences between different Operating Systems (OSs) - complete

- 3-Configuring Qortal UI AppImage 'launchers' on Ubuntu 22 with Cinnamon - complete

- 4-Ceating your first Qortal account (and Qortal Accounts overview) - complete

- 5-understanding Qortal and REAL decentralization - complete

- 6-how to use Qortal's local wallets and the Trade Portal - complete

- 7-Understanding and using Auto Buy feature in Qortal UI to buy QORT - complete

- 8-Understanding Qortal Minting - complete (combined with below made #8)

- 8-How to become a Qortal Minter - (combined with above made #8)

- 9-Understanding Qortal Names and Name Registration - (combined with video below made #9)

- 9-How to register your first Qortal Name - (combined with above made #9)

(more to come)

Find the Q-Blog Home Page Here (through gateway) (this will also be posted on crowetic's website on QDN)


or directly through Qortal here


@here - Check out the most recent interview with Mike Adams of Brighteon.com here - https://www.brighteon.com/91155ef0-d857-4fad-aea4-6d4b9266c2a2

(Video will be published on Q-Blog here very soon as well.)

Separate thing as well - crowetic is currently working on multiple how-to videos about many aspects of Qortal which will be published on Q-Blog soon too.


May 15 2023

@here (apologies for the multiple announcements today) - crowetic has started the MUV series - Monday Update Videos - in this series crowetic will be talking about the updates for the upcoming week, things that are going on, new exciting features, and more.

The idea behind this series is that people should watch the monday video, in preparation for the Think Tank on Tuesday - so that they will have questions to ask, and we can generate more community engagement in the Think Tank videos on Tuesdays

Lately the Think Tank videos have been more like a Monday Update Video, so the decision was made to 'separate' the two, so that the Think Tank will continue being a community engagement activity and hopefully doing things this way we will get more people talking in the Think Tank videos, and more overall community engagement.

You can find MUV #1 - Monday Update Video - May 15th 2023 on crowetic's Q-Blog here - https://qortal.link/APP/Q-Blog/crowetic/blog/MUV-May-15-2023-ILkYpU

(of course you can access via Q-Blog in the UI, under crowetic's blog.)

There is also a 'MUV Home Page' created on Q-Blog, which will be updated as new videos are created, with links to them, etc… and are also on crowetic's Q-Blog 'navbar' for easy access. You can find the 'MUV Home' page link here - https://qortal.link/APP/Q-Blog/crowetic/blog/crowetics-monday-update-videos-AZOmk2

(or of course in the Qortal UI under the same location in Q-Blog)

Hopefully these videos will give people more to talk about in the Think Tank on Tuesdays, and hopefully people find them illuminating and helpful!

@here - THIS WEEEKEND - Qortal will be doing a very BIG update on the core side. This one I have been mentioning for a while, and will require some fairly significant changes to the current node options. Please read below, ESPECIALLY if you're running a topOnly node.

As of THIS SUNDAY - the 21st of May 2023 - Version 4.1.0 the following things will be taking place:

1. topOnly mode will no longer be a thing. - All nodes set in topOnly mode will need to MANUALLY CHANGE THEIR NODES BACK TO FULL NODES if they would like to continue running a node.

(We are leaving the potential for topOnly mode to 'come back' in the future, therefore any sort of 'automatic switch' to a full node is not going to be possible. Everyone running topOnlly nodes has no option but to manually switch BACK to full nodes. The full node db will be much smaller so the space will not be an issue.)

- topOnly bootstrap creation will be disabled.

2. Full node databses will be dramatically smaller in size - Full nodes and their databases will be seeing a dramatic reduction in overall size. This is the 'reshape' rollout that I've been talking about for a while, with enforcement of 'archive V2' full node archive methodology.

- This change will take place by either bootstrapping or manually via an API call.

3. During this update a reshape will be REQUIRED, that during initial testing has been shown to take roughly 40 minutes on a raspberry pi node. This means that non-pi nodes with faster hardware should in theory be able to accomplish it more quickly, but there will be some time that isn't there with more 'normal' updates PLEASE BE PATIENT AND LET IT COMPLETE.

Feel free to ask any questions and we will answer, and please share this information with node runners - Thank you!

@here quick correction to the above annoucement.

-FULL NODES will NOT see the smaller db autoamatically… newly bootstrapped nodes will, and/or nodes that 'opt-in' via an API call. We cannot 'automatically switch them' for you at this point.

-Changing to the smaller archive option will take a decent amount of time, might be faster to bootstrap to make it happen, but the choice is yours.

Apologies for the correction.

May 10 2023

@here there is a seller node with a broken trade at the bottom of the LTC books. We have come up with a method to prevent broken trades.

'''as of the next core version the lists returned by the API/websocket will exclude the failing trades```

that 18.9 order at the bottom will not work, auto buy will skip over it after the first failure, but as of the next core trades that fail will no longer be included in the list.

May 8 2023

@here - Q-Mail initial version is NOW LIVE.

Q-Mail is a long-term messaging system built to be an 'email replacement' powered by QDN.

Q-Mail messages are 100% encrypted and right now are 1:1 messages only (this will be modified as soon as possible to allow 1:many I.E. 'group messaging', but the encryption for that is a bit more difficult, we have a method we will try soon, we'll figure it out.)

Q-Mail also allows file attachments up to 25MB for this version.

Thank you to <@737582353467179031> for his awesome work here, and on Q-Blog (which also had another update pushed today.)

Q-Blog also has file attachments now. - which along with all other things published by Q-Blog, can be linked to from websites (which is part of the how-tos I will be creating on my website)

Also, I am currently messing around with a (slightly 'hacky') method of Mobile Qortal - you can check out my Q-Blog post I made from my phone today, to see what I see regarding that.

I will post some tutorials on this, as well as more QDN features on my crowetic name in the near future. Hopefully later today after I handle a few things.

Hope everyone has fun with Q-Mail, and updated Q-Blog!

Stay tuned. 🙂

@here Qortal UI version 4.0.4 has been released

changes include:

- Two new q-app actions: 'SAVE_FILE' and 'DECRYPT_DATA'

- Updated PUBLISH_QDN_RESOURCE and PUBLISH_MULTIPLE_QDN_RESOURCES to support optional encryption

- Fixed linking from q-app to a root APP. for example qortal APP/Q-Blog

- Initial load of websocket chat data is limited to 1

- Removed api calls on websites page

- Fixed issue with backup file 'save as' cancellation

- Added check for use of electron

- Reworked search name or address field

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

note - this opens the door for 'Q-Mail' Q-App release. 🙂

May 8 2023

@here Qortal Core version 4.0.3 has been signed.

changes include:

- Avoid duplicate concurrent QDN builds. Should fix building issues seen in apps.

- Fixed slow QDN validation issue caused by loading the entire resource into memory.

- Added optional "build" parameter to GET_QDN_RESOURCE_STATUS.

- Log only the actions to the console, instead of the entire Q-App event.

- Catch and log all exceptions when publishing data.

- Added more debug logging when building resources.

This one should HUGELY improve performance of QDN resources. 🙂

We're hoping to have the next UI update done today as well, but not 100% sure at this point if it will be possible today or tomorrow.

The next UI update is required before we can launch Q-Mail Q-App 🙂

May 6 2023

@here Qortal Core version 4.0.2 auto-update has been signed.

Changes Include:

-Fixed app/website blank screen and refresh bugs on Windows.

-Added GET /chat/messages/count endpoint, which is identical to /chat/messages but returns a count of the messages rather than the messages themselves.

-Added GET /names/search endpoint, to search names via case insensitive, partial name matching.

-Added _PRIVATE services, to allow for publishing/validation of encrypted data.

-Added new Q-App actions and set default timeouts.

-Fixed warnings, and other small code improvements.

-Escape all vars added by HTML parser.

May 3 2023

@here Qortal UI version 4.0.3 has been released

Changes Include:

- Resolved 'blank file' backup file save bug - Added Check for update button - Added Start core settings button (Under Notification settings)


@here We just accidentally discovered an EMERGENT BUG affecting ALL OS VARIANTS OF THE VERSION 4.0.2 QORTAL UI THAT WERE TESTED


- be aware of this if you're creating ANY BACKUP FILES WITH VERSION 4.0.2 THEY WILL BE BLANK!

- the 'save to this browser' checkbox DOES work as expected. But the backup file save does NOT

We are working on an IMMEDIATE BUG FIX for this ASAP… but everyone needs to be aware of this issue… as we just accidentally lost access to an account (and name on it) being created to show someone something a few minutes ago. While deleting the copy saved to the UI to rename it, and expecting the backup file was fine like it always was, it was not.


Affected = version 4.0.2 of the Qortal UI - ONLY backup FILE saving is affected. Acounts saved in the UI are okay.

We will get this taken care of ASAP and post when next release is complete. Thank you, and apologies for the inconvenience… nothing (other than the 'save as' dialog box not coming up that was fixed) was modified regarding the backup file saving… so this is very strange and unexpected. We appreciate your understanding as we resolve this issue.

May 1 2023

4.0.1 Auto-Update has been signed

@here Qortal Core version 4.0.1 auto-update is being prepared now. Will post another announcement once all signatures have been completed.

4.0.1 Core Changes include:

- Auto delete any metadata files that are unreadable (e.g. due to being empty, or invalid JSON).

- Allow for faster and more frequent retries when QDN data fails to be retrieved (thanks to suggestions from @HFactor)

- Fixed bug which prevented qortal: URLs from working properly in most cases. - Added GET_QDN_RESOURCE_METADATA action. - Fixed issue with <base href> introduced in v4.0.0. - Improved metadata trimming, to better handle multibyte UTF-8 characters. - Set charset to UTF-8 in various places that bytes are converted to a string. - Added support of simple Range headers when requesting QDN data. - Added MAIL and MESSAGE services. - Added "encoding" parameter to the SEARCH_CHAT_MESSAGES action.

@here Qortal UI version 4.0.2 has been released. Changes Include - Q-Chat switched to base64 (encode / decode) - Added qortal:
link in Q-Chat

- Removed blocked content from browse list (websites / q-apps)

- Fixed avatar in new accounts

- Fixed 'save as' issue with download backup file

- Added checkbox to disable Qortal Core auto-check at launch

- Added start core in own shell from electron

- Removed memory args (made default) from core auto-start

- Updated dependencies

- Updated translations

- Minor Fixes

April 27 2023

@here notice - there is currently a bug (has been fixed) with account creation

- the 'save file' dialog box does not come up when saving backup file during account creation. The file DOES SAVE but it does not ASK YOU WHERE - it saves automatically in Downloads folder.

- The 'profile icon' at the top left of the UI is currently not showing up for new accounts - this works for accounts with avatar, but not for non-avatar accounts (showing blank avatar like it should, and as such doesn't show the rest of the 'profile' information either.)

both of these have been fixed and will be released in next UI

Thank you.

April 26 2023

@here 'support' ('tipping') is now possible on Q-Blog. If you would like to follow along with Q-Blog development, the Q-Blog repo is here (for now, until Qortal Git repos go live) - https://github.com/Qortal/Q-Apps/tree/master/examples/q-blog

remember - Q-Blog is a Q-App, as such it has no reliance upon the UI or the core for updates. It can be updated whenever the developer pushes an update. When this takes place, a 'download' button will show up again on the main Q-Apps 'browse' section, click this, and download the update, it's that simple!

April 25 2023

@here Qortal UI version 4.0.1 has been released.

This is primarily a 'bugfix' release. See changes below.

Changes include:

- Fixed bug with core closing with UI on Windows - Added question to start core after installation on Windows - Improved core start on all OSs - Fixed loading splash on macOS

April 24 2023

@here - I am VERY pleased to announce, the biggest update in Qortal history, and the introduction to Q-Apps (Thank you SO much to all of the Qortal Developers!)

Welcome to the next generation of Qortal!

Release is live!

Qortal UI version 4.0.0

note - there are too many changes to list in this announcement. Please check the code in order to see all of the changes. This is the biggest release in the history of the project.

Major Changes Include:

- Addition of Q-Apps plugin

- Q-Apps plugin lists apps like websites plugin lists websites, however Q-Apps plugin shows 'download' button and 'open' button when app is downloaded and ready.

- Q-Apps 'instant publish' option with ability to pay tx fee instead of waiting on MemPoW to pubish

- Q-Apps 'full screen' function to display apps full screen

- Q-Apps added events which utilize authorization pop-up for certain events (publish resource, send coin, authentication, etc)

- Added iFrame permission to include 'allow same origin'

- Fixed Gif scroll model

- Modifications to 'ban' and 'group management'

- Names Market sort names by highest price

- Added sorting to groups column

- Fixed right click paste menu to minting key addition

- Publish with tag fixes

- Added auto-install features for core

- Added auto-check for core running

- Added auto-check for core installation

- Many more

April 22 2023

@here - We have a VERY exciting release today, to prepare for Q-Apps!

Version 4.0.0 of the Qortal Core auto-update will be signed in the next few minutes. 🙂

this version includes everything necessary for Q-Apps, which will be made accessible TOMORROW with the next UI release

Get ready Qortians, things are about to get REALLY exciting!

Core support for Q-Apps.

Link to documentation: https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/blob/q-apps/Q-Apps.md

- Include javascript q-apps interface in all websites and apps, to allow for interactive functionality.

- Added linking between QDN websites & apps via the

 qortal:// protocol.

- All APIs are now served over the gateway and domain map, with the exception of /admin/*, /render/* and /bootstrap/*

- Added various new service types, to give more options to app developers.

- qdnAuthBypassEnabled defaulted to true, to allow Q-Apps to fetch data

- Don't require prior authorization of QDN resources if qdnAuthBypassEnabled is true

- Added new ArbitraryResourceStatus "NOT_PUBLISHED" - for when a non-existent resource is attempted to be loaded.

- Various bug fixes relating to arbitrary data.

- Fixed/improved logging when an exception is caught whilst adding statuses to resources.

- Made some contextual global variables available to every website and app.

- Upgraded rendering to support identifiers, as well as single file resources.

- Upgraded gateway to support service and identifier.

- Show "File not found" on the loading screen when navigating to a non-existent resource.

- Added cross-name linking support in the gateway.

- Update address bar when navigating within an app.

- Updated /arbitrary/metadata/* response when not found.

- Added "X-API-VERSION" header support in POST /transactions/process.

- Fixed issue causing "totalChunkCount" to exclude the metadata file in some cases.

- Rework of preview mode, to allow it to be added to the UI.

- Added support for optional Base64 encoding when fetching QDN data.

- Fixed bug causing cache invalidation to be skipped, due to incorrect message reuse.

- Upgraded `GET /arbitrary/resources/search` to support more granular searching.

- Set max size of APP service to 50MB.

- Added optional "filename" parameter when publishing data from a string or base64-encoded string.

- Added `GET /arbitrary/resource/properties/{service}/{name}/{identifier}` endpoint, to return file properties.

- Added support for custom URL routing when using the APP service.

- Reduced MAX_DESCRIPTION_LENGTH from 500 to 240, in preparation for upcoming arbitrary db reshape.

- Include "created" and "updated" timestamps in `GET /arbitrary/resource/*` API endpoints.

- Added "name" filter to `GET /arbitrary/resources`.

- Ignore "qdnAuthBypassEnabled" setting when in gateway mode.

- Block all external links.

- Don't delete metadata when deleting a resource from the Data Management screen.

- Major upgrade of arbitrary data functionality, to support on-chain data for small payloads. This was always available in the protocol, but is now available to be used by apps.

- Add "percentLoaded" to resource statuses.

- Added support for multiple block/follow lists.

- Added "followedonly" and "excludeblocked" params to `GET /arbitrary/resources` and `GET /arbitrary/resources/search`.

- Removed all case sensitivity when searching names.

- Added "bindAddressFallback" setting, which defaults to "".

- Removed 3rd-party swagger server validation (thanks to @QuickMythril)

- Added API call for restarting node (thanks to @QuickMythril)

- Added `GET /settings/{setting}` endpoint (thanks to @QuickMythril)

April 18 2023

@here Version 3.9.1 of the Qortal Core auto-update has taken place

- Add API handles to build CREATE_POLL and VOTE_ON_POLL transactions.

- Added API calls to get polls & node settings

- Improved name rebuilding code, to handle some more complex scenarios.

March 25 2023

@here - we are going to be doing a very small update to the Qortal UI today as well. This is just a pre-announcement of the 3.1.4 release that will be coming today at some point.

There are a couple modifications one is related to the vaadin dependencies that I changed yesterday (as they did a release after our original 3.1.3 release but only by a short time after.)

The other is a fix for the gif collection wrapper overflow issue.

Be on the lookout for the new release in a short time. Thank you.

March 24 2023

@here - all 3.1.3 version releases should now be corrected

mac users who updated to broken version - will need to re-download the dmg, and re-drag-n-drop to applications and overwrite existing to get back on a good version.


from source should now also build correctly

Thank you 🙂

@here please be aware there is an issue with mac release for new UI. We are resolving it now and will publish new one. Until we do, do not update mac UI or it will stop functioning. - Will post another announcement when fix is done.

Also, due to a dependency updating within the last 10 hours, current source will not build perfectly either at the moment, we are taking care of both of these things now and will post another announcement when resolved.

Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.

@here - UI version 3.1.3 has ben released

UI version 3.1.3 Changes include:

- Updated dependencies - Minor Fixes - Removed reactions from UI (temporary) - Removed button to add reactions (reactions) - Do not fetch updates that belong to non-author (reactions)```


March 22 2023

@here - 3.9.0 Auto-Update has been signed - network should be updating.

@here - Qortal Core version 3.9.0 has been released


Changes in this release:

-Added optional "sender" filter to GET /chat/messages

-Added optional "encoding" query string param for various chat APIs and websockets, to support the base64 encoding option.

-Added ping/pong functionality to CHAT websockets.

-Added optional limit/offset/reverse query string params to GET /websockets/chat/messages.

-Added new bootstrap host

-Rebuild name in ArbitraryTransaction.preProcess()

-Added support for an optional fee in arbitrary transactions, to give the option for data to be published instantly (i.e. no proof of work nonce required when fee is sufficient).

-Optional arbitrary transaction fees activation date set to Friday, 31st March 2023 at 16:00:00

-Improved handling of Service types.

-Added support for V2 block archives, to reduce size by over 90%. Not enabled by default yet.

-Added POST /repository/archive/rebuild endpoint to allow local archive to be rebuilt.

-Removed legacy bulk archiving/pruning code that is no longer needed.

-Use a lower file size target (10MB instead of 100MB) when using archive V2, as the average block size is over 90% smaller.```

auto-update signing is in progress - Auto-Update will take place once the final few signatures have been made.

@here - Qortal Core version 3.9.0 has been released


Changes in this release:

-Added optional "sender" filter to GET /chat/messages

-Added optional "encoding" query string param for various chat APIs and websockets, to support the base64 encoding option.

-Added ping/pong functionality to CHAT websockets.

-Added optional limit/offset/reverse query string params to GET /websockets/chat/messages.

-Added new bootstrap host

-Rebuild name in ArbitraryTransaction.preProcess()

-Added support for an optional fee in arbitrary transactions, to give the option for data to be published instantly (i.e. no proof of work nonce required when fee is sufficient).

-Optional arbitrary transaction fees activation date set to Friday, 31st March 2023 at 16:00:00

-Improved handling of Service types.

-Added support for V2 block archives, to reduce size by over 90%. Not enabled by default yet.

-Added POST /repository/archive/rebuild endpoint to allow local archive to be rebuilt.

-Removed legacy bulk archiving/pruning code that is no longer needed.

-Use a lower file size target (10MB instead of 100MB) when using archive V2, as the average block size is over 90% smaller.```

auto-update signing is in progress - Auto-Update will take place once the final few signatures have been made.

March 10 2023

@here version 3.1.2 of the Qortal UI has been released

UI version 3.1.2 Changes include:

- Fix upload collection bug in gifs

- Fix validation bug related to gifs

- Fixed reply css bug

- Added gif size check

- Changed webWorker for images and attachments so people can send two images one after the other

- Keep message of original author for reactions

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

note - update would have been released within 24 hours, but there was an issue with Mac signing server that was beyond our control that delayed the compilation of the Mac version. But we still got close. 🙂

March 9 2023

@here - Just an FYI regarding the messages currently being displayed in Q-Chat:

a bug has been discovered that allows messages WITH REACTIONS to APPEAR to be coming from another user. This is not the actual case and it is due to the method currently being utilized for Q-Chat REACTIONS.

Until the next release of the UI is completed, treat any message WITH A REACTION in Q-Chat as 'potentially fake' - as the main group of people who seem to love actively doing anything they can to attempt to damage the project, have figured out the bug, and are currently using it to make messages seem like they are coming from other users

(You can see the user who is ACTUALLY sending the message, by checking who REACTED to it. The user currently spamming Q-Chat goes by the name 'The Love')

The messages are only APPEARING to come from other users, and are not actually being sent by that user. (It is impossible to actually SEND a message from another user, this bug is a DISPLAY bug due to the methods currently utilized for sending reactions, and it is being taken care of now.)

An updated version of the Qortal UI should be ready within 24 hours. Until then, thank you and please let everyone know the above information.

March 1 2023

@here The FIRST Qortal Think Tank #1 is now available - these will be happening every week to get more community engagement - Come in and join us, ask any question you want bring up anything you like and help us build the future! (February 28th 2023):

YouTube: https://youtu.be/FqQA86dvURE

Rumble: https://rumble.com/v2bdycu-qortal-think-tank-1-february-28th-2023.html

February 24 2023

@here This is some VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Qortal Users to READ - from our amazing lead core developer, Cal. - I think understanding the nature of the platform, and how much goes into its development is a really good idea for people to at least partially understand.

Reading this information I think should give at least a very small idea of just how difficult and tedious developing a platform like Qortal really is…

And this doesn't even take any of the other complexities into consideration, such as the fact that Qortal supports MULTIPLE OTHER coins with their COMPLETELY DIFFRENT methods of dealing with wallets/transactions/etc… as well. It also doesn't take into consideration the completely custom fully decentralized and distributed data network that is ALSO part of Qortal.

I just think it's a great idea for people to read this and get at least some idea of the skill and dedication it takes to be a developer of Qortal. There are multiple reasons why there is nothing else like Qortal that exists in the world, or ever has existed. This will give at least a very small portion of that reasoning to people.

please read this information and have the smallest idea of the AMAZING TALENT that we have with us, and give SERIOUS RESPECT to those who put their time/effort/heart/soul into ensuring that we have a REAL TRUE FAIR HONEST DECENTRALIZED SYSTEM FOR THE FUTURE.

Thank you! -crowetic

from Cal: There are two parts to a blockchain system - the blocks themselves, and the derived state from these blocks (often referred to as the "chainstate"). Every time a new block is added to a node's local chain, it updates its chainstate based on the information in those blocks. These state updates come from transactions, AT executions, and reward payouts. However, there are multiple candidates for each block (currently all level 5 and above will mint their own version of every block), so the node will have to re-org to different versions of the block for that height until it is confident that it has the best block available from all the candidates on the network.

During these re-orgs, it will orphan (remove) the existing version of the block from the local chain, and then process (apply) the new block candidate. Each time a block is orphaned, the derived state from that block is also reversed. The idea is that for every block that is processed, the exact reverse must happen when it is orphaned.

If there is even a subtle difference between the state that is applied when processing, vs the state that is undone when orphaning, the node's local chainstate will drift slightly. Since every node is building their chainstate via a different path (i.e. different block candidates are processed and orphaned along the way) each node can end up with slightly differing chain states as result of such a bug. Some nodes might see the state of an account or database table slightly differently to other nodes, based on the paths that these nodes took when syncing.

Then, in the future, a transaction may come along that depends on this state. Due to the differences, some nodes may see it as a valid transaction, and others may see it as invalid. This causes the chain to fork at the block that the transaction is in, into two parallel chains. One chain will include the transaction, and the other chain will exclude it. These parallel chains will continue, often for days. They are generally unable to merge, as the nodes can't agree on that one transaction.

The really difficult part is that there's no way to verify your chain state is correct. I have been working on a feature for quite some time now to allow a "reindex" of the chainstate - this rebuilds it from the raw blocks and ensures any past issues are cleaned up. But it's a lot of work and isn't finished yet. Also, a reindex takes several days to run, so it's mostly going to be useful for ensuring that bootstraps are clean, before they are published.

Qortal is an incredibly complicated system, with over 40 different transaction types. Compare that to most crypto projects which only really have one type (payment) - or at least just a few variations of the payment type. Qortal's transactions affect the chain state in significant ways, such as adding and updating names, groups, websites, balances, reward eligibility, etc, and it all has to be done in a way that doesn't result in any discrepancies.

Qortal's foundational code is close to perfect. You can see that by the amount of unit tests that exist in the core, testing various elaborate scenarios to proactively ensure there are no bugs. However, it's not 100% perfect. There have been very minor consensus bugs in the code since the original published version, with a couple more introduced along the way. Even a single line or character out of place in the consensus/transaction processing code is enough to split the network into endless forks, or stall the entire chain.

In a project like this, there is zero room for error when it comes to the foundational code. And we need a lot more core development/testing resources before it will get to a stage that every one of these lurking bugs are completely fixed.

February 23 2023

@here - just so that everyone knows, the previous announcements about fixing the stuck block are no longer required, as we have released a new version. You can simply download the newly released version, and/or bootstrap and auto-update.

The 'typical' methods of fixing any issues with the chain (bootstrapping, updating, etc…) are now just fine again.

February 22 2023

@here - core version 3.8.9 auto-update has been signed.

This version is a bugfix to handle the stuck block issue. (Update Name transaction with name the same as the updated name.)

Grab latest jar here https://github.com/qortal/qortal/releases/latest/download/qortal.jar and bootstrap if you are still stuck.

@here We tracked down the problem to a bug in the UPDATE_NAME code that has always been there. It's only come to the surface this week as it is now being used more heavily (previously it was accessible via the API only).

instructions below.

I have made the process slightly easier, and have created two simple guides. Here you are…

linux/mac/pi users instructions to fix stuck block issue

1. stop Qortal

cd && cd qortal && ./stop.sh

3. remove existing qortal.jar and replace with pre-release jar, then start Qortal.

rm qortal.jar && curl -L -O https://cloud.qortal.org/s/mEC4HCCjQGHAzqX/download/qortal.jar && ./start.sh

Windows Users

1. stop Qortal - Right click on Qortal icon and click 'quit'.

2. download the fix jar - https://cloud.qortal.org/s/mEC4HCCjQGHAzqX/download/qortal.jar

cut and paste the fix jar from Downloads folder to

C:\Program Files\Qortal

note - an easy way to access the folders (both folders) is to use the following method.

1. right click the start button

2. click Run

3. enter either location above into the run box

4. push enter

this will open the folder for each location, making it quite simple to follow the above instructions.

Let us know if you have any issues.

February 21 2023

@here - ATTENTION - please be aware that the chain is currently stalled. This is the second time in history that this has happened. We will have more information and the solution as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience. Will update ASAP.

note - this will not cause any negative affects overall or any issues other than the obvious fact that the chain is currently not moving, and as such no new transactions will be able to be processed until it is resolved.

Thank you for the understanding - we will post more when we have a clearer picture and solutions.

February 20 2023

@here - as you may have noticed, the network is a bit… confused at the moment. There was a transaction that the network couldn't agree on.

We have released version 3.8.7 to address the issues, but many nodes have not seemed to update.

Please update your nodes to 3.8.7 if you haven't already.

We are likely to be pushing at least 1 more update today to try to assist the network in settling down, but the more people who update their nodes to 3.8.7 now the better.

Thank you!

February 19 2023

@here Core version 3.8.6 auto-update is being signed now

core changes include:

- Fixed long term AT states pruning issue

- Added more data to active chats websocket (thanks to @AlphaX-Projects)

- Added new ElectrumX servers (thanks to @QuickMythril and @crowetic)

- Added QCHAT_AUDIO and QCHAT_VOICE services, in preparation for upcoming UI features

- Improved logging when creating bootstraps, and catch/log all exceptions

UI version 3.1.1 is getting released momentarily as well.

UI changes include:

- Q-Chat File attachments (up to 1mb): .doc, .docx, .pdf, .zip, .pdf, .txt, .odt, .ods, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx

- Q-Chat .gif feature: create, subscribe, explore gif collections

- Q-Chat use signature instead of reference for chatReferences

- Added update name (Name Registration)

- Rework 'Names' menu (Name management, Name Market)

- Reworked Name Market (click on address to see full account information, reworked search function)

- Added pagination to name market (multiple pages of information instead of one long one)

- Added sale history on Name Market

- Change to nodejs v18.12.1

- Updated to latest Electron 23

- Updated Chromium to 110.0.5481.100

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes


- Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 are not supported anymore, as Chromium 110 dropped support.

PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF DROPPING OF OLDER WINDOWS VERSION SUPPORT - The UI will no longer support versions older than Windows 10 due to chromium dropping support for the older OS - It is highly recommended to either update your windows version or switch to Ubuntu

February 12 2023

Qortal UI Version 3.1.0 has been released.

UI version 3.1.0 Changes include:

- Added sell name market ( name registration menu )

- Fix name/address in replies

- Save auto-view image setting in localstorage

- Show reaction names

- Add loader when clicking on a reply if the message isn't in the chat and a fetch is needed.

- Added unread marker in chat head if the last message in the chat was not seen by user.

- Reworked group search field and can sort now by member count

- Reworked balance ticker (have show/hide button now)

- Added unused address button - Use 'new address' in foreign coin wallets for receiving address.

- Updated Chromium to 108.0.5359.62

- Updated translations, Updated dependencies, Minor Fixes

February 8 2023

@here version 3.8.5 of the Qortal core auto-update has been signed - Network should be updating.

Core 3.8.5 Changes Include:

Wallets & Trading:

- Compute balances for Bitcoin-like coins using unspent outputs. Should fix occasional incorrect balance issue, and speed up loading time.

- Implemented ElectrumX version negotiation. Fixes issues with DOGE wallet.

- Added new ElectrumX servers for Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ravencoin, and Digibyte (thanks to @AlphaX-Projects and @QuickMythril)

- Updated PirateChain lightwallet servers (thanks to @AlphaX-Projects)

- Prevent a P2SH address being funded for a trade if there is an unconfirmed buy or cancel request in progress for it already. Should reduce the number of failed trades and therefore refunds.

- Removed unnecessary join when finding MESSAGE transactions, which caused secret to be unavailable when querying pruned blocks.

- Add foreign chain height to API calls (thanks to @QuickMythril)

- Add unused foreign address to API calls (thanks to @QuickMythril)

API updates:

- Added "reverse" and "includeOnlineSignatures" params to `GET /blocks/range/{height}` endpoint.

- Added GET /admin/summary/alltime endpoint, to view a summary of chain activity since genesis.


- Include a list of files in the QDN metadata.

- Fixed bugs preventing single file GIF repositories and QCHAT attachments from passing validation.

- Don't allow the custom service validation methods to evade superclass validation.

- Use a filename without an extension when publishing data from a string (instead of .tmp)

- Removed searchResultsTransactions cache.

- Improved logging.


- Fixed issues with CancelSellName transactions.

- Updated German translations (thanks for PR by @QuickMythril)

- Add polish translation (thanks to @Nuc1eoN)

- Updated Russian translations (thanks for @lexandr0s)

- Enabled Multi-Release avoid java reflection warnings (thanks to @AlphaX-Projects)

January 27 2023

@here introducing QortEX - The OPEN SOURCE Qortal Explorer 🙂


courtesy of AlphaX Projects

This explorer will also be getting turned into a Q-App in the near future, and hosted on QDN.

For now it is accessible at the above link. Thank you!

February 8 2023

@here Qortal UI version 3.0.1 has been released.

UI version 3.0.1 Changes include:

- Modified message bubble background colors for messages from your own account.

- Added green name for all messages from your own account.

- Added badges up to level 10.

- Fixed Founder badge.

- word-break fix for message input editor.

- removed 'delete' button for images not owned by your account.

- Fixed 'reaction bug' - messages would be 'owned' by reactor account (in display only) - now shows primary message owner as intended.

- added 'auto-download' for images (auto-show) (with options for each group to auto-download or not.)

- Image loading fixed - no longer shows 'chain' image.

- Removed arbitrary transaction for picture upload

- Updated translations

- Minor fixes

January 23 2023

@here - ATTENTION - IF YOU DO NOT UPDATE YOUR UI you will NOT see the new Q-Chat features, and you will see a bunch of 'nonsense' in Q-Chat from others utilizing the new features.

You MUST update to 3.0 to see things correctly. 🙂

@here UI version 3.0 has been released

Changes include:

- New Q-Chat color scheme

- New Q-Chat editor - ability to 'bold', 'underline', 'code blocks', 'italics', 'highlight'

- Message Editing for Q-Chat

- Ability to 'tip' user in Q-Chat

- 'Send PM' by clicking a user's name in Q-Chat

- User Avatars in 'group info' (for group admins)

- Image Upload in Q-Chat

- Group Information in Q-Chat

- Reactions in Q-Chat

- Disable/Enable message sending with 'enter' in Q-Chat

- 'Forwarding' in Q-Chat

- Modified wording on Auto Buy for easier understanding

- Modified wording on Trade Portal for easier understanding

- Added informational buttons on Trade Portal and Auto Buy for added details and understanding.

- Updated Translations

- Added AT Address in Qortal transaction list (QORT wallet)

- Updated Dependencies

- Minor fixes

releases page for those who manually update - https://github.com/qortal/qortal-ui/releases/latest

January 16 2023

@here Qortal core version 3.8.4 auto-update has been signed

Changes Include:

- Added checkpoint lookup on startup.

- Default pruneBlockLimit (block retention for topOnly nodes) increased from 1450 to 6000 (approx 5 days).

- Block connections with peers older than 3.8.2, as these versions are no longer functional.

- Keep track of peers which are too divergent, and return an `isTooDivergent` boolean in /peers APIs.

- Fixed bug causing initial latestATStates data to be discarded.

- Disable block signing on topOnly nodes. Minting rewards are still earned on topOnly for now.

January 14 2023

@here - Qortal UI version 2.2.5 ~~will be released shortly.~~ has been released.

UI version 2.2.5 additions:

- Fixed Create Group (added max character limit for group name and group description)

- Fixed Upload Avatar

- Fixed User Info (when clicking 'check trades' main user info window now closes as it should)

- Added Price Charts (in trade portal)

- Added Search in Private Groups (group management)

- Added Export Master Key for external coins (in settings page)

- Added Chat Reference (for features in q-chat)

- Reworked Balance Ticker (now shows 'loading balances' until finished)

- Updated Chromium to 108.0.5359.179

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

@here - version 3.8.3 Qortal Core auto-update has been signed Network will begin updating shortly.

Changes include:

- Added optional chatReference field to CHAT transactions, required for upcoming UI features.

- chatReference activates at timestamp 1674316800000 (Sat, 21 Jan 2023 16:00:00 GMT).

- Increased CHAT transaction data limits to the maximum (4000 bytes) to allow for upcoming UI features.

- Improved refund/refundAll HTLC code.

- Speed up verification of existing ARBITRARY (QDN) transactions.

- Use correct timeout (12s) when sending arbitrary data to a peer, and improved logging.

- Reduced ArbitraryDataFileRequestThread count from 10 to 5.

- Added QCHAT_ATTACHMENT service, with custom validation function.

- Reduce log spam when a QDN resource can't be found due to it not being published.

- Added missing calls to electrumX.setBlockchain(instance); for DGB and RVN. Thanks to @QuickMythril for noticing this.

- Updated default bootstrap hosts.

January 12 2023

We have noticed an issue with topOnly nodes, if your topOnly is acting strangely, it is likely that it ran into the AT state trimming issue we've found. We are working on a temporary solution with the current bootstrap server, and a permanent solution will be added to an upcoming core release. The new bootstrap will be available as soon as the bootstrap server finishes trimming and cloning the new topOnly bootstrap to the community bootstrap servers.

You can check your node by doing the following…

curl -X GET "http://localhost:12391/blocks/byheight/1131800"

signature should be:


if you're on the main chain.

This issue SHOULD only be affecting topOnly nodes, but it couldn't hurt to verify your full nodes as well if you think it could be incorrect.

January 1 2023

@here UI version 2.2.4 ~~will be released shortly.~~ Has been released.

UI additions:

- Added Group Management functionality including PRIVATE GROUP functionality (invite, kick, promote to Admin, etc.)

- Updated electron (resolves bug where minimize 'hides' the UI and makes it inaccessible.)

- Added all Transactions to UI backend (transaction functions for easier UI development and additional API calls.)

- Re-worked Auto Buy feature (now uses MANY LESS API calls.)

- Re-worked Balance Ticker (now uses less API calls and has a 'Refresh' Button.)

- Updated translations (translations added for all new functionality.)

- Updated dependencies (updated to lastest version of chromium.) - Minor Fixes

December 24 2022

@here Qortal UI version 2.2.3 and core version 3.8.2 are being released simultaneously

UI Changes

- Updated electron

- Disabled hardware acceleration

- Enabled sandbox to all instances

- Updated POW calculation for Q-Chat

- Updated chat to latest threshold (4.20+ QORT)

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies ( latest chromium )

- Minor Fixes

Core auto-update has been signed - Network should begin updating shortly.

Core changes - Increased mempow difficulty and QORT threshold for CHAT transactions (requires UI v2.2.3)

- Limit to 250 CHAT messages per hour per account

- Disallow transactions with timestamps more than 30 mins in the future (reduced from 24 hours)

- Disallow CHAT transactions with timestamps more than 5 minutes in the future

- Improved ElectrumX reliability on slower networks

- Bug fixes and improvements for various transaction types used in upcoming UI development (thanks to contributions from @catbref)

- Fix creatorPublicKey not being unmarshaled when calling POST /at to deploy an AT (thanks to @catbref)```

December 11 2022

@here UI Version 2.2.2 will be released shortly. Details to follow.

Changes in this release:

UI additions: - Fixed copy paste function on wallet page.

- Fixed port on 'add node' settings to minimum of 2 digits (instead of 5).

- Sell button now disabled when Node is not synced (in Trade Portal).

- Rollback to electron 21 to potentially address 'blank UI' issues.

- Electron is now multi language version.

- Set higher threshold for QORT transactions.

- UI Updates are no longer 'forced' - option to skip update or not download.

- Updated translations.

- Updated dependencies.

- Minor Fixes.

December 9 2022

@here version 3.8.1 auto-update has been signed. Network will begin updating shortly.

@here - IMPORTANT NOTICE - it's extremely important that as many nodes as possible UPDATE to 3.8.1 BEFORE TOMORROW - PLEASE double-check that your node updated as we are seeing quite a few that haven't for some reason.

Please double-check your core version, and if you are NOT on version 3.8.1 - PLEASE DOWNLOAD and REPLACE your EXISTING qortal.jar with THIS ONE…


instructions- *ONLYif your node did NOT update, or you have auto-updates turned OFF*, please do the following…

1. STOP Qortal - ensure the core is not running. 2. DOWNLOAD above qortal.jar from github releases. 3. REPLACE the existing qortal.jar (in 'qortal' folder on linux/mac and C:\Program Files\Qortal on windows by default) with the newly downloaded jar. 4. START Qortal - start qortal again, and verify you are now on 3.8.1.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this extremely crucial update.

it is important that the majority of the network is updated PRIOR to BLOCK 1092000

December 6 2022

@here version 3.8.0 auto-update has been signed. Network will begin updating shortly.

```Self-sponsorship algo first stages take place on SATURDAY THE 10th, on BLOCK 1092400```

December 5 2022

Our original core coder and founder catbref has been working on the lottery AT for Qortal for a while now, and he has recently deployed the first TEST AT .

+The Qortal AT system

The Qortal 'AT' system (or Automated Transactions) allows for multiple types of transaction automation to take place. Currently we utilize it primarily for the Cross-Chain Trades (or the ACCT AT). People also refer to ATs as 'SmartContracts' - but since that terminology has been BASTARDIZED by the likes of Ethereum and others, I prefer to use its technical name, AT.

+The functionality of the AT system

The Qortal AT system has a TON of existing functionality that has been tested on multiple other blockchains, however, since Qortal is a completely unique blockchain, all of the existing working ATs on other chains, have to be re-built for Qortal.

The first use case we built, was ACCT for Cross-Chain trades (REAL cross-chain trades that we use in the Trade Portal)

But there is a LOT of OTHER FUNCTIONALITY that can take place utilizing ATs, such as 'automated escrow', 'automated decentralized lotteries', 'automatic payments' on a schedule, 'funds holding and distribution', and much more.

the AT system is a TURING COMPLETE CUSTOM WRITTEN HARDWARE LEVEL PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. With this language being turing complete, it means that it is basically 'unlimited' in terms of what it can accomplish, and as time goes on a LOT more functionality will be built utilizing ATS.

As time goes on, MANY MORE ATs will be built for Qortal, and able to be utilized. But it takes time to develop and test, and the UI components must be built as well, in order to allow other users to make use of the created ATs, deploy them, etc.

Writing ATs requires learning the custom language, or utilizing an 'AT generator' which I have but not built for Qortal.

+The first Lottery AT test on Qortal

catbref, who is our original core coder before Cal took over the majority of the core work, and a Qortal founder, has developed a LOTTERY AT for Qortal.

This Lottery AT, is a FULLY DECENTRALIZED AUTOMATED LOTTERY wherein users can send QORT to the AT address, in increments of 10 QORT, and receive a TICKET for doing so. The lottery then randomly draws one of the submitted 'tickets' and pays the winner the pot.

+Differences between other AT-powered lottery systems you may have seen

As mentioned before, since Qortal is a completely CUSTOM platform, previously existing ATs for chains like BURST and QORA, will NOT function directly on Qortal. Therefore custom effort and development is required.

One of the differences between the QORTAL LOTTERY and others, is that ONLY ONE TICKET IS RECOGNIZED PER ACCOUNT. (As there was no way to guarantee fairness with multiple tickets being submitted from a single account with the Qortal lottery AT)

+How to 'play' the Qortal Lottery

In order to buy a 'ticket' for the Qortal test lottery, you simply follow the instructions laid out by catbref below: send 10 QORT to AWLgebzHMTEjkDPghahc28dvmJS4dyht88 to enter. Amounts over 10 QORT and multiple payments DO NOT increase chance of winning. AT balance paid to winner at block ~1087100.

if you wish to inspect the code yourself, as with everything on Qortal, the code for the lottery AT is open source and the link to that code is below.

Enjoy testing the new lottery AT on Qortal, and may the odds be ever in your favor :wink: (note - the odds are even no matter what, that is just a quote from Hunger Games movies that I thought would be funny to use here. The odds are EQUAL no matter what. heh.)

You CAN submit a ticket ONCE from ANY account, you just can't submit more than ONE from EACH. Hope everyone enjoys this, and the UI side will come in the future.

AT code at https://github.com/catbref/lottery

December 1 2022

@here - UI version 2.2.1 has been released.

UI additions: - New design of user info ( Address or Name search )

- Added all buy trades ( User Info )

- Added all sell trades ( User Info )

- New breakpoint for low resolution screens

- Auto hide sidebar after clicking on a plugin

- Set LTC as first market ( Auto Buy )

- Updated to nodejs 16.17.1 LTS

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies ( latest chromium )

- Minor Fixes

November 22 2022

Version 2.2.0 of the Qortal UI is released, including new auto-buy feature! - This is one I have been VERY excited about for a while now.

Auto-Buy will allow you to place essentially a 'buy order' on the trade portal (that is only visible to the buyer) and it will automatically purchase the amount of QORT you set, up to the price you set. It can even be run in the background while you're using Q-Chat or browsing websites in the Qortal UI. It is a REALLY awesome feature thanks to our badass developer @AlphaX !

You will also see an 'info' button by the seller address in the trade portal, which you can click, and see information on the seller account right inside the trade portal without having to go to the explorer. MANY more improvements are coming as well in the very near future.

Version 2.2.0 includes the following:

- Added auto buy function

- Added wallet balances ticker

- Added sell button in Trade Portal

- Set groups to own side nav

- Updated translations

- Updated dependencies ( latest chromium )

- Minor Fixes

November 8 2022

@here changelist for 3.7.0

Bug fixes:

- Speed up syncing blocks in the range of 1-12 hours ago by caching the valid online accounts.

- Reduced memory usage when verifying online accounts.

New features:

- Include "blocks remaining" in systray when syncing from more than 60 minutes away from a peer's chain tip.

- Added support for vote-based admin additions and removals in null-owned groups.

- Speed up API lag when buying QORT (thanks to @catbref)

- Bump AT version to 1.4.0 (includes new additions from @catbref)

Online accounts updates:

- Improved online accounts processing.

- Removed onlineAccountsMemPoWEnabled setting as it's no longer needed.

- Removed all mempow feature trigger conditionals, as these aren't needed anymore either.

QDN updates:

- Removed QORTAL_METADATA service as this uses its own protocol instead.

- Added QCHAT_IMAGE service (with 500KB file size limit).

- Added GIF_REPOSITORY service, with custom validation function.

Testnet features:

- Added "singleNodeTestnet" setting, allowing for fast and consecutive block minting, and no requirement for a minimum number of peers.

- Added "recoveryModeTimeout" setting (previously hardcoded in Synchronizer).

- Reduced online accounts mempow difficulty to 5 on testnets.

@here Version 3.7.0 Auto-Update is getting its final signature in the next few minutes. Network will begin updating shortly.

This version includes sync fixes for the sync being slow at the chain tip, as well as the dev group admin changes that have been being discussed for along time, which will allow the dev group admins to add/remove new admins by way of a group-signature.

This will open the door for the more in-depth community and developer controlled updates that are planned in the future of Qortal.

I will post more details about this soon, very late for me right now .

October 22nd 2022

@here MemPoW is live 🙂 - 2 minting accounts per computer officially part of consensus now.

October 15th 2022

@here Qortal Core version 3.6.4 auto-update has been signed.

Network will begin updating shortly.

Changes Include:

```diff + Final fixes and improvements for mempow release.

+ Online accounts mempow set to activate on Sat Oct 22 2022 at 16:00:00 UTC

+ Default minPeerVersion set to 3.6.3 ```

October 12th 2022

@here - Version 3.6.3 auto-update has been SIGNED. Network will begin updating shortly.

- This update adds the final fixes for the BLOCK_SUMMARIES_V2 issue that was causing the recent network instability.

- If your node is stuck, you will have to do the manual replacement of the qortal.jar in order to start moving again, you will NOT auto-update if your node is not synchronized on the main chain.

- Most users should only have to replace the qortal.jar if they're stuck bootstrapping should NOT be required.

- If your node is NOT stuck, you WILL auto-update like normal.

Thank you!

@here - version 3.6.3 contains the ACTUAL fix for the network instability, there were multiple changes required in the new BLOCK_SUMMARIES_V2 code. Apologies for the recent instability, we should be back to very stable after this release.

If anyone's node is not on the correct block, replacing your qortal.jar with this one (version 3.6.3 pre-release)


should help. If after replacing the jar you are still not unstuck, you can bootstrap, but in most cases bootstrapping shouldn't be necessary, simply replacing the jar should do the trick.

For everyone else, the auto-update should be soon, working on getting the other required signatures.

Thank you and apologies again for the recent instability, this is sometimes how it goes when you're building something that has never been built before.

October 10th 2022

@here 3.6.2 auto-update has been signed - network will begin updating shortly.

This update is mainly targeted at a fix in the synchronizer code that was the main culprit for the network issues in the last couple days.

@here Hello all, the 3.6.2 version of the Qortal Core auto-update will be taking place shortly.

This version addresses some issues we've seen in the past couple days with nodes getting off the main chain.

If your node is not on the correct block height, you will need to bootstrap and get back on the correct chain before the auto-update, if you want your node to update automatically.

Another announcement will be made once the update signatures have taken place.

October 4th 2022

@here - Version 3.6.1 of the Qortal Core auto-update has been signed - Network will begin updating shortly!

Qortal Core version 3.6.1 auto-update will take place soon - Will post again once the final signature has taken place.

Changes Include: - Fixed issue preventing trade presence messages from moving around the network correctly. Fix for blank trade offers list in the UI (also requires UI v2.1.1) - Return empty levels in GET /addresses/online/levels - necessary for UI to correctly calculate minting rewards estimates (also requires UI v2.1.1) - Fixed bug preventing certain pages of website results from loading - Modified online accounts request interval, and introduced bursting. Should help reduce data usage - Added BLOCK_SUMMARIES_V2, which lays the foundation for much more efficient syncing in a later version (thanks to @catbref) - Various updates in preparation for the activation of mempow (exact date TBC) - Removed online accounts V2 and V1; we now require V3 - Optimized online accounts import queue processing - Wait 30 seconds after the node starts before computing our online accounts - Added optional filtering by reference in GET /chat/messages - Wait for 5 mins after node starts before starting the block archiver

@here - Qortal UI version 2.1.1 has been released.

*note - minting calculations will not work until core update takes place. Core update is quickly following UI release.

UI additions: - Fixed loading open market sell orders load direct ( Trade Portal ) - Fixed reward calculation ( Minting Info ) - Speed up Minting Info - Fixed Tray Icon sizes - Fixed minimize Qortal UI ( now went into Tray ) - Added Tray info ( version and right click menu ) - Added Tray icon double click ( open Qortal UI ) - Updated dependencies ( latest chronium and node support 16.16.0 ) - Minor Fixes

October 3rd 2022

@here - Qortal Cloud is back ONLINE - if anyone notices any issues with it let me know, I had to completely re-configure the firewall in front of it, so it's possible that I missed a few things.

But from what I can see it is working as expected.


(I am still offering accounts here for anyone in the community who would like one. Decent place to have another copy of your encrypted backup file, etc… or upload larger files to share, do encrypted voice/video, etc. until all of these things are available on Qortal directly.)

September 30th 2022

@here bootstrap server is back online, still waiting on the very large Qortal Cloud disk to copy, will update again once that is completed.

September 28th 2022

Files are being copied back to the hypervisor now, everything should be fully back online sometime tomorrow.

September 27th 2022

@here Hello again - During the time that the Qortal Cloud server will be down - We have created another location to download the QortalOS images for raspberry pi. (We will also provide these links on the github releases page, but wanted everyone to be aware of them.)

QortalOS-torchieMATE-64bit-QORTector (32GB) (core auto-start and db included) - https://crowetic.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/torchieMATE/Qortal-OS-torchieMATE-64bit-QORTector-32GB-9.21.2022.7z

QortalOS-torchieMATE-64bit (16GB) (no db, no auto-start, auto-start script included and disabled.) - https://crowetic.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/torchieMATE/Qortal-OS-torchieMATE-64bit-16GB-9.15.2022.7z

QortalOS-torchie-HEADLESS (this version has NO GUI and is meant for advanced users) - https://crowetic.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/torchieHeadless/Qortal-OS-torchie-64bit-headless-16GB-9.13.2022.7z

Thank you for your understanding as we resolve the issues on the Qortal Cloud hypervisor.


Separate but related announcement…

also, please be aware that the VM that does the main creation of the bootstraps, was also on this hypervisor - this means that the bootstraps may be a few days old by the time we re-configure the bootstrap server VM and get everything back automated. This is to be expected for the next few days while this hypervisor issue is being resolved. Thank you!

We anxiously await the day that these things can be handled on QDN. 🙂

September 26th 2022

@here - The Qortal cloud server will be going down for some maintenance - This is the location for downloading the QortalOS images. The maintenance should not take that long. Bootstrap server 1 will also be going down for some maintenance. Both should be back online shortly. (It will be really nice when we no longer have to use these servers for data, and everything can be hosted on QDN, that will be pretty soon!)

(there may be a couple outages for each server, as there are two sets of maintenance going on. It should all be completed in less than 30 minutes.)

okay so there was more maintenance than I thought, there is actually a hard disk issue on the underlying hypervisor… so at this point I don't know exactly how long it will take to fix, I'll keep everyone updated, if necessary I'll put up a backup location for the image downloads, sorry for the inconvenience, and I'll get it taken care of as quickly as possible.

September 24th 2022

@here - Today our awesome devs have found a bug related to the trade portal and loading times for orders.

Long order load times have been an issue for quite a while. with the fix they now load instantly!

It is a change on both the core and UI side, so we will have to plan releases on both to fully handle it, but I just wanted to let everyone know it was coming.

Long order load times was a big pain, especially for certain users, we'll be very happy to have that removed.

Will post again when we have planned the bug fix releases for both UI and core, thanks!

September 20th 2022

@here - UI version 2.1.0 has been released.

UI additions:

• Fixed followed and blocked names ( QDN )

• Fixed reload followed and blocked names ( QDN )

• Fixed drop connections in Trade Portal

• Added exchange rate in Trade Portal

• Added node name in settings

• Added delete custom nodes in settings

• Added import and export nodes list in settings

• Fixed detecting core version

• Fixed threshold in send all ( Wallet )

• Fixed roundings ( Wallet )

• Set position of Start Minting button

• Redesigned Sponsorship page

• Redesigned Become a minter page

• Redesigned menu in Q-Chat

• Set memory usage to 3.5GB for 4GB machines

• Updated translations

• Updated dependencies ( latest chronium )

• Minor Fixes

September 19th 2022

@here - Auto-Update to version 3.6.0 has been signed.

GitHub release has been done as well - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/tag/v3.6.0

@here The more people we have with the MemPoW ENABLED for TESTING, the better.

- Right now we are testing the MemPoW algo before it gets ENFORCED in Qortal consensus for minting.

- We have enabled the MemPoW in TESTING mode so that people can test it and give us results on different hardware configurations, so that we're 100% sure before we enforce it that it will run flawlessly on EVERY computer. (Right now I am testing it on both my laptop and a 4GB pi 4, both of which are running great.)

- The more results we have of various hardware configurations, the better we will be able to dial in the MemPoW for performance on every potential environment.

- Contrary to the NAME, the MemPoW does NOT use a lot of RAM. It is focused more on memory BANDWIDTH and uses only ~1MB of RAM, so don't worry about it 'using up your memory' as that isn't a concern.

- We need as many results from as many people with different hardware configurations as possible.

please put these settings into your settings.json file, then restart your Qortal Core, in order to start testing the MemPoW during minting.

If you would like to also remove your logs to start with fresh logs when you do this, that would be a good idea. Then save your logs from the point you enabled the MemPoW so that you can send the logs to us after whatever period of time, along with your system specs (processor, CPU, RAM, overall computer information - is it a desktop, laptop, server, SBC, etc…) so that we can evaluate the results and take them into consideration.

"onlineAccountsMemPoWEnabled": true

Thank you!

(use MemPoW Results Thread here for posting your results so we can make a results database - https://canary.discord.com/channels/348175815822802946/1021615556555710516)

changes included in version 3.6.0 are listed below:

Block reward distribution:

- Legacy QORA percentage reduced to 1%, as per community vote.

- Reward tier percentages modified, as per community vote.

- QORA / block reward adjustments set to activate at height 1010000.


- Added online accounts MemPoW feature, which is currently disabled by default.

- Added new setting to optionally opt-in to MemPoW ahead of general release:

"onlineAccountsMemPoWEnabled": true

- Removed legacy block validation code relating to non-aggregated online account signatures.

Trade portal / wallets:

- Added support for Pirate Chain wallets on FreeBSD.

- Removed ACCTv2 as it has been superseded by ACCTv3.


- Skip ARRR orders in /crosschain/htlc/redeemAll for now, as it's not needed yet.

- Added support for ARRR refunds via /crosschain/htlc/refund/{ataddress} and /crosschain/htlc/refundAll

- Added support for BTC in /crosschain/htlc/redeemAll and /crosschain/htlc/refundAll

- Added POST /admin/repository/importarchivedtrades API endpoint.

- Modified GET /arbitrary/resources endpoint (and underlying db queries) to allow filtering names by a list, e.g. "followedNames" or "blockedNames".

- Optionally exclude initial data from all trade websockets, using query string parameter excludeInitialData=true

- Added GET /chat/message/{signature} endpoint.


- ChatTransaction MAX_DATA_SIZE increased from 256 to 1024 bytes, to allow for upcoming UI features.

August 28th 2022

@here UI version 2.0.0 is released

UI additions:

- Added Pirate Chain Wallet and Trade

- Rework Wallet page

- Added send all button to Wallet

- Added Address book to every coin


- Added send to address in transaction list

- Added add to address book in transaction list

- Added export import Address book to every Wallet

Trade portal

- Added icons to trade portal list items ( Thanks to proto )

- Fixed wrong listing in Trade Portal ( Thanks to proto )

New plugins

- Added become a minter plugin ( Thanks to Phillip )

- Added sponsorship plugin ( Thanks to Phillip )


- All translations updated

- Updated dependencies

- Minor Fixes

August 26th 2022

@here Qortal Core version 3.5.0 auto-update has been signed 🙂 Network will begin updating shortly. 🙂

this update includes further networking improvements, and ARRR support on the core side.

The UI update will follow (most likely tomorrow) and implement the visible ARRR functionality!

ARRR mateys!

August 19th 2022

@here We are doing the final dev testing of the ARRR integration now!

both a fully functional ARRR wallet (with memo field) and ARRR-QORT cross-chain trades will be possible once we finish the testing and make it live.

Our customized ARRR libraries will be hosted on QDN and downloaded upon access of the ARRR wallet inside the Qortal UI.

The ARRR wallet will be similar to the other wallets in that it will 'follow' your main Qortal account, so you can backup the one Qortal backup file, and all of your wallets come with it.

We are very excited about this long-planned integration being near complete!

I will post more as the testing continues and we are ready to push it live

This integration was NOT SIMPLE, and required some SERIOUS DEV SKILL to build, if you would like to show your ❤️ to the devs, you can do so by sending QORT to DevFund - or of course, by directly supporting the devs individually. 🙂 Here's to the future and ARRR/QORT combined community support and collaboration! another note - the INITIAL support for ARRR, due to multiple difficulties in this area, will be 64bit only - which unfortunately means that the existing QORTectors will not be able to use the ARRR wallet YET…

We will be continually looking into getting 32bit support, and I think we will probably be able to make it happen in the future… and we are also looking into making the next release of the pi 4 (QORTector Gen 2) OS 64bit… though that will require a re-image of the devices at the moment, since we do not yet have an apt repo to do the main kernel updates.

That apt repo WILL come in the future, and so will 64bit OS, and the Gen 3 QORTector will be 64bit to start with.

We apologize for this temporary inconvenience, and hope to have 32bit support soon.

August 3rd 2022

@here - We have another vote to take care of, Qortal community!

Due to the previous vote's changes to the QORA burn rewards, the rest of the minter tiers will also be getting modified overall percentages.

However, when we split the extra 19% evenly throughout the other minter tiers, it ended up with some 'messy' decimal numbers…

In order to make the numbers nice round numbers, we are suggesting another modification. This modification is very straightforward, it would be simply to lower the founder rewards tier from 5% to 3%.

If we do this, after the QORA burn modifications are complete, this is what the new minter tier rewards structure would look like…

Levels 1-2: 6%
Levels 3-4: 13%
Levels 5-6: 19%
Levels 7-8: 26%
Levels 9-10: 32%
QORA: 1%
Founders: 3%

We believe this looks a lot better than having a bunch of decimals in the rewards tiers, and honestly the reduction of the founder rewards was something we were going to talk about anyway, so it works.

We can't do the final concept for the founder rewards quite yet, but that's fine as we still have plenty of time until the first level 10 exists (which is when the other concept would have taken place anyway.) So until then, we are suggesting the modification of the founder rewards so that the new rewards tier will look like the above.

We need the community's vote on this.

*note - for reference, this is what the original rewards structure would have looked like, if we did NOT lower the founder rewards (so people can see why we wanted to make this modification in the first place.)

levels 1-2 = 6.1875% 
levels 3-4 = 12.375%
levels 5-6 =  18.5625%
levels 7-8 = 24.75%
levels 9-10 = 30.9375%
Founders = 6.1875%
QORA =  1%

POSITIVE REACTION = YES, change the founder rewards to 3% and make the rest of the rewards tiers a nice round number as shown above.

NEGATIVE REACTION = NO, who cares if the rewards tiers have decimal places in them, just distribute the extra evenly as originally proposed. Just in case anyone is wondering, my vote would be YES, and as soon as there are sufficient votes so I can remove one of my reactions I will do so. This is a vote we basically already took, as it has to do with the QORA burn rewards, but in this case we're simply increasing the other minter tiers a bit MORE, and decreasing the founder tier.

There will be further proposals in the future regarding the founder tier, but due to technical issues they can't be proposed quite yet. We are also going to want to make these changes AFTER the real voting system goes into effect, which means the self-sponsorship changes must be done first.

July 31st 2022

@here version 3.4.3 of the Qortal Core auto-update has been signed - network should begin updating shortly.

This is a relatively small update that includes the following:

- Added "gapLimit" and "bitcoinjLookaheadSize" settings.

- Increase online account expiry time from 5 mins to 30 mins. Activates on Sat 06 Aug 2022 at 16:00:00 UTC

Github release is also done https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/tag/v3.4.3

@here congrats Elon Reeve Musk for reaching LEVEL 7 and officially entering the next level tier in Qortal minting rewards!

-The level 7-8 rewards tier is now going to level 5+ minters until there are 30+ minters in the level 7-9 tier.

- The level 9-10 tier will react in exactly the same fashion once its tier is reached.

*note - there will be another community vote soon regarding lowering the founder rewards to 3% so that when the QORA burn rewards are reduced, the % given to each minter tier, will be a round number. (We feel a round number is easier to remember. 🙂 ).

*The next set of reward modifications already voted on will be taking place shortly as well. Every legit minter will soon be getting a significant boost to their minter rewards.

This is a historic moment for Qortal.

July 29th 2022

@here just to clarify in case the above message was confusing, if you're on version 3.4.2 you're fine, you need to be on 3.4.2 within the next ~28 hours or so

@here - Due to the changes in version 3.4.2, EVERYONE NEEDS TO UPDATE WITHIN THE NEXT ~30 HOURS TO AVOID DATABASE CORRUPTION. This update has to do with the modifications of the minter tiers so that no less than 30 minters can be rewarded in a single tier. When there are less, the rewards go to the tier below.

The level 7 tier will be hit very soon, so everyone needs to be sure they are updated BEFORE that happens.

Thank you!

@here version 1.9.4 of the Qortal UI has been released - Auto-updates will take place when notification comes up.

UI additions:

```-Added QR Login ( Thanks to Traxo ) -Fixed press enter on Login -Added Password to Backup File -Fixed issues when detecting lite nodes -Fixed issue causing the time to show as "now" in the transaction list -Fixed timeout in Trade Portal -Updated dependencies -Minor Fixes```

July 25th 2022

@here- Version 3.4.2 auto-update has been signed - Network will begin updating shortly.

Changes included in this version:

```- Added minting tier activation feature, which requires a minimum of 30 accounts for a tier to be activated, for tiers 7-8 and 9-10. For tiers with 1-30 accounts, the minters and rewards are combined with the previous tier. - Improve intermittent auto-update failures, mostly under non-Windows environments (thanks to @catbref) - Fixed very occasional issue in BlockMinter (thanks to @catbref)```

July 21st 2022

@here - Here is a great example of Qortal's community-built nature. One of our community devs, Traxo, has decided to help us put together the first 'mobile wallet' for QORT.

He has put together a fund account to help get the funding necessary to finish the app, (I have personally already tested the alpha version and can attest that it works, and is quite nice.)

Qortal is a project where anyone who demonstrates their contribution can become part of the 'dev team', we decided to start giving Traxo weekly payments from the dev fund, and have also decided to help him kick-off the wallet funding attempt.

We will be sending one of the first donations from the DevFund for the mobile wallet, and would be very happy if others would do the same, so we can get our first mobile wallet!

If this goes well, more features will be added to the wallet, and future mobile applications will be put together by traxo (and potentially others.)

We are always very happy for initiatives like this from community devs, and are happy to support any community devs who wish to contribute like this, after they have proven they can actually do the work. Traxo has proven this countless times and thus we are happy to be able to support his work.

<@&755503144980709477> FOUNDERS - if you guys could also throw a little towards this initiative, we would appreciate it!

(I am personally very excited for our mobile development to be getting started. )

Thank you and anyone else who is interested in this development, please consider donating to Traxo's initiative.

Of course, if you would like to donate to registered name DevFund, and allow us to make the decisions on where the QORT will be best spent after vetting those doing the work, that is also a possibility.

Qortal would not be anywhere near where it is today if it wasn't for the generous donations of the community towards getting the overall project, and great initiatives developed.

Thank you and thank you to Traxo for his efforts in getting us our first Android mobile wallet!

Check the post by traxo here about the plans for the first generation mobile wallet, and future additions - https://discord.com/channels/348175815822802946/357242391750508545/999747899682459709

July 6th 2022

@here - version 3.4.1 auto-update has been signed - network will begin updating shortly.

Github release is also done - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/tag/v3.4.1

Changes in 3.4.1 include: ```- Reward share transaction modifications: – Reduce concurrent reward share limit from 6 to 3 (or from 5 to 2 when including self share) - as per community vote. – Founders remain at 6 (5 when including self share) - also decided in community vote. – When all slots are being filled, require that at least one is a self share, so that not all can be used for sponsorship. – Activates on Sat Jul 09 2022 at 16:00:00 UTC (nodes must update to 3.4.1 by this date)

- Fixed 1970 date issue for foreign transactions in wallet.

- Fixed bug causing systray to show “minting” when no key was added.

- Improved minting status shown in UI

- Improved logic for node type in GET /admin/info

- Added version parameter to GET /blocks/signature/{signature}/data

- Updated SysTray_sv.properties (thanks to @catbref)

on Saturday the sponsorship slot total will be reduced to 2, enforcing a self-share as well, to prevent people from sponsoring another with their self-share slot.

July 4th 2022

@here just so that everyone is aware, there is a small bug in the minting display of the core in 3.4.0, it will show minting even if there is no minting key assigned. We should be pushing another update today that will include the fix for that, but if your minted blocks are not increasing, and your node says minting, it could be that your key isn't assigned, so just check node management to be sure. This display bug will be fixed in the next release. Thank you.

July 3rd 2022

@here full node bootstrap is ready for those who wish to bootstrap now and get back synchronized. For those who aren't paying attention, this issue will resolve itself within 12 hours of issue transaction (in this case only.) So if you just wait, it will fix itself. Thanks!

@here - so we have noticed an issue with block 900876 - if your node is stuck on that block, until the next bootstrap is ready (around 3.5 hours or so) you will not be able to fix it, you will need to wait for one of two things to happen:

1. wait until the new bootstrap is created (I will announce when it is ready) and bootstrap the node… or…

2. simply wait another 10 hours and this particular issue will resolve itself.

so, the good news is, in this case, the issue WILL resolve itself after 12 hours from that block, so about 10 more hours

the annoying part is that anyone behind that block, will get stuck when they reach that block, for another ~10 hours.

there is nothing you can do other than wait 10 more hours and it'll fix itself, or bootstrap once we update the bootstrap servers with a bootstrap past that block. aplogies for the inconvenience.

The easiest thing to do is simply wait and it'll fix itself once 10 more hours go by. Thanks!

July 1st 2022

remember, the first of the major networking re-work changes will go live on sunday July 3rd, at 16:00 UTC. this should hopefully make a big difference on the network.

June 29th 2022

@here - version 3.4.0 auto-update of the Qortal Core has been signed - Network will begin updating shortly.

changes include:

  • Network upgrade to aggregate online account signatures (thanks to @catbref)
  • Upgrade activation timestamp set to Sun Jul 03 2022 16:00:00 UTC
  • Fixed bugs affecting peer pruning, which could also reduce outbound connections
  • Rework of systray statuses, to more accurately reflect minting / syncing status
  • Added Korean translations (thanks to TL and @QuickMythril)
  • Allow online account submission in all cases when in recovery mode.
  • Fixed long term bugs in comparePeers(), which should improve the handling of invalid blocks
  • Improved higher chain weight checking in block minter
  • More QDN relay fixes

June 23rd 2022

@here UI version 1.9.3 will be released shortly, changes listed below.

UI additions:

  • Added more languages
  • Fixed loading ripple
  • Added BTC trade market
  • Added QR Code for wallet addresses
  • Reload chat list after block or unblock a user
  • Added level info on chat user
  • Added founder badge to founders in chat
  • All Messages on left in Q-Chat (Prepare for reply function)
  • Updated dependencies
  • Minor Fixes

June 21st 2022

@here we recently noticed a fork of ~20% or so of the network. You will want to check your chain to be sure you're on the correct one. we have ensured the bootstrap hosts are on the correct chain, so if you're on the incorrect one you will be able to bootstrap in order to get onto the correct one.

You can check your chain with this command…

curl -X GET "http://localhost:12391/blocks/byheight/885600"

If you're on the correct chain, the first part of the signature will be:


If the first portion of your signature for that block matches this one, then you don't need to do anything. If it does NOT, you should bootstrap your node.

June 20th 2022

@here version 3.3.7 auto-update has been signed - network should begin updating shortly.

June 18th 2022

@here version 3.3.6 auto-update has been signed - network should begin updating shortly.

We have a few new consensus changes that we hope should improve the overall network, they are kicking in on Sunday.

June 15th 2022

@here second stage of 2-part update to fix minting efficiency issues has been completed version 3.3.5 auto-update has been signed network should begin updating shortly.

@here - we need to end the voting on this decision soon, so if you haven't voted, please do so. We will start getting the final numbers and make the changes shortly. Thanks!

June 14th 2022

@here first stage of 2-part update to fix minting efficiency issues has been completed version 3.3.4 auto-update has been signed network should begin updating shortly.

There will be another update following shortly after this one to fully resolve the minting issues.

June 13th 2022

@here we have figured out the issue affecting minting efficiency, further diagnosis is required to figure out the best fix, we should have something within the next day or so. It should be only minting that is affected, and shouldn't be for long.

I will post again when we have more information on the fix and when it will be available.

June 12th 2022

@here just an FYI - once the self-sponsorship algo is in place, NO self-sponsor, or self-sponsored account, will be immune to blocksMintedPenalty. If you are planning on buying an account from a self-sponsor, it is very likely that that account will be given the penalty. Know that buying accounts is VERY risky, and should not be done.

June 11th 2022

@here - We have another proposal to vote on. Due to the unfortunate situation with self-sponsors and their currently being a significant portion of the overall online minter count.

This proposal deals with ONE vote: Whether we limit ALL sponsorship slots temporarily to 2 instead of 5, or we limit only level 5+ minters (not including founders) to 2 instad of 5.

This will be a temporary limitation until the self-sponsorship algo, and the mempow for minting is completed.

I have written a detailed proposal document just like I did on the last one, so that everyone can have a better overall understanding of the situation, and cast their vote accordingly.

This needs to be done in the next update, to limit the number of self-sponsored accounts that are created while we address both that issue, as well as minting scalability with the networking re-work we're doing now (which should give us plenty of time to devise a final scalability solution, giving us massive improvements in the mean time.)

Please READ the proposal then cast your vote.

a POSITIVE reaction = limit only level 5+ accounts, and not founders

a NEGATIVE reaction = limit EVERYONE

Since I am not able to react as I will start the reactions, my vote would be POSITIVE, as the self-sponsorship algo test has not yet found any self-sponsoring founder accounts.

Thank You and here's to a self-sponsorship free future for Qortal Minting!


June 4th 2022

just so that everyone is clear, since I can't react as my reactions are the ones that started the reactions, I vote YES on both proposals, as I feel they will even the playing field and allow Qortal to follow the path of fair rewards distribution to every minter, since the minting inefficiency and so forth that has taken place since Genesis, skewed the way that it ultimately ended up playing out.

Remember there was NEVER a time when the entire minting tier went to a single minter, and that was never part of how things were supposed to be, in the ideal scenario any minter who had their key assigned to a node the entire time, should have been very close to the same as the next, but that isn't how things ended up playing out in reality, and in my personal opinion, it isn't fair for a single minter to obtain 20% of the overall block rewards for over a month themselves. This is nothing to do with WHO the 'single minter' is, or anything else.

Also remember, this does NOT change how long the founders get rewarded, they will still NOT get the 20% of the 7-8 tier as soon as the FIRST minter reaches that tier, those rewards will just go to levels 5,6, and 7, until there are 30+ minters in the tier.

The first proposal to reduce the QORA burn rewards is to do with the fact that the burn reward was way too high to begin with, and therefore they have been over-rewarded for almost two years, and the time has come for that over-reward scenario to stop. Those rewards will also be distributed to the entire minter pool, and no benefit will be given to founders, or anyone else.

Both of these proposals are about FAIRNESS in the QORT reward distribution, nothing more nothing less. Thank you.

@here sorry that chart was incorrect, it was not meant for the founder % to increase, here is the corrected chart.

Yes, it does mean that between the time the proposals take effect, and the time the first minter hits level 7, that due to all of the tiers increasing, the founders will get a little more for a very short period of time, but then as soon as the level 7 person gets there, they will drop by 25+%

In reality it will take us a minute to develop the proposed changes, so it will likely be 1 month or less that the new % is active and before the first level 7.

@here Qortal Core version 3.3.3 auto-update has been approved. Github release has also been completed - https://github.com/qortal/qortal/releases

Network will begin updating shortly.

-Auto update check interval slowed from 10s to 30s, to hopefully reduce the chance of encountering "repository in use by another process?" error.

-Reintroduced "consecutive blocks" limitation in block minter, ahead of upcoming reworks.

-Better forwards compatibility with newer message types so we don't disconnect newer peers (thanks to @catbref).

-Send combined AT states hash, which saves 12kB per block (thanks to @catbref).

-Disable last reference validation (hard fork activates Tuesday, 14 June 2022 16:00:00 UTC).```

June 3rd 2022

@here - there are two new votes that need to take place regarding the QORA burn rewards, and the higher level minter tiers given the current situation.

I have written up a proposal which outlines both of the issues, and proposed changes to address them.

There is a single page written as the proposal initially was meant to be a single proposal, but then it was suggested that there be two separate votes on the overall changes.

Therefore, this first announcement's reactions will concern the first part, which is the modification of the QORA burn rewards

if you AGREE that the QORA burn rewards should be reduced to 20% and the remaining 19% distributed to the entire minting pool (levels 1+) you will react with a YES on this announcement.

The proposal will be linked here in pdf form so everyone can get the full details on the changes being suggested.

@here - this announcement will have the reactions for the second portion of the proposal - which is the modification of the 7-8 and 9-10 minter tiers. You can see the details in the document I will post shortly after this announcement.

react to THIS announcement with YES or NO regarding the proposed changes.

if you have ANOTHER solution, you will be expected to submit your proposal to the community in writing just as this one was, within the next week, detailing your suggested changes, and if these proposals receive a NO vote, we will then vote upon your proposal.

Thank you!


May 30th 2022

@here - the 3.3.2 version of the Qortal Core doesn't yet have a windows installer, which means the link on qortal.org wasn't working… I just modified the link temporarily to use 3.3.1 installer.

If you're planning to install on Windows, in the immediate while we don't have the 3.3.2 installer up, you'll need to download the 3.3.1 installer, then download the qortal.jar and replace the one in C:\Program Files\Qortal.

I updated the link on qortal.org to the 3.3.1 installer - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/download/v3.3.1/qortal.exe

here is the qortal.jar link - https://github.com/qortal/qortal/releases/latest/download/qortal.jar

We should have the newer installer soon enough, apologies for the delay and not realizing the download link on qortal.org was down. Thanks!

May 27th 2022

@here version 3.3.2 of the Qortal Core auto-update has been signed. Network should begin updating shortly. This is a fix for the unconfirmed transaction issue, should fix Q-Chat, etc.

May 23rd 2022

@here auto-update has been signed - network will begin updating shortly. Enjoy!

@here - Version 3.3.1 of the Qortal Core auto-update is about to take place. This version includes the following modifications…

```- Speed up propagation of unconfirmed transactions around the network. - Huge transaction confirmation time improvements. - Removed "consecutive blocks" limitation in block minter. - Removed extra unnecessary data digest, to speed up QDN relays and improve QDN reliability. - Added direct connection support in QDN, by reserving 4 peer slots for data only. Requires port forwarding on the node that is hosting the data; otherwise the relay will be used. - Increased maxPeers from 32 to 36, to compensate for the 4 reserved slots. - Added foundations for lite nodes, in preparation for future releases. - Return the node "type" in GET /admin/info endpoint. - Added filters to /transactions/unconfirmed API, so the UI can ultimately display unconfirmed transactions.```

I will post again when the auto-update has been signed by the required number of developer admins. Thanks!

May 14th 2022

@here our own Mike Winner did another interview with the legend Ernie Hancock, you can find it here - https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Media/325386-2022-05-12-2022-05-13-ernest-hancock-interviews-mike-winner-qortal.htm

May 13th 2022

@here newest QORTector image and source code has been published - https://github.com/Qortal/Brooklyn/releases/tag/1.3.0 - this one is called titanPLUS, and should provide fairly significant performance increases.

-Will work on any pi4, including the pi400. Have not tested on pi3, but in theory it should work on that as well.

Please read the release notes before downloading image, to be sure you have enough space on your imaging computer.


May 11th 2022

@here version 1.9.2 of the Qortal UI has been released - this version includes two new markets/wallets Digibyte (DGB) and RavenCoin (RVN) - Enjoy!


-Fixed blank UI after a while -Added RVN and DGB trade market -Remove block button and add it to new name menu -Added more languages -Make ripple loading colors match to theme -Minor Fixes

May 10th 2022

@here GitHub release has been done as well - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/tag/v3.3.0

May 9th 2022

@here - Qortal Core version 3.3.0 auto-update has been approved.

Network will begin updating shortly.

This version is namely focused on implementation of the CPU usage fixes in the last pre-release, and preparation for the next release with multiple new features.

May 2nd 2022

@here - we have a pre-release of the Qortal Core that we would like people to test prior to the next official release. (I am calling it 3.2.6, but it may end up being another version number… but for the purposes of the pre-release this is fine.) - if you would like to help us test the next version of the Qortal Core before it gets officially released, here is the download - https://cloud.qortal.org/s/7s3nNnebWYkQDm3

1. download this file 2. stop Qortal 3. rename this file to qortal.jar 4. replace your existing qortal.jar 5. start Qortal

for mac/linux users I will make it very simple for you and give you a command that will do it all for you…

```cd && cd qortal && ./stop.sh && rm qortal.jar && curl -L -O https://cloud.qortal.org/s/7s3nNnebWYkQDm3/download/qortal-3.2.6-pre-release.jar && mv qortal-3.2.6-pre-release.jar qortal.jar && ./start.sh```

May 1st 2022

@here hardfork has been activated, new name fee is in place.

The current name registration fee is 1.25 QORT.

April 26th 2022

@here version 3.2.5 of the Qortal Core has been released, and auto-update has been signed. (this version was to revert the sync changes made in 3.2.4 due to unforeseen issues.)

April 25th 2022

@here UI bugfix release 1.9.1 has been released.

@here - Qortal UI version 1.9.0 has been released. Changes include: ``` -Added block button on chat -Added Multilanguage -Login Screen now in dark / light mode -Added choose language in Settings ( Login Screen ) -Added theme switcher to login screen -Reduced Difficulty for 0 balance accounts -Fixed memory usage -Updated to latest electron for newer browser -Updated dependencies -Minor fixes```


@here Qortal Core version 3.2.4 auto-update has been signed - network will begin updating shortly

GitHub release has also taken place - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/tag/v3.2.4

Changes in this release:

Translation updates (thanks to @QuickMythril, @JaymenChou, @aldum and any other contributors) Electrum server updates (thanks to @QuickMythril) Add memberCount to various …

Name Registration fee will change on Sunday, May 1st

April 24th 2022

@here Qortal Core version 3.2.4 auto-update has been signed - network will begin updating shortly 🙂

GitHub release has also taken place - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/tag/v3.2.4

April 22nd 2022

@here I just made a very exciting blog post about the current developments going on - https://qortal.org/qortal-3-0-and-beyond-what-is-happening-now-april-2022/

April 21st 2022

@here - did another interview yesterday, you can find it here - https://youtu.be/czbOH843RTk - this one is a bit less 'techie', I haven't watched it yet, hopefully it's alright!

April 14th 2022

@here replay of the livestream this morning can be found here - https://besovereign.com/greenmedinfo/greenmedinfo/14-apr-12-00-the-crypto-project-they-dont-want-you-to-know-about?video_id=331

@here - Qortal needs the assistance of multi-lingual members! If you speak another language, we need your help with translations for the new multi-lingual UI.

I am going to be offering a bounty for full translations of the UI into other languages… I will be willing to give up to 100 QORT for translations done by individuals who are multi-lingual. (we do NOT want to use google translate, we want ACTUAL translations.)

You can see the start of what we're looking for here - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal-ui/tree/master/qortal-ui-core/language

please reach out to either myself or <@417435771038072843> if you are multi-lingual and willing to translate the Qortal UI for payment in QORT. Thank you!

April 13th 2022

@here - I will be doing another livestream with Sayer Ji tomorrow. Here's the link! https://besovereign.com/greenmedinfo/greenmedinfo/14-apr-12-00-the-crypto-project-they-dont-want-you-to-know-about

March 25th 2022

wanted to remind everyone that the QORT block reward decreased today ``` { "height": 1, "reward": 5.00 },

      { "height": 259201, "reward": 4.75 },
      { "height": 518401, "reward": 4.50 },
      { "height": 777601, "reward": 4.25 },
      { "height": 1036801, "reward": 4.00 },
      { "height": 1296001, "reward": 3.75 },
      { "height": 1555201, "reward": 3.50 },
      { "height": 1814401, "reward": 3.25 },
      { "height": 2073601, "reward": 3.00 },
      { "height": 2332801, "reward": 2.75 },
      { "height": 2592001, "reward": 2.50 },
      { "height": 2851201, "reward": 2.25 },
      { "height": 3110401, "reward": 2.00 }```

we are now at 4.25 QORT per block until block 1036801

March 23rd 2022

@here version 1.8.2 of the Qortal UI will be released soon.

UI additions:

  -Fixed metadata to publish website
  -Added transactions details for all wallets
  -All dialogs now have both themes
  -Moved logout button to top bar with own dialog
  -Speed up load websites grid
  -Updated to latest electron for newer browser
  -Updated dependencies
  -Minor fixes```

LANGUAGE SELECTION is the biggest change in the update after this on, the UI will support MULTIPLE LANGUAGES in 1.8.3 🙂

March 19th 2022

4:18pm official release is done, so you can now download the jar for the fix from - https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/download/v3.2.3/qortal.jar

kill Qortal, download that jar, replace the jar in your qortal folder (program files\qortal on windows), then start Qortal.

(if you're not moving forward from block 770168-770169)

3:14pm @here Version 3.2.3 of the Qortal Core auto-update has been signed

note - if you are STUCK, you will still need to do the above to get unstuck, or you will NOT automatically update. If you're stuck, you can't get to the update block, so there is no way around the manual fix.

Soon the bootstrap will also fix it, but that's a longer fix than just replacing the jar. So the above solution is the easiest.

3:02pm for windows users, do this

- stop Qortal - Download the above jar file - Rename it to 'qortal.jar' - Replace your existing qortal.jar in 'program files\Qortal' - Start Qortal.

side note for EVERYONE - you NEVER 'open' a .jar file. They are a java virtual machine compiled into a java binary, they have to be started with java. (start script, or Qortal.exe for windows.) they are never opened manually.

2:14pm @here - if your node is stuck, please try this pre-release jar it should fix it. - https://cloud.qortal.org/s/ADcx6nfApEfgZHZ/download/qortal-3.2.3.jar

The following command on linux/mac will work to do this for you…

```cd && cd qortal && ./stop.sh && curl -L -O https://cloud.qortal.org/s/ADcx6nfApEfgZHZ/download/qortal-3.2.3.jar && rm qortal.jar && mv qortal-3.2.3.jar qortal.jar && ./start.sh```

9:35am @here - we have another name update transaction which seems to have caused some nodes to get stuck… We have made the bootstrap server (which was not stuck) create a new bootstrap (which will take a few hours) - I will announce again when the bootstrap is completed, which should be the easiest fix for most stuck nodes.

We are also working on the fix at the base level, to which we should have another auto-update shortly.

Due to the way minting works at the moment, even if your node is stuck, it should still continue to submit online signatures, so you won't miss any minting time (but you won't be able to use your node). This minting concept will be most likely modified when the mempow gets added to minting, which will be after we have fully resolved the update-name transaction issues.

apologies for the inconvenience, I will post again when the bootstrap is updated so that stuck nodes can delete the db and fix themeselves.

This is one of our last remaining issues on the network now, which we are hoping to resolve very soon so this doesn't happen again.

March 16th 2022

March 15th 2022

(the 'send coin' plugin is now part of the wallets plugin, so you just click the coin you want then send coin from inside the wallet plugin.)

@here - version 3.2.2 of the Qortal Core auto-update has been signed

This update is specifically to target a bug in the synchronizer code that was causing the larger re-orgs.

this should make the network VERY stable.

March 14th 2022

@here we found a bug that has existed since last year (timing problem with the synchronizer) - this bug is what is causing the chain to have larger 're-orgs' (when in reality they aren't actually re-orgs, but the chain going to an incorrect peer that is out of date.

We have a fix being made and will be pushing another release within the next couple days. Until then just know that the issue is resolved and fix will take place shortly.

(anyone having 'synchronization issues' - this is most likely the cause, so it will be resolved shortly.)

March 13th 2022

@here - Qortal core version 3.2.1 has been released 🙂 - https://github.com/qortal/qortal/releases

auto-update will have final signature in a few minutes and network will begin updating.

Changes in 3.2.1 below

```- Reworked processIncomingTransactionsQueue() to improve sync speed (thanks to @catbref) - PRESENCE transactions changed to always fail signature validation (thanks to @catbref) - Reworked QDN requests to prefer routes with the lowest number of node hops - Reworked QDN request threads - Removed ArbitraryPeers table along with all associated code & broadcasts - Default chunk size for new resources reduced from 1MB to 0.5MB - Automatically fetch metadata for all resources that have it - Major CPU optimizations in BlockMinter and ArbitraryDataManager - Major CPU optimization to peer arrays in Network.java, based on ideas by @catbref - Increased default maxNetworkThreadPoolSize from 20 to 32 - Significant code refactoring to move online accounts and transaction importing to dedicated controller classes - Online accounts and transaction processing moved to dedicated threads - Added support for dark theme in loading screen - Fix for "Synchronizing null%" systray bug introduced in 3.2.0 - Improved statuses in systray so that they are less misleading - Report as 100% synced if the latest block is within the last 30 mins - Removed bootstrap host that is no longer functional - Modifications to GetArbitraryDataFileListMessage for future QDN feature support - Direct connections to peers now prefer those with the highest number of chunks for a resource - Keep trying direct connections for QDN data until one succeeds - Fix for ConcurrentModificationException in BlockArchiveReader```


Auto-update has been signed. Network will begin updating shortly 🙂

March 10th 2022

@here version 1.8.0 of the Qortal UI is about to be released. This version includes DARK MODE switch! which has been requested for a very long time. We sincerely hope you guys enjoy this release 🙂

March 3rd 2022

@here version 3.2.0 of the Qortal Core is about to be auto-updated. If you are on a UI version lower than 1.7.4 after 3.2.0 release, you will have some issues, so be sure you have the latest UI version installed.

I will post again once all the signatures have been made, to announce the auto-update start.

@here version 3.2.0 auto-update has been signed, network will begin updating shortly!

February 28th 2022

@here - The new UI version 1.7.4 will be released shortly.

This version will include an option to update now or later. Message will come up asking if you want to install the update now, or next time it starts. Giving people more flexibility.

This version will also include auto-updates for .deb installed versions of the UI. On all platforms, even pi. Now we have automatic updates for essentially every method of installing the UI on every platform. (The only one we're still working on is the snap package in linux snap, so that one will not be recommended at this point. Every other version will automatically update now, regardless of which platform or installation method you choose.)

This version is in preparation for the next version of the core, which will remove PRESENCE transactions and replace them with a protocol instead, dramatically increasing scalability and removing the need for constant unconfirmed transactions for every sell listed on the Trade Portal.


February 20th 2022

@here - soft fork for name registration fee just took place, name registration now costs the voted on 5 QORT.

also - everyone on version 3.0.4 needs to update to 3.1 or higher, as soon as the first name registration takes place the soft fork becomes a hard fork and versions below 3.1 will no longer function.

February 15th 2022

@here version 3.1.1 of the Qortal Core auto-update has been signed. Network will begin updating shortly.

February 14th 2022

@here - just so everyone is aware, we are going to be removing the 'advanced user' box upon account creation, but this does NOT remove the ability to use a seed phrase to create an account.

In Qortal, we are always trying to make everything as secure as possible, and displaying the seed phrase when creating an account simply isn't as secure as using the backup file method.

If you wish to create a 'brain wallet' (which is the only REAL reason to use a seed phrase) you can still do so, simply use LOGIN, and seed phrase login, and input whatever seed phrase you like, if you do that, it will CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT with that seed phrase. Just because we are no longer using the generated seed phrase option, doesn't mean you can't create an account with any seed phrase you like.

Remember, that in Qortal 'login' does not mean what it does on centralized things. You are NOT actually 'logging in' to anything, there is no database to login to, you are simply proving that you have the rights to act on behalf of a certain account. (access to the private key.)

So using the seed phrase login method, and putting in ANY PHRASE YOU LIKE, will create a NEW account. You can of course then save the backup file once you are into that account, so that you have that as well.

Just wanted everyone to be aware of the fact that we are going to be removing the 'advanced user' box, as it is merely a security risk and there is no real use case for it other than confusing people and causing unneeded security risks.

Again, you can still create and use accounts with a 'seed phrase' if you like, simply login with seed phrase and input whatever phrase you like. Be sure not to save the seed phrase anywhere that it can be seen by anyone, it's a DIRECT ACCESS method to your account, so again, the only real use case for seed phrase login method, is a 'brain wallet' (one that you remember and do not write down anywhere.

Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!

February 13th 2022

For anyone having issues with UI running on Raspberry Pi: This is a known issue and a fix is in progress. More information will be posted once this is available. Please be patient during this downtime, thanks!

A fixed version of the UI AppImage for Raspberry Pi has been uploaded and is available at: <https://github.com/Qortal/qortal-ui/releases/download/v1.7.2/Qortal-Setup-arm.AppImage>

Before running the UI, you will need to perform the following: - Right-click on the AppImage file and select Properties. - On the Properties window, switch to the Permissions tab. - Tick the checkbox next to Allow executing file as a program.

This is not needed for anyone who did not autoupdate to 1.7.2 previously.

February 11th 2022

@here anyone interested in testing out the 3.1 pre-release, here's the link - https://cloud.qortal.org/s/drA84nWWj5ySm2Q

Download, stop qortal, rename to qortal.jar and replace your existing one, start. It will show up with a build version 3.0.4-58a690e but it's what will become 3.1

February 4th 2022

3.1 is going to be great (which is why it's a 3.1 instead of 3.0.5). This should help a lot with re-orgs, transactions getting accepted, data transmission, and network overall. We’re also putting in a 'limit' to minting accounts per node. It will be a way to at least slow the self-sponsors down, and track more accurately who are trying to game, before we throw in the algo that will actually fight it, and mempow to TRULY limit it.

So from 3.1 and beyond, there will be 2 minting accounts per node. Essentially you will only be able to assign 2 minting keys per node from 3.1 and beyond. It will only be a limit in the software, which can be circumvented on a technical level, but it was always planned, and we're going to implement the memPoW in the near future that will ACTUALLY limit it. Then it can't be bypassed by making a custom version. We can also more accurately track the versions that are modified, to see how many people are trying to bypass it. This is all a step towards the self-sponsor tracking algorithm. The time for self-sponsorships is coming to an end!

How does this affect nodes that have several (2+) accounts offering redundancy for others? Those with more than two accounts per node, will need multiple nodes for said redundancy. Redundancy shouldn't be as needed anymore either, as we've addressed the online signature submission issues too. So one node should be more than sufficient (unless it literally goes down). This is why people need take responsibility and pay attention to their nodes. That’s the whole point of minting anyway. You are getting paid to be sure your node is online and supporting the network. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY COMES WITH INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY.

The system was always meant to be this way. We're just working hard to make it how it was built to be. Until now, it has been a 'beta'. We’re now starting to move out of that 'beta' phase.

February 3rd 2022

@here We are aware of an issue that displays the balance incorrectly on the LTC wallet in Qortal after so many transactions. it seems that certain change addresses are not getting the balance pulled as they should be.

We will be testing a fix for it very soon. I will post again once that is done and let everyone know.

If any of you are experiencing this issue, let me know and I can let you try the test fix before we push into an update as well if you like.

Also just be aware the balance is NOT actually missing, just certain change addresses are not being displayed correctly, the balance is still fine overall so no need to worry.


especially on the Qortal Blockchain
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