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Only Use Official Releases

THE QORTAL TEAM RECOMMENDS ONLY USING OFFICIAL RELEASES which are updated automatically with the core (if you leave auto-updates activated), and at the present time, manually via GitHub for the UI. Qortal is no way responsible for using unofficial downloads. This is why we only use open source that is verified by the trusted core team to ensure updates are safe for release. We welcome anyone and everyone to review the code so we can always be sure to patch any exploits or needed changes. All of your keys are stored in the core and UI so be sure to use the correct downloads!

If there are any requests to implement in the GitHub, you may submit a pull request or let us know in the chat system. FYI: the current UI is being completely rewritten due to performance, usability and design improvements. Stay tuned on our infinite journey to developing a revolutionary infrastructure! Below are the official GitHub links for Qortal:

Official Qortal Core download link: https://github.com/qortal/qortal/releases

Official Qortal UI download link: https://github.com/qortal/UI/releases

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