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Re-Adding Your Minting Key

Method 1 'Start Minting' button

There are multiple methods of re-adding your minting key. The newest method is the 'Start Minting' button.

The Start Minting button should show on the 'Overview Page' if the account that is authenticated (logged in) does not have its minting key assigned to the node currently being used.

The Start Minting button will attempt to CREATE and ASSIGN the minting key to the active node.

  • Login to Qortal UI with account you're trying to mint with.
  • Go to 'Overview Page'.
  • Click 'Start Minting'.
  • Wait for process to complete.
  • Ignore any errors in regard to 'key already exists' (you cannot CREATE the key on-chain more than once).

That's it for method number 1. Once that process has completed, the minting key will be assigned to the active node.

You can verify it worked by going to Node Management and looking for the 'Node's Minting Accounts' section, if you see an assigned key with your address as both the 'minting account' and 'recipient', then you're good to go. (Even if your node status doesn't change to 'minting' immediately, as long as the key is assigned in Node Management, you're good to go!

Method 2 - Using 'Reward Share' Plugin

The second method of re-adding your minting key to your node, is to use the 'Reward Share' plugin.

In Qortal, a Reward Share is another public/private keypair that represents a RELATIONSHIP instead of an ACCOUNT. The 'private key' of this new relationship, is the 'minting key' or 'sponsorship key'.

The Reward Share plugin has a button specifically for creating your 'own rewardshare' - this is the '+own rewardshare' button.

  • Open Qortal UI, and login with the account you are trying to mint with.
  • Accesss 'Reward Share' plugin.
  • Click '+own rewardshare' button at the top.
  • It will bring up your Public Key, click Add
  • On the 'transaction request' dialog box that comes up select and copy the key - easiest way to do this is to double-click the key to select then right click - copy.
  • Cancel the transaction (as you CANNOT actually CREATE the key twice.) (note - cancel or submit will do the same thing here, doesn't matter which you click, just copy the key.)
  • Add the key in Node Management - Add Minting Account

That's it, once you have done that, you will be minting again.

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