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Minting Overview

Where do I request sponsorship to become a Level 1 after 7200 blocks? At the current time, all sponsorship requests should be posted in the #if-you-need-sponsorship on Discord or within the General Chat on Telegram. We sponsor people who are active in the community and we take the time to get to know. We are building a community!

How do I mint? How does this work? First, you must be a Level 1 or higher to mint. This means for new accounts, you must get sponsored for the first 7200 blocks, then you become a level 1. You are then a minting enabled account at which time you will earn QORT rewards for being fully synced and "minting".

What if I want to switch nodes, i.e. from one laptop to another, if I stop the back-end and relaunch 3 minutes later on another machine, do I lose my sponsorship TX? No. The system is counting for a total number of 7200 blocks. This count or credit will not reset if you lose sync for any amount of time.

How can I check my level and number of blocks minted during sponsorship? The Qortal UI displays your "blocks minted" count, however if your core is not fully synced it may not have an updated value. You can also check using the API with the following link. Be sure to input your address at the end in place of where it says "ENTERYOURADDRESSHERE": "http://localhost:12391/addresses/ENTERYOURADDRESSHERE"

What do I need to do after I have minted 7200 blocks under sponsorship? The sponsor will remove the reward share in the sponsor's UI. The sponsee (YOU) will need to 1) delete minting account in Node Management, 2) delete Reward Share. Then 1) enter public key in Reward Share at 0%, 2) copy Reward Share key and enter in Add Minting Account under Node Management section.

Is there any benefit of running more than one node? You will not earn more QORT for multiple nodes, BUT you will ensure that your account is always synced and minting in the event that one device is not syncing for whatever reason. This is referred to as redundancy.

What is a self-share? This is a term given to mean either 'minting key creation' or 'a reward share between one account and the same account public key, resulting in a key pair demonstrating said relationship, and being of 0%' - any minter of level 1 or higher, may issue a 'self-share' in order to create a minting key to use to begin the process of 'leveling up' as a minter of The Qortal Network.

Will the Qortal Network ever work with centralized exchanges? No! The Qortal Network should never need nor want any support from centralized control. Even if a centralized exchange chooses to freely and of their own accord, list QORT coin, the Qortal Network will neither acknowledge nor support said listing, and will continue to urge users to maintain their own sovereignty, and utilize only decentralized methods by which to exchange their valuable assets!

How will QORT coin gain value? The Trade Portal shall establish a given value to the QORT coin, with a freely used, decentralized, trade and exchange market utilizing true p2p without any centralized control.

Does it matter if my computer sleeps? Your node will not stay synced or sync completely if your computer goes into sleep mode. You will need to turn off anything that stops your computer from processing.

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