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Sponsorship Questionnaire

Below is a questionnaire some sponsors use to gauge the level of understanding the sponsee has. It makes a great conversation starter! This is totally optional and simply available for anyone to use:

How did you hear about Qortal?

When did you join us?

What makes you want to join Qortal?

Do you have any ideas on how you can contribute?

What is Qortal?

When did Qortal launch Genesis (block #1)?

Is QORT a token or coin?

What are the purpose(s) of QORT?

Did Qortal have a pre-mine of QORT?

Once you are sponsored, how many ‘minted blocks’ does it take for your level 0 account to reach level 1?

Do you earn QORT during level 0? When do you begin earning block rewards?

Does your sponsor earn anything for sponsoring you or others?

Do you have a node synced and ready to go prior to asking for sponsorship?

Do you have any questions?

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