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The QORT Coin

Qortal has its very own coin called QORT which is intended to both power on-chain services and be useable as a digital currency just as Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that you can buy, sell and exchange directly, without an intermediary like a bank. There is no intention of listing QORT on other exchanges as Qortal has its own exchange and even more importantly, can be used on-chain whereas Bitcoin and others cannot.

Qortal aims to create an alternative infrastructure for a new Internet where among many other aspects, an especially important feature will be the ability for e-commerce stores to host their sites on-chain and have the ability to accept QORT as a form of payment just as they will be able to with other cryptocurrencies like BTC and LTC.

QORT will also be used as the base pair for the Trade Portal with cross-chain trades. For example, for a BTC-LTC trade, the trade will actually be BTC-QORT-LTC. QORT can only be obtained by conducting a true cross-chain P2P trade within the Qortal Trade Portal. As everything we are building is 100% decentralized on-chain which means there is no vault like there are on centralized exchanges where you can immediately convert fiat or crypto. This means to conduct a true P2P trade, you will need to run your own node, send LTC to your Qortal LTC wallet, then buy a listed sell order within the on-chain Trade Portal.

QORT will be a great store of value for investors to consider as 1) the wallets are fully secure 2) Qortal and QORT will provide an increasing amount of intrinsic value as time goes on with the plethora of applicability they will offer.

There is no cap on QORT production like Bitcoin has with its 21 million. More on the Block Rewards & Distribution page.

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