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AT System Overview

The Qortal 'AT' system (or Automated Transactions) allows for multiple types of transaction automation to take place. Currently we utilize it primarily for the Cross-Chain Trades (or the ACCT AT). People also refer to ATs as 'SmartContracts' - which is terminology that has been bastardized by the likes of Ethereum and others, so we prefer to use its technical name, AT.

ATs function as virtual CPUs that live on-chain. They are verified by every node, every block. Deploying an AT that is properly programmed, means that the AT will do what it is coded to do, and nothing more. ATs are utilized in many aspects of Qortal, from cross-chain trades, to Q-Fund, and in the future things like automated decentralized escrow for Q-Shops will be implemented as well.

The Qortal AT System has a TON of existing functionality that has been tested on multiple other blockchains, however, since Qortal is a completely unique blockchain, all of the existing working ATs on other chains, have to be re-built for Qortal. Qortal uses an enhanced version (newer version) of the CIYAM AT system than the previous blockchains, and as such each new Qortal AT must be written specifically for Qortal.

The first use case built, was the 'ACCT' AT for Cross-Chain trades. Trustless, and decentralized P2P cross-blockchain trades are the only real cross-chain trades in the world. Never making the users move their coins into a token, or deposit to anyone in order to trade. See the Trade Portal Overview page for more info on the Qortal Trade Portal.

Various additional use cases for ATs are being considered. 'Automatic payments on a schedule', escrow, and plenty of other concepts are possible leveraging the Qortal ATs.

The AT System is a completely custom and Turing Complete hardware-level code language. With this language being turing complete, it means that it is basically 'unlimited' in terms of what it can accomplish, and as time goes on a LOT more functionality will be built utilizing ATs.

Check out the CIYAM AT page for in-depth technical details on the language - http://ciyam.org/at

An 'AT Generator' will be built for Qortal in the future, to allow anyone to create their own ATs leveraging the existing tested AT functionality.

Qortal now leverages ATs for Q-Funds and lotteries on a regular basis. See the Lottery System page for more info.

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