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Voting System Overview

Qortal aims to create a true direct democracy where no outside government or party will have control. Instead, the people who contribute to Qortal will increase their account level over time which will then give their voting power more weight. Accounts will have a voting influence factored by 1) the account’s level and 2) the blocks minted count. For example, this means that a new Level 1 would have less influence than a Level 1 which is about to become a Level 2 in terms of blocks minted count. The Founders will have a voting influence equivalent to that of the max account level 10 plus their existing level (Founder accounts still level up based on their block count as other accounts do. The only difference being the ‘F’ assigned to the account which gives these accounts specific ability to sponsor and their weighted influence in the Voting System). As other accounts increase their level and associated influence, the Founder’s voting influence will diminish into a fair system with less centralized control. The Founders are intended to only have the larger amount of control during the beginning to ensure the project develops in the proper direction. Thereafter, the network will have a strong base network and vested members who will share the same interest in Qortal’s ethical success.

Voting will only be used to help steer the project’s direction. Rather than leaving everything up to the Dev Team, the community will be able to vote on certain matters to let the Dev Team know how they feel the Dev Team’s time should best be spent. Such as which coins or features to implement next, or certain modifications needing to take place and which options the community thinks are the best ones to pursue. Nothing ever negative like sanctioning or censoring as this will never be a possible action by the Dev Team!

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