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Mesh Networking

The Mesh Networking concept will replace more ‘traditional’ connectivity methods once the network of Qortal nodes is large enough. This means that the Qortal Network must grow to a point where there is another Qortal Node within a reasonable distance for wireless connectivity, or to the point that there are enough Qortal satellites to bridge all ‘gaps’. This must be accomplished prior to mesh networking for it to be a feasible option to fully replace existing internet service providers (ISPs). However, utilizing mesh networking while the network is still growing is also possible and will be how the overall concept comes to fruition.

In order to begin constructing the network that will eventually be able to replace internet service providers (ISPs), there will be multiple smaller mesh networks built in various locations (with nodes who are within distance of one another) that then utilize at least one ‘gateway’ to the traditional Internet to ‘bridge the gap’. Multiple mesh network enabled ‘sub-communities’ (who may share a single internet gateway or share multiple) will be created around the world. These communities will connect to one another with Qortal’s mesh network technology and to the rest of the world over their existing internet connections. Something unique about this concept is that those who are connected to the Qortal Mesh Network could ‘share’ the internet connection of the others in the sub-community to facilitate the remaining communications needed outside of their local network.

A sub-community could be a neighborhood in the USA for example (consisting of x number of houses) and could decide to connect together utilizing the Qortal Mesh Network. Once they have established the local mesh network, they could then decide for two of them to retain their internet connections to be used as ‘gateways’, and the rest could decide to terminate their internet service. They could then split the costs of the remaining two connections between them. Not only would this allow everyone in the sub-community to pay much less for their connections, it would also allow everyone in the sub-community to have redundant internet connections (if one of them goes down, the other will take over). Ideally the two connections would be of two different ‘types’ (one DSL connection and one fiber connection, or any two different connection types) so that if there was an issue with the cable service in the area, it wouldn’t take down both connections used as gateways.

Once the Qortal Network is large enough and there are enough mesh network enabled nodes to do so (including enough Qortal Satellites to alleviate the need for ISPs, the Qortal Mesh Network will completely replace the current methods in which people digitally connect to one another. There will no longer be ‘internet service fees’ required to connect worldwide. Simply run a Qortal node and have a device with wireless connection technology to then have a free internet connection to the rest of the world. This is our concept so far, and we'll see how it unfolds with time.

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