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QORTector Update Guide

This is a guide for updating the QORTector. Please note: there are three versions of the QORTector which are Plumbus, SinclairMATE, and Titan.

1) Download the appimage if you haven’t already: https://github.com/Qortal/qortal-ui/releases/latest/download/Qortal-Setup-arm.AppImage

For SinclairMATE Versions

Simply download the file (rename it if you like, something like 'Qortal-UI' makes the most sense). Right click the file and go to properties, on the properties window there is a permissions tab, on that tab check the 'execute' box for 'owner' (see image below) then you can simply double-click and RUN the appimage, no longer needing to build from source.

For Plumbus Versions and TitanMATE

Simply download the file (rename it if you like, something like 'Qortal-UI' makes the most sense). Right click the file, properties, then go to permissions and check the allow executing this file as a program checkbox.

For Both SinclairMATE & Plumbus Versions

When using the appimage you NO LONGER NEED the previous start script that you used to use to start the UI, you can REMOVE that start script. Please note: building from source will also continue to work, and you may build from source if you prefer. We have modified the repo that the UI uses, so you will need to update the update script if you want to continue building from source. (HFactor has built a new script repo here https://github.com/xspektrex/QORTectorScripts)

You can add the Qortal icon to the appimage file - by right clicking on the appimage file, going to properties then clicking the icon, it will open up a browse, and you can find the Qortal UI icon in the ```UI/qortal-ui/img``` folder, select that icon, and click OK, then the appimage file will have the Qortal UI icon on it, and will look just like the previous start script looked.

(This is mostly for QORTector users, or anyone who setup their system in a similar fashion, with the Start-Qortal-UI-Electron.sh script that @crowetic wrote. That script, as well as the update script, are no longer needed if you use the new appimage. The appimage is literally an image of the Qortal UI application, it is the ONLY file you need. Simply make it executable and run it, you no longer need the from source build stuff, start script, etc.)

To re-iterate and avoid confusion - You do NOT need the previous 'Start-Qortal-UI.sh' script anymore, and you do not need the 'yarn run server' done in the terminal anymore, IF you are SWITCHING to using the .appimage version.

You run the appimage file directly, after making it executable.

2) Enter this command in terminal to update the stop script if you haven’t already:

cd qortal && rm stop.sh && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Qortal/qortal/master/stop.sh && chmod +x stop.sh

3) Now stop your core and download the latest jar, remove db and apikey.txt, and start qortal again:

cd && cd qortal && rm qortal.jar && wget https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/latest/download/qortal.jar && rm -R db && rm apikey.txt && ./start.sh

4)(optional) Now if you would like to modify the settings to the recommended defaults, open the settings.json

Your settings will look blank, which will have the default settings, you do not HAVE to modify your settings if everything is working alright for you, however, if you'd like you can copy the settings below into your file. Remember, every line has a comma after it except the last line, and there are brackets at the beginning and end.

"apiDocumentationEnabled": true,
"apiEnabled": true,
"apiRestricted": false,
"autoUpdateEnabled": true,
"minBlockchainPeers": 8,
"minOutboundPeers": 16,
"maxPeers": 32,
"listenPort": 12392,
"allowConnectionsWithOlderPeerVersions": false

BE AWARE - if your node is in the middle of bootstrapping, LET IT FINISH FIRST, before restarting the core.

5)(if you modified settings.json) If you modified the settings.json, you will need to restart your core for the new settings to take effect.

 cd && cd qortal && ./stop.sh && ./start.sh

6) If you have access to your router, and you would like to setup incoming connections (port forwarding) you can allow port 12392 (default p2p port for Qortal) into your node's LAN IP.

Inbound and outbound to: 12392

Protocol: TCP

Here’s the guide for port forwarding (especially important if you have more than one node): Port Forwarding

If you are setting port forwarding, you might need to restart the router after doing so (depending on the router). Usually the router has a "save and apply" button or something, and restarts itself. Some of your routers won’t. Some routers may simply apply the setting without needing a restart as well. Your router setup might look different than the picture below but same idea:

Please note: When you start the core either for the first time, or after deleting the db, it’ll bootstrap automatically with a splash screen that will pop up, let it run its course. May take an hour or so (depending on your internet connection speed, it will take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour).

qortector_update_guide.txt · Last modified: 04/20/2022 20:55 by gfactor