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Information Videos

Below is a list of information videos made by our fellow Qortians (listed from newest to oldest)! Be sure to check out the Qortal Official accounts on the Community Run Services and Social Media pages page.

Please note: these videos might be made by community members who are sharing their perspective on what Qortal’s infrastructure is capable of. These videos may or may not have any collaboration between the video’s creator and Qortal’s founders/developers. Keep in mind that Qortal is meant to be the base platform on which applications and projects can be built securely - meaning we can carve out our own space to a certain extent and develop solutions as we see fit*.

*Q-Apps will allow applications to be built freely except for the ability to issue its own asset (token) - projects seeking their own asset will be required to go through a vetting process comprised of 1) submitting a proposal, 2) DevTeam reviews then submits summary of why they approve the project of meeting ethical and cohesive standards, 3) Qortal’s community reviews then votes, 4) DevTeam can then move forward with asset issuance to the proposed project with community’s majority approval.

Qortal Weekly Think Tank Playlist

Playing Qortal | Portal on New Earth | Guide to the Revolution of Values (10/20/2022 by Simon James)

Qortal - Blockchain Evolved (3/27/2022 by Lyynx)

What is Qortal? (1/30/2022 by Lyynx)

Qortal Classroom 101 (April 8th 2021)

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